DVLA on gov.uk

Driver & Vehicle Licensing Agency simply known as DVLA on gov.uk provides you with an array of information that are responsible for the database of all drivers in Great Britain as well as holding all the info on vehicles in the UK. But when the gov.uk website goes down this is when there is trouble with drivers updating or enquiring etc.

There are sometimes problems with the DVLA website, online forms and issues with Sorn. But the main issue is when DVLA on gov.uk is down leaving people no access to the website.

If the DVLA website goes down this will stop you applying for your vehicle tax, information on replacement V5C logbooks, the ability to change your address and so much more. If you notice any problems at all with DVLA on gov.uk please report below.

DVLA status reports for Wednesday 21st of April 2021

To find out if DVLA is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with DVLA? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Eileen

    Tried many times to renew licence message you are not eligible for this service!

  • neng diba

    – See [ grenland ] already complete
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  • Andy Harrold

    Both the “Check If A Vehicle is Taxed” and site to actually Tax your vehicle is down.

  • Dave Pendry

    Three times I have tried to pay my car tax online. I get to the payment screen then enter my debit card and press pay the a screen comes up and then nothing. Usually this screen says payment accepted and then an email arrives confirming the payment. My bank statement shows no payment has been taken so it looks like the DVLA is not talking to my bank – Barclays.

  • shareshark Channel

    my driving licence expires the end of April 2020, i have not had a reminder yet, so tried to renew online, 4 times, each time it came up with errors and a phone number to contact, phoned the number twice, they answer and before you can say anything they ask you are you HGV or NHS, when you say neither they just hang up…..what do you do?

  • Jody George Willis

    Bought a now motorbike today. The DVLA site lets me get right through to having my bank release the money and then a message comes up saying my session has closed due to inactivity.


    Cant tax my new car online today says service is down can’t tax by phone as I want to pay by direct debit

  • Geoff

    I am trying to tax my car but when i go through the process online it just gets stuck on a certain page.

  • Richard Wylie-harris

    Why is there website so useless,it never works WHY?

  • Elliott Dunning

    I have been having the same issue…looks like it’s been down for a while. Can’t even phone them.

  • Julie Roden

    I need to check licence details and DVLA site been down for 2 days now.

  • Kathryn Hoyles

    I’ve tried 3 times today to change my address on my driving licence and i’ve given up, fine or no fine

  • Rick Sharpe

    Insured, taxed and tested a bike this week, but all are not showing as being done on the website, even on the MID site

  • Graham

    I need to renew my photo on my driving license but I have no idea where to go. I go on the website but when I click the continue button nothing happens. Any advice of an alternative to online?

  • Mrs Patricia Luscombe

    Is the dvla down in post offices today.

  • Bob

    Put private plate on vehicle website is down. Supposed to be online 7am-7pm daily. There is a message to say that to try again later.

  • Gavin

    If you have your new photo licence then just cut up your old one ans send to DVLA, Swansea, SA99 1ZW

  • Nancy

    I want to send my old photo driving license off, but where do I send it?

  • Simon

    This is a nightmare because when I try to enter details the website just keeps timing out.

  • Caroline Chan

    When I try to fill in my date of birth for renewing photo on driving licence no option comes up for the year and it then says I haven’t completed the form! Exasperating!

  • Jeremy Harris

    I thought I had successfully paid my tax online, reaching the page which thanked me for my payment. However money never left my account and now I face a Late Payment Penalty. Has this happened to anyone else?

  • Derek and Jane Sparrow

    There is no option on the page about Organ Donation to continue without saying either YES to donating or YES I want to do this later. Please either state that it is obligatory or offer a clear NO option. It is very hard to know how to proceed from this page, and puts the user under undue pressure.

    Once finished, there is a NEXT button. Whenever I click it, it tells me “there is a technical fault and my application has been thrown away unless I saw a ‘completion’ screen”. This is rather unfriendly – perhaps it is just broken today.

  • Henry

    I am trying to find on the website how to declare sorn. I do not drive my car anymore and is in the garage. Can someone help me please as to where i go.

  • Toby

    The DVLA website is so confusing, you open one page and then another and then another and so forth. I finally get to where i want to be and then the page goes blank, whats all that about? So much simpler wainting on the phone for ike an hour, all this technology and its crap.

  • Lucy

    Thats all i keep seeing them say, try another broswer, its pathetic.

  • Chris

    When I cannot get the website working all DVLA say on Twitter is “Please try using a different internet browser.”, well i dont want to, all the money you get why not make your site available on all websites. Even this site Is Down Right Now is on all browsers as well as mobile. Bet they dont have as much money as you.

  • David

    DVLA have told me the website is working fine and that I should use a different web browser, but i have never had this problem before. All I want to do is renew my driving licence.