eBay.co.uk problems with sellers, photos, buyers, PayPal have happened in the past and will no doubt happen again in the future. People may believe eBay is a free website but in reality users will get an invoice sellers fee on what they have listed and sold. But what people do know is eBay will suffer outages etc.

Issues with the above have and will continue to happen, but the main worry is when eBay servers go down leaving users worried about missed bids, and their time is about to run out on selling or buying a product. Ebay is without a doubt the leading online auction everyone has come accustomed to.

If you are experiencing major outage issues or any other problem please do share your own eBay status report with you location.

eBay status reports for Thursday 6th of May 2021

To find out if eBay is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with eBay? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Andy

    Trying to search for items using the eBay search bar is not working. If anyone is having this issue on their mobile phone using the app just simply uninstalls and the reinstall as this worked for me and searching is now fine.

  • Mark

    Not able to make up affiliate link via eBay at the moment, looks like they are down.

  • Peter

    After looking at the live eBay outage map it seems UK is having serious issues. Put item up for sale and today only had 2 views yet yesterday has like 100.

  • Gareth

    I have like 2490 listings and I only sold 3 items thats pathetic. Never ever have i had such a bad day NEVER.

  • Kelvin

    DO NOT touch it, i think its a dodgy email and should just bin it. I have had proper ones from ebay but no money or prize draws involved.

  • Panda

    I am getting some dodgy email come through saying its from eBay. Saying I am basically a professional seller and they would like me to complete an online survey and in return i will get entered into a £500 prize draw.

  • Melvyn Burchell

    I do hope eBay will be compensating sellers for items ending at bargain prices! As a buyer I can say it is very frustrating not being able to bid on said items!

  • Beyond_Gods

    eBay UK won’t even load properly for me. I can’t sign in anymore after I deleted and reinstalled the app and when I was signed in before I deleted the app, the app wouldn’t show my active listings, sold listings and Unsold listing but it did show the number of each category before I clicked on the category. Hopefully eBay get their website fixed very soon…

    Oh, I also live in the North West of England (Greater Manchester).

  • Krissii Margaret Grimmer

    Can’t get into Ebay at all this morning. Page won’t load. I’m in the north east of England

  • Len Glen

    An item I am selling ends in 33 minutes with bids from yesterday but I won’t get bids today to increase the selling bid do i have to sell at yesterdaysome bid

  • jackie

    eBay wont let me bid on things I have put into watching .anybody else having problems west Yorkshire

  • Tailtidy

    EBay UK ,Perth shire Scotland got message saying site is insecure and details will be seen by a third party when I tried to log in option to cancel signing in which I did.Other issues are that when try again to log in later ,it says my log in details are not correct, it is running very slowly ,not showing photos of sellers items .Just gave up from trying to buy anything as not worth the hassle. Why are there ALWAYS so many issues with Ebay UK week in week out?? If it’s not one thing it’s something else with Ebay! Disgrace for a multi national like Ebay to have continuous technical issues over prolonged periods. NEVER have such problems with Amazon!

  • Sofia Marie Creasey Äü

    The ebay app is driving me mad! So many issues today, i’ve deleted it and i’ll re-install in a little while and see if that helps

  • Tina

    I sold many products over the weekend only to have it all squashed today with ebay issues. Not been able to list any items today.

  • Julie

    How the hell can my ebay password be wrong when i have tried many times of which i know is correct?

  • Mark

    I just had this email, did anyone else get it?

    Dear Mark,

    We have identified an issue affecting tracking for some mobile web transactions starting on May 19 across multiple programs. The issue is limited to mobile web transactions, and does not affect in-app or desktop transactions.

    Our development team is actively working to fix
    the issue as soon as possible. Once the issue has been corrected, we
    will determine the impact and evaluate the extent of earnings credits
    for affected affiliates.

    We sincerely apologize for this issue, and will provide updates as soon as we have them.

  • Mak McErlain

    You updated the mobile website 4/5 April and downgraded it in the process.
    I cannot buy many component items I buy regularly because the Buy button is now missing.
    I cannot watch anymore items because apparently my watchlist is now “full” although it was not “full” before this “upgrade”
    I cannot unwatch most items to make room in my watchlist.
    The link to Seller’s Other Items is no longer available on most item pages.
    Purchase Feedback link missing on most item pages and when the Feedback link is included, it link’s to an error page.
    The list of problems goes on…..and on.
    This is not caused by a bug or glitch.
    This is caused by ebay incompetent develooers suffering from chronic mission-creep

    I am.a degree level Web Maste and IT Solutiins Providerr and qualified to state that your “development” team is a joke.

    I bought two items today on Amazon after failing to buy or watch on ebay

    Learn from this….don’t fix what isn’t broke and employ staff that understand functionalities that are useful to ebay users and not remove these functions

    FYI over 52% of internet traffic is on mobile phones and app use is not as favoured as you might think.
    I have tried the ebay mobile app. It is untrusive and memory-heavy.
    It lacks functionality and useful features.
    It is simply a poorly designed application.

    I have always prefered to use the stand alone mobile site, switching to the classic site for certain functions only, however, because of your latest “upgrade”, the mobile site is now worse than the ebay app and the link to the classic site just reloads the mobile site page I was on

  • JonJ

    It’s been very poorly and erratic since Thursday 25th Feb. and still is. Lots of functions not working – can’t access messaging, repeated log-in requests when already logged-in, can’t access f/b, problems to make payments, loads of links result in long waits and ‘can’t connect to web page’ fails. It’s only better in the small hours when traffic is low. Try and report it and the links and pages to do so don’t work either!! Hence why I suspect not much reportage showing…. But it goes on for two days now.

