Destiny 2 Server Issues and Error Codes

Destiny server issues do crop up from time-to-time, and even though the official service status report website shows these errors they do not list them as much as gamers. The game can have problems such as not being able to login, or the game encounters terrible lag and so forth.

The Is Down Right Now UK community is here to help other gamers find answers to Destiny 2 problems, if you are having any kind of issue with Destiny connection, login etc please do help other gamers by sharing what you know.

Have you ever had random fire team members getting booted, or are you receiving an error code, or not being able to sign in to Destiny? If you are getting any of these or any other Destiny problem please do share below. Most of the problems above are mainly to do with Destiny server issues!

Destiny status reports for Thursday 6th of May 2021

To find out if Destiny is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with Destiny? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Kerry

    Destiny maintenance today Monday 18th September is expected to take 4 hours,.

  • Earnest

    The new Destiny 2 update will have to be accepted by all players when the servers come back online.

  • Jims

    Destiny 2 is down, i cannot get online to play.

  • Edward

    I am in Bristol and getting both weasel and centipede error messages.

  • Timothy

    I am getting the Weasel error, whats going on please tell me someone.

  • Jack

    What is going to happen to Xur on a Friday when Destiny 2 releases?

  • Gaug

    3 hours and still waiting to play online, just getting stupid now. Its Destiny it should be binned. Time to choose another game – any ideas what one?

  • Krissi

    I have tried to login now for the last hour or so, what is happening to this game server?

  • Ant

    And yet again the Centipede. MMMMMM

  • Jobey

    Even the official Destiny server status checker page is down for maintenance.

  • Stevie

    Destiny is down for me, funny how the soundtrack is still working.

  • Toby

    I was playing Heroic strikes and then got booted from the game. is the ROI rollout today?

  • Jamie

    Destiny servers are down and people are saying it is a ddos attack, is this true?

  • Nick Wilkinson

    Yer dude same here

  • Jason Tredinnick

    when is it back up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • JonJon

    I cannot go anywhere in Destiny, are they going to sort out this stabilization rubbish out or what?

  • Justine

    Destiny went down and then was back up within 5 minutes for me. You are not able to keep Destiny the Game down for long. Long live the Taken King.

  • Richard

    I’m in Birmingham servers been down for just over an hour,
    Still can’t start game

  • Kay Leadbeater

    I tried Destiny on Xbox One, keep getting Error Code Canary and can’t log in at all yet connection with the console is just fine :/ Try it on 360 and it works just fine

  • Sheldon

    I keep getting an error message saying that I can’t connect to destiny servers…… Help

  • Simon

    Destiny is down for me, I knew there was a scheduled maintenance and all that, but i thought that finished already.

  • Kacey

    All i keep seeing is a message saying, “you have lost connection to the destiny servers.” Is this the case for anyone else?

  • JSD

    I am having issues with Destiny today, its only happened the last hour or so.

  • rad

    anyone else having trouble with staying in contact with the servers? im in london

  • darren henderson

    Bloody trying to get more strange coins for XUR

  • Laurie

    so from 4pm to 7pm i will not be able to play Destiny online, oh dear that means i have to speak with the wife.

  • kamie

    What is the Destiny maintenance for then, as we have no idea what is happening?

  • Kirk

    The Destiny maintenance is starting soon (November 12), login will be offline for around 3 hours.

  • Harry

    I just got the Marionberry error code whilst playing destiny. This is rubbsih ans I have no idea what this error code means, what does it stand for.

  • Johnny

    I found Xur and when i was getting the sniper rifle my internet went and cannot get it now. Not happy at all.

  • Bobbie

    Looking for Xur and then just got disconnected on Oct 9, this follows a short outage yesterday as well. Anyone else get disconnections?

  • J Hobbs

    Drum error code unable to log in :/

  • James Carl Harry

    ERROR CODE: Turtle

    “Failed to download configuration files from bungie servers”

    Other games working on xbox live i.e Gears of War multiplayer, YouTube is playing videos absolutely fine and i can stream via plex from my laptop to the xbox with no problem.

    I have been through the advise on the bungie website and other forums. i.e turning off and unplugging both the wireless router and the xbox.

    I’ve turned off UpNp (whatever that is)

    I’ve allowed access to xbox live in the port forwarding settings (NAT TYPE: OPEN)

    and I’ve now plugged the xbox into the router via the ethernet cable and still Destiny will not work!

    I’ve checked my download speed which is running at 19.98mbps Ping 14ms Upload 1.89mbps

    In the xbox settings it says “Everything’s Good” when testing Network connection and Multiplayer connection.

