Demand 5 not working

Channel 5 has its own section called Demand 5, which is where users can watch videos offered by the channel in the UK. It is basically a catch-up service so you never need miss anything, but when the Demand 5 is down for whatever reason these can cause a massive impact on viewing.

Demand 5 offers many TV Shows such as Big Brother, The Walking Dead, Neighbours, NCIS, Breaking Bad and so many more. But when Demand 5 is not working this could be down to Channel 5 servers, login problems and even apps not loading properly.

If Demand 5 doesn’t work for you then this community page is just for you, where you can vent your anger with your complaint. Please do remember this community is for all age groups so no swearing.

Demand 5 status reports for Saturday 29th of February 2020

To find out if Demand 5 is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with Demand 5? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Barbara

    This happens far too often. For goodness sake get your act together once and for all .

  • xTragedyx

    This is a joke been weeks now,can’t watch soaps on win 10 app.

  • Diane Whorlow

    Can’t watch anything on my 5.
    What is the problem. Everything else is working fine. The worst catch up ever !!!!!

  • Donna Africa

    I can no longer receive My5 TV on Freeview? Can someone enlighten me? Thank you

  • Lisa

    Demand 5 on my computer is missing the soap category. When I search for home and away it’s not listed. Please sort it out!

  • Debbie Reeves

    demand 5 is still down – lets you watch 15 minutes and comes back with the same error – I have been trying since Tuesday and it still isn’t fixed

  • Nic English

    I have exactly the same tried watching Tuesdays home and away but latest episode was Monday’s then error message came up on Wednesday and haven’t been able to get back on the app, I had the same problem with demand 5 on my smart tv early last year and it still doesn’t work now (just get the loading icon) so I downloaded the app onto my sons Xbox as that was the only other way I could watch it until now, it’s so annoying.

  • Jemma

    Whoops demand 5 has encountered an error and must close – been saying that since Wednesday it’s now Friday. Tried watching Tuesdays home and away and it weren’t on there, it was saying the last one was Monday. Could have the days a bit muddled up seeing as I can’t actually see when the last one was on as it won’t actually load now. I love home and away and watching it on demand 5 is my only way of watching it, they need to get it sorted. Missing my favourite TV programme.

  • Gill Quirk

    It’s rubbish.I never works properly!!

  • Sonia Weaver

    Cannot watch myfive on my Samsung tv

  • Mike Bird

    Can’t watch any programme on Demand 5. All I get is a really helpful ‘Whoops! There was an error connecting to the server.’

  • TomTreb

    Same here, trying to catch up on Neighbours.

  • Anna Brooks

    Mines not working too. Been trying to watch neighbours since last night but getting Mondays. Really annoying!

  • Lisa Rarity

    The most recent programmes are from Monday 5th Feb. Anybody else?

  • Tilly

    Always down and always buffering has been for years and no change today. Demand 5 has to be the worst catchup player ever, even in this day and age they still can’t get it right.

  • Jacey

    Still not working, this is pathetic channel 5!!

  • Jacey

    Still unable to watch Monday night’s cbb, damn error jw 2011. last night and all today, please sort it out channel 5 !!!!!

  • Sarah

    Still can’t watch Fridays, got a lot to catch up on. Some how managed to not hear what happens so would love to watch it today on my day off!

  • Lucy

    Demand 5 isnt working at all. No sound or picture.

  • Sian Tweed

    My 5 app won’t let me watch CBB from last night. Every time I click on the episode to watch it the screen goes black and then goes back to my 5 home screen. What is going on and how do I fix it?

  • Nicole Reid

    Can’t watch CBB on any platform, I tried Firestick, mobile, laptop, mac book and xbox app. None of it is working and it’s doing my head in. I need to leave and there’s only one thing I wanted to do before my work today and you have ruined it by your app being ridiculous.

  • Ronnie Fraser

    Can’t watch my 5 catch up big bro from last night on bt anyone else ?!’

  • Lucy

    I can’t watch catch up on my tablet it just says install app which I already have

  • Sean

    Tried that n all, this is beyond a joke

  • Sean

    Load of rubbish, neither Chromecast nor Firestick is working… what is the holdup? Was last nights episode REALLY mental or what?!

