EA FIFA 15 maintenance for UT servers on March 9

The EA servers are down today on March 9, 2015, thanks to maintenance for Ultimate Team not working for around 3 hours. Gamers took to Twitter to report problems and the new FIFA 15 UT server status, which the official EA Sports Twitter page later confirmed to be for important maintenance today.

Firstly, we saw the Transfer Market closed and then this followed with the Ultimate Team maintenance. This is why there was some confusion, also a lot of upset from those wanting to play online today.

Earlier today we saw PS4 owners receive the 1.05 update for FIFA 15. At first, players thought the server issues were due to this update, but in fact that wasn’t the case.

In the UK, you will find some important changes to FIFA 15 online play and a maintenance update taking place from 6:30pm. This is UK time, so GMT, and the downtime will last until around 9:30pm. If all goes to plan, then the downtime shouldn’t be any longer than 3 hours.

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