  • Bill

    Status code: 80070057 with Destiny, says this along with problem with download.

  • Jake

    Today on September 3, 2015 the Destiny maintenance will begin at 8:00 AM PDT and will continue until 2om PDT.

  • Katie Topping

    I keep getting the turtle error all today on the xbox ones but the 360’s work fine. I have done what it says but still coming up with same errors. Anyone help?

  • Eva

    What is error Stingray i am getting in Destiny?

  • Peter

    Destiny is down today August 22 and it looks like it could be for a while, i believe there is a psn problem.

  • Jonny

    Why is Destiny down right now, i have not been able to login now for like 20 minutes. There is no scheduled maintenance. I have the PS4.

  • Seif Eldin Hisham

    I keep getting disconnected whenever I join strikes, the tower, crucible, basically everything. does anybody else have this problem, if you do spread the word and inform bungie as I did, bungie better fix their servers.

  • Bruce

    it is the best news Bungie has ever provided for me, I love being kicked from a game. Even better than that was last Friday i finally got the GJALLARHORN and since then i have not been able to use it because i cannot get online. Pathetic piece of rubbish servers have you got then.

  • Allanis

    Are you getting kicked out of Destiny. I was like 3 mins into a game and then i get booted. matchmaking and fireteams having connection problems too.

  • Markie

    So so happy today when Xur turned up with the GHorn baby, oh yes. Feel sorry for those that put many hours in to get one and then Bungie makes it easily available opps.

  • Wilson

    Trying to finish Destiny story mission but i keep getting disconnected.

  • Nolene

    My Destiny on my Xbox One is down in Florida.

  • Roger

    Destiny error code BABOON. What does this mean as I have never seen it before?

  • Clive

    I am having nothing but major issues trying to play Destiny online with friends, i can play with others online though just not people eon my friends list.

  • Clifton

    Not bothered as long as he has the Ice Breaker, if he does sell that i will be over the moon.

  • Chevy

    What do you think Xur will sell today August 7?

  • robert

    Well it’s been 4 hours since 4:00 and the servers are still not on

  • malcom

    Four blooming hours down time, this is ridiculous unless they are bringing something great in return.

  • Simon login and app will no be accessible during the destiny maintenance.

  • Mark

    Destiny players will apparently see an error code called Loganberry during the maintenance. This is set to start at 4pm today.

  • Crosby

    Hey do you want some free money, hell yeah why not. Here you go then have my money for the game Destiny, then have my money for the PS4, then have my money for PSN, then hey i will sit and just look at you all because i can never seem to play online.

  • Jemma

    has anyone had issues with the destiny weekly reset?

  • Jackie

    What is VULTURE error code mean?

  • Nigel

    I love this game so much but enough is enough when it keeps kicking you from a game. Destiny is actually going to become a Frisbee.

  • Juhn

    I am a huge Destiny fan, and Iron Banners should not be up when there is a maintenance or the servers go down. No pint in having it up during outages.

  • Rene1447

    I played the demo part and reached the level 7, but after taking the full game my game works like the demo. I mean my character is stuck

  • James

    7 hours and still cannot get Destiny game to work online, no games launching just yet then it seems.

  • Grant

    I have no problems with Destiny, what I do have a problem with is Xur not selling a weapon last week. So how about the Icebreaker this week Mr. Agent of Nine?

  • Bounty

    Is anyone having any problems with Elimination Crucible?

  • Robert

    Xbox Live get signed out whilst playing Destiny, is this a Microsoft server issue or is it down to the Destiny servers?

  • Osmond

    I cannot login to Destiny right now, so i thought i would try something. I plugged my old Xbox 360 in and also got my new Xbox One plugged in. The weird part is I cannot login to Destiny on my Xbox One but can get online with the Xbox 360.

  • Owen

    Seeing as Xur did not sell any weapons this time round how about we get the Ice Breaker next week, do the right thing now come on please.

  • Mikel

    I have been sent to orbit again whilst i am playing a game. This is not fair now and i am getting tired of it.

  • Petra

    Me too can’t login is 9.47 pm uk

  • Trey

    Has anyone just been kicked from Destiny? The time i got booted was 09:40 UK time.

  • JP

    Xur day (Friday) I always seem to miss out. What weapon is coming next please?

  • Danny

    Destiny is down for a scheduled mainteance which is expected to conclude around 12pm PDT.