  • KatyKatyCustard

    Trying to watch big brother on my Now box. Yesterday it kept coming up with an error, today I’m getting a ‘DDF Post’ screen instead of the program, even though the bar at the bottom looks as if it is playing it!

  • Alex Francis

    me too?

  • Jo Sherratt

    Just clicked on 5 on Demand to watch Last nights Big Brother and it just says ‘Error’ can not access it 🙁

  • Elle Cross

    I have 5od for the firestick, when clicking to play anything, the adverts beforehand start to play but then it will not stop buffering. It has even been left for twenty mins and still buffering ridiculous. Anyone else having this problem, been going on for weeks now

  • Jacey

    I want to watch big brother..get it sorted ch 5!!!

  • Mark Richards

    Mine on my Smarthub of my Samsung TV kept playing the adverts then just going back to normal TV. I’ve now reset the TV, Smarthub and reinstalled the My5 app and it plays but buffers every 20 seconds! This is not my internet as have Fibre and all other apps play TV/Catchup fine. It seems to also play fine on my laptop.

  • Anneka

    Mine keeps saying whoops! There was an error connecting to the server! Everythings else is connecting 100%

  • Eli

    Trying to watch CBB on my PS4 but it keeps saying there’s a connection error

  • Kerry D

    it’s just been showing a blank screen with a white line whenever i open the app on my ps4. been like this for the past few days:(

  • Ronnie burrill

    Can not even see where to change pin number

  • Snowy Chapman

    trying to watch cbb and it keeps cutting out saying there is a connection problem then taking 15-20 mins to reconnect its the only app doing it is there a way to stop this from happening

  • Michelle Laing

    I can’t watch CBB or Bit on the Side.There are only 5 programmes showing up for today

  • Fiona Gregory

    I wanted to look up cowboy builders for my son but does not work when I click on the episode pic.

  • Neil

    Yup same here. Was looking forward to watching the league football goals from today but nothing but a black screen…. Awesome

  • Jamie Shefford

    I messed The last 2 episodes of home and away , was gonna watch it yesterday, but there is only Neighbours in The Soup section , which just goes blank and Doesn’t work .

  • Katy

    I’ve had the same for the last few days, possibly longer, but not tried watching until the other day (since Neibs & H and Away are off for Christmas). I updated app, still doesn’t work. I was wondering if it was because I was using an older IOS.

  • Katy

    I think it’s been off for a month now, so the episodes will have expired. There’s only a few Neighbours episodes left, it ran for a week or maybe 2 after H &A stopped.

  • CnM Lee

    I can see content but try watch anything and it’s just black screen nothing else been like it for over a week have uninstalled and reinstalled but same nothing

  • Louise Palmer

    I am trying to find home and away to catch up but can not find it on demand, has anyone else lost it? It was on there last week.

  • rich

    looks like its fixed.

  • Deborah

    error setting up player: invalid licence key

  • Richard Clarke

    invalid license key

  • rich

    Won’t play anything – invalid license key.

  • Lee Derrick

    Yeah also getting the invalid license key. What is that?

  • didier

    When would it be back on any reply would be welcome. Please do respect your viewers and have the decency to reply

  • disqus_6tB26UxQ2G

    cant watch ANY video they all say .. error setting up player ; invalid license key cant find any information on the internet, any info would be great!

  • John Gray

    Can’t watch due to “DRM failed” error.

  • RdWd

    Can’t stream the Shanarra Chronicles, getting msg: ‘There was an error connecting to the server. P!ease retry or exit the application’. This is on the PS4

  • Sandra Garrett

    When I try to play “Brunel the Man who built Britain” on Demand 5 all I get is a 404 message. Why is this? I use a lenovo laptop with a Chrome browser and watch via the TV. I have just watched one of “MY Favourites” and had no trouble.

  • TomTreb

    Trying to watch yesterday’s (Tuesday’s) Neighbours on Demand 5 but just get a message saying whoops programme isn’t currently available. Same for any other programme. What’s up?

  • Sue

    Can’t stream some of the Christmas films all I get is the white dots going round and round and round

  • Paul

    Certain films still won’t load and trying just results in an endlessly revolving circle of white dots. It’s always the same films that refuse to load so it isn’t a problem with the internet connection or the apps themselves (my Humax box and Amazon Firestick both give the same results). I posted about this issue 4 days ago and, whereas newer programme additions seem to be loading correctly, there is still a batch of films that refuse to load. My5, if you follow these comments please fix this before the films go offline again. Thanks!

