EA and Origin servers

Origin is powered by EA, but when servers go down the problems could be felt by either system and certainly players across many games. If you see EA servers are unavailable right now, then this could be in the likes of Battlefield, FIFA 15 and FUT, Madden NFL, and many other titles with different platforms being impacted.

One of the most popular game franchises under EA for consoles is FIFA, especially in Europe and the UK, although franchises like Madden and Battlefield with the new Hardline game also reach thousands of gamers every day.

If you play an EA game and notice server problems, then look below to either see if you’re not alone or leave a EA server status update with the community. You can also reach Ask EA support at Twitter and other online channels, which is thanks to contact details found on this page. Problems and downtime updates can be left below.

EA and Origin status reports for Wednesday 21st of April 2021

To find out if EA and Origin is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with EA and Origin? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Manuel

    Battlefield1 down again thanks to EA servers being down, so annoyed with EA now,

  • Daniel

    EA servers are a major problem, in fact let me retract that… The people who maintain the EA servers are the problem, get a new crew in who knows what they doing….

  • Wayne

    I am in London and my NHL game is down and offline.

  • Clemmy

    I downloaded the new patch and now having issues connecting to my game. Not able to even sign in now.

  • Johnny

    Is anyone having issues joining BF1 after installing the new patch 1.08? Are the servers down?

  • Liam

    Fifa 16 keeps going down as well mate, connection keeps dropping and I want to know id EA is going to sort its servers out.

  • Kenny

    Not able to connect to FIFA 17 so decided to play Pro Clubs and not even able to play that.

  • Ivan

    I cannot login to my EA account via the website, I can only play Battlefiled 1 campaign. Rainbow Six is perfect it just seems to be Battlefield games.

  • Brian

    EA Sports FIFA 17 game on the PS4 sucks, it keeps crashing on me mid final match. I am not happy because I have had a great winning streak up until then.

  • Orson

    Is anyone having problems with the EA live chat thing? I have tried numerous amounts of times and it just stops.

  • Grace

    EA servers down again I think as I cannot connect to Battlefield 1.

  • Mark

    EA FIFA gamelogin is not working, tried many times and nothing, the servers must be offline.

  • Robert

    FIFA is having maintenance to its servers right now, so this is why EA having problems.

  • Callum

    I cannot connect to my Battlefield 1 game. EA servers status my end is DOWN.

  • Gray

    EA you really need to sort this rubbish out now, always seems to see the servers offline.

  • Tiler Chris

    ps4 was playing lastnight on bf4 and kept getting cut of. bf4 is broken

  • Irwin

    I am having the same issue Nicola, it is a nightmare when playing online and getting good kills only to be ut off. Not good for the team play is it.

  • Nicola

    I have been playing battlefield 4 for a while now and love the game, but i can easily hate the servers for being down a lot lately.

  • Claire

    I had issues opening FIFA 16, but thanks to EA on Twitter they suggested opening a few ports which has improved connection. Check out there official Twitter account at AskEASupport.

  • Jim

    Are there issues with EA servers at the moment, i am unable to connect to FIFA 16 online?

  • phantomasko

    Origin Client is down for some reason with Battlefield 4

  • David

    I cannot get online with Battlefield 4, EA basically is rubbish now and cannot even get anything right.

  • Cussak

    SIMS 4 is down, what going on today. It seems to be problem after problem with Origin.

  • Mickel

    Fight Night Champion servers are down, any idea when they will be back up?

  • Unhappy

    Not able to play FIFA yet again, EA servers surely should win the worst server award of 2015.

  • Maccie

    Apparently there may be a few issues today when trying to login to BL so just make sure you have the newest version of BFH on your Origin client.

  • Darren

    I am so disappointed that this is not being released today, so why is there a hold up then, please do explain.

  • Lacie

    Oh dear – Criminal activity for PC has been delayed.

  • Jeff

    I have tried playing NCAA Football 14, NHL 15 and FIFA and all not playing ball. EA servers must be getting hit hrd because i cannot play any of these three games online.

  • Izzy

    Are the EA servers down?

  • Sullivan

    Trying to play BF4 on PC but it is down.

  • Brianna

    Not able to log in to battlelog.

  • Nancy

    I got an Internal error yesterday when trying to play a game.

  • Toby

    Not able to play FIFA, are EA servers down?

  • Bobbi

    I keep losing connection with my game, it must be EA servers down because other games work fine online.

  • Timmy

    Is anyone getting a Battlefield Hardline campaign error?

  • Logan

    Has anyone ever had this – ERROR 401 BYTEVAULT_AUTHENTICATION_REQUIRED – i have never had this before until the other day.

  • Nolan

    I am having troubles playing Battlefield 4, the network is entering my PS4 so its got to be an EA problem.

  • Lawrence

    Why am I getting error code 401 on my titanfall game?

  • kitty

    For some reason I cannot buy any fifa points, does this mean EA is down yest again.

  • Carlos

    I have the PS3 and cannot play Battlefield 4, i keep getting knocked of EA servers Is this happening to anyone?

  • Bruce

    All super this end, In and enjoying Kate. Try loggin out, turning off console and then trying again.

  • Kate

    Is anyone having issues gaining access to FIFA Ultimate Team?

  • Harry

    Not working in FInsbury in London.

  • Dean

    Is Battlefield / Battlelog down for anyone in any UK area?

  • Perry

    The Transfer Market is not working for me, should I be worried this is a big problem rather than a small one. Please do shed some light if you know something.

  • Ricky

    Still down in Farnborough, UK on Feb 15.

  • Alan

    Still having problems connecting to Fifa 15 online, the fut servers have been down for most of this weekend. Sunday is no better.

  • Mat

    ea servers are not only down in the UK, I’m in the Netherlands and nothing is working. EA apps and console games are out.

  • Brutal

    down in spain too.

  • Kerry


  • Ron

    servers are down, NYC.

  • Solly

    Keep connecting connection errors when using the EA web app.

  • Dan

    FUT servers are a joke, not working Feb 14.

  • Dan

    FIFA 15 is down, in Maidstone.

  • Rob

    There’s a massive outage taking place right with EA servers unavailable of hours today.