  • Kerry

    If you are not signed in to Destiny you will not be able to when the maintenance begins, so make sure your signed in.§

  • Harry

    Destiny is down for a mental 8 hours due to a scheduled maintenance.

  • James

    I was booted from my game last night thanks to PSN going down. I am getting sick of PlayStation now, might as well go get the Atari out.

  • Chubby

    Not able to login, is PSN still down for maintenance?

  • Billy

    All these Destiny error codes such as caterpillars, weasels etc need to be gone.

  • Jayson c

    Severs are dead first iv seen of this this week

  • Tiger-Boy

    servers are down for an hour

  • Nick

    Destiny was down for far too long yesterday, even today i am still having issues. Are you?

  • Maxxy

    So, XUR was in the Reef and yet again I bloody missed him. They should change the time now and then to fit in with those that work unsociable hours.

  • Peter

    I have been reading everywhere that they want Xur to sell the Ice Breaker, but i am pretty sure he already sold this a few weeks back.

  • Karry

    Please do let me know gamers why I am paying for a service that I hardly get. I pay for Destiny, then i pay for PSN Plus, then either PSN or Destiny servers are done, if not at once at least one most days.

  • Julie

    Destiny is down right now. Is anyone else having issues connecting to this game?

  • Matt

    What is going on Bungie? Yet again Destiny is down and I have to resort to Facebook for fun.

  • Jay

    I just got disconnected from this ame right after i completed Nightfall and got the Gully. Will I still have this item in my inventory box.

  • Malcom

    When I try to start a mission it keeps saying something went wrong. Are Destiny servers down?

  • Jamie

    Seriously silly now, all i need is a little time playing Destiny online and they cannot even give me that time.

  • Reade

    No way on earth should they make Destiny 2, keep it simple by upgrading your servers first then worry about the second installment.

  • Lee

    Cannot stay connected to Destiny Online, what is the point of online gaming when you cannot do it at all, and even when you can its for a limited amount of time before being kicked out.

  • Rueben

    Destiny server is useless, always having problems with connecting. Even when i do get in i get kicked straight back out after like 30 minutes.

  • darklegion

    Gettin stupid with constant server connection problems all weekend. Never had this before. Haven’t been able to play properly even though I have invested enough money into bungie You would think that this wouldn’t be a problem.
    Servers need updating

  • darklegion

    Is that all? Today I’ve had weasel beetle viper antelope just to name a few

  • Joakim Demon Liljansalo

    Keep getting message contacting server all the time today and it hasn’t been doing this before wtf?

  • Timothy

    The funny thing is, we all complain how rubbish Bungie is at allowing us to play Destiny online, keep getting kicked from games, bad connections etc. Yet come Destiny 2 release we will all flock like idiots to buy it. Do you think Bungie will get online gaming right with Destiny 2?

  • Simon

    In one day mate I got both Viper and Weasel. Getting silly isn’t it.

  • Nigel

    I got the Destiny error code Baboon, what is this about and why did i get it?

  • Kim

    Claim your bounties from Lord Saladin. OK that sounds good but when i did i had issues. The issue is HOW do i claim bounties from Lord Saladin?

  • Sophia

    I really want to give up Destiny because logging in is a nightmare lately, and even when in a game it is hard staying in one. Are there any other similar alternatives?

  • Simon

    How many people had issues with the Destiny Update

  • Kirk

    Has anyone had any issues with Destiny’s Iron Banner when it returned?

  • Rene

    All I keep getting is an error code, it is either that or i get kicked out to orbit with no error code.

  • Ronald

    Destiny is running really nice for me at the moment, and in that i mean i am not being booted from a game. What I am ticked off about is when i tried to find Xur and when i do find the location he is gone. Guess I will wait until this Friday.

  • Noel

    Destiny is not good anymore in my eyes and i am looking for the Destiny alternative. Login issues, lagging problems occasionally, servers problems, getting kicked from games, need i go on.

  • Lorde

    This is senseless now, a whole week with on and off (MORE OFF) online gaming. Xbox used to be the best platform and now i am actually starting to think otherwise.

  • Larry

    Where is Xur today? trying to find him and cannot find him anywhere.

  • Nigella

    I just want to get to the bottom of a few issues, if anyone is having issues with trying to sign in to play online or whilst in a game they get kicked back out please let me know below.

  • Onur

    Playing a mission and then automatically gets kicked from game, when i try to log back in all i get is the error code weasel. I have no idea what weasel code is, what does it mean please?

  • Byron

    On a mission and doing really well, and then during the Destiny game it decides i no longer need to be playing. So I pay out my hard earned money for Bungie to decide when i can play or not. How about I come round your house BUNGIE and let you know how you can spend your money and how you should live your life?