  • Sharmaine Kinsella Hart

    Can’t access nothing on demand 5 from my tv now box all other catch ups are working been like this for 3 days getting so peeved right now please get it sorted grrr!!!

  • Paul

    Film additions for the past few days don’t seem to be accessible on either my Humax Freesat box or Amazon Firestick apps. I can still access the films added earlier, though as usual. It’s anyone else experiencing this? Hopefully Demand 5 will fix this soon.

  • Lindyloo Jays

    Cant wat the haunting on demand 5 driving me nuts ive restarted then deleted app reinstalled app updated box grrrr

  • Luise

    Talktalk youview service or channel 5? Fed up to the back teeth of battling to watch Bull and seeing those awful British senior citizens ads and nothing else. All other services are fine.

  • hazel

    get message “service error content unreachable” all the time on my android tablet.when trying to open My5.?

  • Caz North

    Yeh im getting the “whoops!” Pop up too!

  • Jay Mullen

    Trying app on bt infinity box and amazon firestick. Not working on either as of Monday 13th Nov 2017. 17:50.

  • Matt Willis

    Same here

  • guy

    cant watch ch5 cant pay well take it away 8th november . just says no valid licence exit

  • Mark From Central

    On Humax Freseat Freetime box, Demand 5 can be accessed…well… up untill you choose something to watch then hit ok to play… then the box turns off !!!! Not good.

  • Geraldine Curry


    I had the same issue and got in touch with Samsung to make sure was not a television error.

    The error can normally happen when there was an update on the software of the TV or sometimes when there was a newer version of the application.

    While the TV was up to date, the below reset may need to be done.
    Go into Settings > More > Support > Self diagnosis > Smart hub reset.

    When you do this you will need your account email & password to log back in.
    But it has worked for me.

    If unsure I would contact Samsung and get help via the webchat, they can walk you through it or take remote management access to your TV if you are unsure how to do it.

    Hope this helps.

  • Claire Hainsworth Powick

    We are getting a service error on my5
    http error #404

  • Wheres Turtle

    5 on demand 500 error

  • Paul

    App not now working on my HUMAX Freesat box.

  • Ian Palmer

    Can’t get Demand 4 or 4 catch-up on my PS3, but the adverts will play then says connection problem. Having to hard wire through my MacBook, which works fine.What’s going on ?

  • Sharmaine Kinsella Hart

    Can’t get on demand 5 from my now tv box but can get the other catch ups grrrrrr

  • anth H

    DEMAND 5 out of sync yet again? .Ive never known how come its always my 5 app out of sync with audio

  • J McQuaid

    Has anyone received any feedback from channel 5 about this? I can’t watch anything, but had some odd success about an hour ago when a program played, but with no adverts at all! I wasn’t complaining, but am now back to watching a never-ending whirlpool symbol in the middle of my screen…

  • Edd Saunders

    Just getting to the end of an interesting programme and can’t connect to server suddenly!

  • Irene Sedze

    The last days nightmare

  • Karen Lichfield

    My5 app not working on ipad

  • Shannon

    Trying to get on to demand 5 on ps4 and it is not working at all.

  • Stacey

    All im getting this morning is ‘unable to contact server’ very frustrating as i need to catch up with my Police Interceptors

  • DEB

    I was happily watching Chicago PD on catch-up (being happy for it to actually play – I’ve been having error messages / problems playing programmes for several weeks). I switched off the TV for a little while to take the dog for a walk. When I came back and tried to start watching again I had ‘can’t connect to server’ errors. I updated the app. I now have a completely different looking app – there no longer seems to be the option to view favourites. Why? It’s completely changed. Fix the play problems, not things that don’t need fixing. Grr

  • Andy Rogers

    I use this via BT TV.. “cannot connect to server” error message now permanantly on .. all other players ( BBC, C4 , ITV etc etc) all work fine so its not my box or TV , clearly Demand 5 is just a load of old tat.

  • Andy Rogers

    Yep. “cannot connect to server” error message. All other players ( BBC, C4 etc all ok) . Rubbish

  • Natasha Harvie

    And again it’s happened!!can’t even watch a full episode without it stopping and saying there was an error connecting to your server

  • Natasha Harvie

    The last 2 days it has been a joke,loads a programme and a quarter way through it it stops and error comes up,anyone else having this problem?