  • Debbie Elson

    I’m in the uk

  • Debbie Elson

    I can’t get into eBay messages. Anyone else having problems?

  • JWPepper

    It’s dead Jim! Phasers were not set to stun. Glad I’ve not got much on eBay at the moment. Most likely this is a routing issue, somewhere a router is dead which would explain why for part of the country eBay works and the part it doesn’t.

  • Andy hughes

    Having session expiring problems can’t place orders as keep getting signed out, someone’s changed the cookie code by the looks of it

  • sue

    Can’t sign in via mobile. All it says is session expired please sign in again. When I do try to sign in again it repeats the message over and over again. My wifi connection is all fine. When is this going to be fixed. Lots of people are having this problem and its not good for sellers or buyers. I have items ending that I need to purchase as xmas presents. This is absolutely ridiculous.

  • Kyle

    I cannot print any shipping labels, it took a while to even log in and now this. I am located in Hyde Park area.

  • Jason

    What is going on with eBay? I have opened the website and all looks fine, but when i try to access acount or do anything else it will not let me.

  • Kerry

    eBay is super slow for me, is this going to be even worse as friday draws closer.

  • Rich

    Yep – can’t see my listings or my dashboard to answer queries.

  • Reehan

    Ebay is down but there is a way to login

  • kentishman49

    Yesterday I was unable to leave follow up feedback to feedback received, telling me that I had an invalid user name, but still allowing me to list. Spoke to five advisors and the situation is still unresolved. This morning, I tried to log on and it told me my username and password do not match. Reset the password and still can’t log on. Tried to call them but a message came up more or less saying they are having issues!!

  • Mark

    I keep getting eBay H503 error, is anyone else getting this?

  • Vasishta

    Thats what i thought too! It wasnt letting me log in saying i didnt exist in the system and then somehow i managed to get to the password reset page – obviously something has happened to ebay…lets see when it gets up and running again…no apps are working not even the website!

  • Jo

    Yep, the website’s not allowing me to log in – telling me I’m logging in with incorrect information and when I tried to reset the first time, told me I didn’t exist, but have now managed to get to the reset password page, but no email in order to do so …. another hack??

  • Dave

    My shop does not exist and can’t see active listings

  • Bart

    My ap is not working, not letting me login either on the site. I cannot check out most of the time and i have no items to pay for lol. Guess there are ebay problems.

  • Graham

    I am down in Yorkshire, not allowed to login for some reason.

  • Clark

    For some reason when i try to login to ebay its telling me i do not exist.

  • Peter

    My app is telling me to use the eBay website, why is this so?

  • Victor

    Is eBay going to cope when the Black Friday UK sales kick in? I sure hope so as i have a little money to spend and hoping to bag some bargains.

  • louise drake

    Went on eBay UK today, signed in OK but there’s no pictures so I can’t buy anything if I don’t know what I’m looking at. Same thing happened yesterday.

  • Nicola Megarry

    I cannot buy a thing on ebay as a weird blank page comes up – cannot bid – so how can I sell my few items.Thinking of cancelling my listings

  • Karl

    I have seen products on eBay and when checking the same product out on Amazon the photos are totally different even though it is the same model number etc. Maybe i should not by an Asus laptop via Ebaby at all then and just head on over to the trusted Amazon.

  • Shaz

    I replied to one email and that was fine, but then i tried to reply to another and eBay froze on me. It took about another hour of refreshing the page for things to go back to normal.

  • littlethingsuneed

    ive had a low sales rate for the past 2 days whats happening?
    goes from around £200 a day to a big fat zero in the past 24 hours

  • Katherine

    Pages are loading up really slowly, and the preview page before listing is not working.

  • Alan

    I have had very low sale rates and earned like £10 in 24 hours, yet my last invoice was like £140 give or take. If eBay keeps going down i will be out of business.

  • Max

    My sales dropped again thanks to eBay servers. Many fixes with loss of sales. If your service goes down we lose money even though we have paid you money.

  • Myrl

    I got an on screen message when on eBay this morning saying “We were unable to load your cart.”

  • Karla

    When I got to my eBay cart there is nothing in there.

  • Felix

    We have many products on eBay and for some reason we sold no items at all yesterday, which is the first in years. Must be something wrong with the system because today things are selling again.

  • Lars

    eBay is not showing up for me, which means i cannot access. I am losing out now as was bidding on an item and i really wanted it and was winning.

  • Carole

    When I search ebay for products i am only get a return of 8 products, that is not right at all. I am searching GoPro and i know for sure there will be more products than that for sale.

  • King

    I have not been able to complete any sales becasue ebay is down for me. I am seriously losing a lot of money from the products i have on sale.

  • Porter

    eBay not working again, trying to make money and i cannot, even small businesses nust be getting ticked of, hurry up and fix this.

  • Desmond

    My ebay will not load ffs, I have loads or products on sale and the bidding was going well, so when the time ends and because no one can bid does this mean i have to sell my products at a stupid low price.

  • Marty

    All In have seen all day today is ‘page unavailable’ and it is rather annoying, I have reorted in looking at my silly small screen on the iPhone app.

  • Marrion

    eBay is running so slow at the moment, I have tried restarting pc etc, closed all other pages off just in case and still it is rubbish. I give in today, no looking to buy for me.

  • Carlisle

    ebay uk is running nicely at the moment. Even i am getting a little worried.

  • Lidia

    It is a little strange how only three days ago I could not
    login to ebay. It kept saying the page was unavailable and that I need to reaffirm
    my account details. Like I am going to give bank details. I just ignored it and
    all worked fine – NEVER give personal details.

  • Llyod

    Having problems with my eBay login, each time i try it says the page is unavailable.