  • Adam

    When the new expansion came out last week all i keep getting now is the error code WEASEL. Xbox Live Party is basically pointless.Bungie needs to sort this out now.

  • Sam

    Destiny servers are seriously taking the mick now. Always offline more than on. Probs get more game play when playing blooming pong or something.

  • Jarrad

    Destiny works well on the PS4 but yet on my Xbox One i keep getting kicked from my online missions. Is this a problem with Xbox Live or the game?

  • Lancs

    I got to sign in to Destiny and within a few seconds of trying to play online I got the Banjo error.

  • Aniel

    Funny how pressing square on the PlayStation 3 and Triangle on the PlayStation 4 instead of the X helps you log in to Destiny, funny that.

  • Janet

    Destiny is dishing out a new live patch today. Services are offline at the moment.

  • Maikel Karaman

    Everything was okay until right now.. :-/

  • Jake

    Bungies servers are down because Destiny is not coming online.

  • josh

    Error code banjo has appeared now!

  • josh

    Yes i am also in aspot of bother with the message “ATTENTION destiny servers are not available. Dismiss this message to try again” constantly poping up may try to restart the game.

  • Jobe

    So having too much troubles getting Destiny online, complete and utter nightmare.

  • Ethan

    I haven’t has time to do it yet, but when having troubles getting online with Destiny it works better if you press options rather than the X, is this true?

  • Joshua

    I am in Memphis and still not able to play Destiny online. This is strange because I can play other games online like FIFA and GTA 5. I know PSN went down but this is not stabilized after being hacked. Is anyone having issues playing Destiny today?

  • Sabrina

    Will Bungie ever admit their servers need a huge upgrade? Trying to play Destiny online is like trying to extract water from the Sahara.

  • Conan

    I am getting the weasel error again when trying to access destiny online.

  • Ron

    I cannot connect to destiny servers at all on 19 april.

  • Jonas

    When i start destiny and try to login i get error unable to connect to psn. But connection is ok i can acces store ect. Im in uk. Its happening now.

  • Jonas


  • Jude

    Is anyone gettign a destiny error code monkey?

  • Lori

    Destiny Xur agent is down near the Crucible.

  • Marcus

    Xur is apparently down by the Crucible and selling selling mida multi tool and obsidian mind

  • Wess

    Destiny mission all working well today – OK i lied, it never bloody runs well does it. Always getting kicked out. The game is going in the bin.

  • Bailey

    Bungie you really need a holiday, take all your staff away and get people in to cover you, you know the people that know what they are doing.

  • Seth

    Maybe Destiny 2 should never release, I have been offline more than i have been online because of servers going down, just dont release it, bring back PONG that will never crash. Oh Atari make a comeback.

  • Maryanne

    I still cannot access Destiny online, i so want to do missions and cannot.

  • Colsen

    Destiny was unplayable online on the Xbox due to Xbox Live being down.

  • Jin

    people h=though Destiny servers were down yesterday, but it wasn’t Destiny servers it was Xbox Live servers.

  • Lillian

    So depressed at the moment with not being able to get on to destiny, might as well go back to bed.

  • Jack

    Mainberry error message, what the hell is all that about. Qhat ever it means I cannot connect and ply Destiny online.

  • Harry

    I am getting mainberry error code pop up.

  • Robert

    Not able to connect to destiny servers.

  • Kelly

    Having issues getting connected to Destiny, hope everything works in an hour when Xur arrives.

  • Ben

    For those that don’t know, the server maintenance will last for 2 hours from 6PM BST. Of course, this depends on any issues and you could see servers go down for longer if problems arise.

  • Mike

    more maintenance, would be so bad if I didn’t have problems all week with destiny servers.

  • Dan

    Destiny server maintenance is set for today at 6PM UK time, so if you see Bungie servers down at this time then you know why.

  • Shane

    Agreed Trece, hacing no issues with Destiny at all tonight. Make a change ah.

  • Trece

    The game is working like a dream today, servers all fine tonight.

  • Terry

    Why oh why oh why is Destiny keep taking me back to orbit, if not that then its logging me out.

  • Peter

    I am trying to update Destiny but every time the darn thing shuts down on me. It starts the update and then just gives up the ghost and restarts. Fug sake. Yeah thats my polite way of swearing.

  • Nicky

    Is anyone receiving a Destiny server error code Weasel? Yesterday was all f=good for me, but early hours this morning i got this error.