  • Chi @Oh_that_chick

    Samsung TV My5 app reset

    I just did the following and it worked for me:-

    – Navigate to the SmartHub menu
    – Select the Apps menu
    – Navigate to the My Apps section
    – Find the My5 app
    – Hold down the enter/select button until you see a list of options appear
    – Select Update or Reinstall

    Once complete, restart your device.

  • Claire Timothy

    Same, really frustrated!

  • Gavin jewell

    Haven’t been able to play Chicago PD all week and now it won’t let me play the new bull episode!!!

  • Gavin jewell

    Anyone else having problems playing new episodes or PD or Bull??

  • Linda Robson

    Amazing !!!!!!!!! I post something then in works – very odd mmmm

  • Linda Robson

    Has anyone discovered why Paddington station won’t play on catch up I’m getting an error connecting to the server please

  • terry hamilton

    paddington station wont play on 5 demand all that plays is the commercials

  • Rhiannon Alexander

    I have an active account XBOX also a new state of the art 4K Panasonic TV where I use to be able to watch my Favorite TV programs on My5. Since Friday 8 Sept 2017 I have been unable to watch my favorite TV programs. I hope they sort these problems out soooon

  • Jade Lane

    Oh my god I can’t watch big Bro on catch up I’ve even been on the phone to talk talk for the last hour thinking it was their fault but all my other smart t v apps work just not 5 demand. Grrrrrrr

  • Katy

    Demand 5 never works on the tv app! It’s an utter joke! No other channel’s demand service has this problem.. I don’t understand why it’s only c5??

  • Robyn Apps

    Me too

  • Debbie Cruddace

    Channel 5 demand 5, still showing as down for last night’s episode for bblb and BB but older episodes playing OK. Error code (1002) says Media asset does not have required DRM information……… Explain in simple terms please????

  • Debbie Cruddace

    Still showing as “unable to show”?

  • Andrew Kram

    Neighbours didn’t record today and now error connecting to server when trying to access demand 5

  • Lesley Hannan

    Lasts nights big brother won’t play on catch up it’s happened a few times now I’m getting annoyed with it.

  • Matt

    This works on Chromebook now.

  • david archibald

    I have the the same problems it just says whooops sorry you are having problems.

  • Phil

    It’s not working currently on PS4 just a spinning icon – 18.00, 5/7/17

  • hafsa

    When will it be working again?

  • Therese

    Anyone having a problem with Neighbours catch up 03/07/17 not playing?

  • Sarah

    My 5od on my talktalk youview box doesn’t work keep getting error code yvd5-202

  • Janet Clewes

    yes me, i was told it was on youtube but can’t find it on there either grrrrr

  • Nat

    Anyone else having problems trying to find last nights big brother episode ?

  • Moz

    Why is the latest episode of big brother not on demand 5 but bit on the side is xx

  • Ddf

    5 on demand not working via NOW tv..? Anyone else?

  • Allison Green

    I’m having the same problem. Rubbish! I’ve already missed several episodes of Wentworth because they haven’t even promoted it and now I can’t get it on My5 either

  • Rachel

    Why are the neighbours episodes always put on My5 later, sometimes days later but it does not seem to have a problem putting Home and Away episodes on straightaway?

  • Katy

    I have a chromebook and My5 just doesn’t work/play anything/show anything on the screen when you click on an episode.. anyone else?

  • La Burridge

    Nothing is playing for me, despite being signed in.

  • Fiona Jane McCutcheon

    I am having problems with My5 when trying to watch Sexual Victims Unit It works for a while and then it just freezes.

  • Jade Marie O’Connor

    Home And Away and Neighbours keep failing on my5 since Monday

  • Mandi Blake

    I have the same couldn’t watch neighbours or home and away. I’ve just put neighbours on which works but doesn’t have Wednesday. And home and away nit working at all. What going on? Have had other programs work and then not work.

  • Robert

    Hi I can’t watch yesterday’s neighbours because the demand 5 app don’t have yesterday’s episode on there I am really annoyed with that please can you fix it thank you

  • Lou

    Same with neighbours and now home and away won’t play either!!

