Dota 2 server problems

What is the Dota 2 server status today? Dota 2 had 11,036,802 unique players in just the last month, and with that amount of traffic on one game you can and will experience issues. When the likes of website goes down players are not too pleased, and when this does happen this is where you can comment below as soon as the issue occurs.

It is not really nice when a server goes down but it happens and it is out of the players hands, here on Is Down Right Now UK you can let others know if the Dota server is up or down. It wasn’t too long ago a new Dota update was released because of problems; some of these included the client not being able to connect to game server where the message “bad challenge” popped up.

So if you are having issues with Dota 2 Heroes, combat log, servers, login, lag, graphics, resolution, loading or anything else please do share with your area of location (Country and/or City).

Dota 2 status reports for Sunday 20th of June 2021

To find out if Dota 2 is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with Dota 2? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Jeremy

    Never buy battle pass, the servers are just too bad. Dota 2 has been down for hours now.

  • Maxine

    Dota 2 is still down for me, fix this already.

  • Adi

    Down here in the UK, its not opening up for me after i did the last update, all i can say is the client performance update gg valve is rubbish.

  • Sahur

    This is crazy frustrating now, i am logged into steam account but the coordinator wont login

  • Logan

    Dota 2 is down for me today, it keeps coming up with a message saying lost connection with steam.

  • Fabio

    Dota 2 login is not working for me today, April 25th.

  • Paul

    Is the Sea Sever down yet again?

  • Jan

    I am searching for the dota 2 game coordinator, anyone know what I have to do as this is all new to me? Oh and for the record I got booted from a game last night.

  • Benny

    I am having issues with Dota 2, not able to play online which tells me the servers are down.

  • Lara

    Is Dota 2 down for anyone else? I am in Kennington London and cannot access online gaming with this game.

  • Kriss

    Since the dota 2 7.01 patch update i have been having issues with the game crashing. I thought this update was supposed to fix this.

  • Toby

    I cannot play this game at the moment, each time i play it just boots be off again.

  • Ben Frith

    It’s up now

  • Ferry Christian

    how long will the maintance last?

  • Ben Frith

    Yeah it’s down for me too

  • Alimay

    I thought the Dota 2 server maintenance was over, and yet still having issues connecting. Is anyone else offline at the mo?

  • Craig

    DOTA 2 is down for maintenance i think because i cannot play online. So frustrating waiting for Reborn already.

  • Mark

    Is DOTA 2 Reborn live yet? I cannot seem to get online to play DOTA so was wondering if they are makign this update live right now.

  • Kudoshi

    DOTA 2 servers are still a bit sketchy, since the new update there has been issues with the servers.

  • Blake

    DOTA 2 is not down because i have been playing rather well online, but the downside is keep getting glitches with slow movements and sometimes game just stopping.

  • Orlando

    Server will not let me connect to DOTA.

  • Abdul

    I really wished i never updated when it went live, Now I am lagging in all games i play. It freezes on me and sometimes i even get booted from a game. I thought by lowering the resolution this would help but it hasn’t.

  • Brenan

    I keep crashing out of a game on a daily basis now. Happening too often to make me want to keep it.

  • Jenny

    Keep Searching for DOTA 2 Network, this is all i am getting when trying to get online. Is anyone else having the same DOTA 2 problem?

  • martin

    I am unable to play this online because Steam is down, not able to login at the moment.

  • Keran

    Dota2 network is up and running and working smoothly.

  • Livian

    When will there be new updates for Dota2?

  • Chance

    Running really slow for me at the moment, but then it would be right.

  • Abdul

    is there any new update on Dota 2 yet?