  • Cooper

    I feel your pain

  • Cooper

    Can’t get neighbours to play today or yesterday. Got a message saying that the program isn’t available and to try later.

  • Rachy

    Cant get neighbours working via smart tv demand 5 or now tv demand 5 apps…. losing will to live with it

  • R S J Gregory

    Can’t watch Neighbours, as it refuses to load. Other programs on Demand 5 load, so what is going on?

  • Katy Sage

    Why can’t I watch the final on catch up yet?! So annoying, searching to find out ruined the outcome for me. So gutted 🙁

  • Joan Hemington

    Nor. Can I, never had a problem before, I’m watching it on Amazon fire stick…

  • Ashley

    What Browser is everyone using? I just checked Firefox, I got either a 404 error or stuck trying to load the page. Reloaded in edge and works totally fine.

  • Daisy Chick

    the same every morning this week! No programs at all will play! usually working by afternoon but still not working today!

  • weenswong

    no big brother catchup working

  • Kate

    Cant watch mondays police interceptors on catch up as episode isnt there

  • Linda Torrance

    Why is last nights cbb not on demand5 yet??

  • Georgia

    I have this problem too I cannot watch from Tuesday 9th to Friday 13th

  • Chantelle

    Can anyone tell me if they have got the same problem with not being able to watch Tuesday nights big brother?? Thank you

  • Margo

    Not working for me trying to watch Neighbours on iPad swapped to smart TV to watch it on catch up and no neighbours showing at all, don’t know what is going on

  • Cheryl Hext

    No neighbours even the search can’t find it not happy

  • Disgruntled

    No neighbours available- yesterdays or todays

  • Dan Hurrell

    Trying to watch Demand 5 on my Sony smart TV. I keep getting this message.
    Whoops! The programme you are trying to watch isn’t currently available. Please try again later.
    Anyone any ideas? It has worked previously. Thanks

  • Jeanie

    Not working again! Message “unable to connect to server.” This happens more often than not these days. Rubbish.

  • Karen

    Not working for me since Friday – what a huge disappointment

  • TW

    All of a sudden I cannot watch “on demand” TV on my Panasonic TV Friday it was working fine now it states I need to be connected to internet. Believe me I am connected as on other screens csn visit Amazon. Any ideas

  • Dave

    Can’t watch My5 at the moment cos the drop down list is not showing any episode choices to click on.

  • bomotonk

    Not working. The ads aren’t loading so nothing is playing

  • Josephine Elliott

    I haven’t been able to get home and away or neighbours to work for days. Is it just me or others still having problems. It won’t play when I go to the episodes.

  • Sj

    Two days of neighbours not available so angry

  • angry

    What on earth is happening with Demand 5???? We are paying fir this service

  • Paul

    Just joine My5 and the first thing I want to watch wont play.Crap

  • tarquin

    This is the worst service ever! I honestly can’t remember the last time I was able to log on. All I get is a message “unable to contact server please try again.” Is this ever going to be available?

  • Sally Pegler

    Demand 5 not working at all tonight. Anyone know why?

  • Rocket

    Does any1 else internet cut off when watching Demand 5 on PS4??

  • Daybee

    still getting the ‘programme not available’ message and the ‘ok’ button says null….really bad service

  • Mony

    Started to watch castle last night having missed the 9pm show, after few minutes tried to rewind as I thought the programme didn’t start from the beginning, now it is stuck at that point. Have switched off the TV twice but every time I go back to the programme I am back at that same point of the programme and all I get is the symbol that goes round and round. I have to say that demand 5 is the only app I seem to have problems with. I see lot of dissatisfied viewers, I wonder if demand5 team really care about their sub standard product? Some sort of response from them would be nice.

  • eddie miller

    Over a year and all I get is the program you are trying to watch isn’t currently available. Please try again later.
    No I don’t think so.
    I’m finished using this crappie app time to take the rubbish out.
    Goodbye demand 5

  • eddie miller


  • Emma Waite ✯

    My app on ps4 having problems with programmes not loading. Though surprisingly the adverts are ok. Pffffft


    for two weeks now every time I try to play anything it says sorry not available – it’s not me it’s my5 – terrible service – at least post an explanation

  • Michael Curtin

    Not been able ti use service for 2 weeks. Appalling. Never get this this with BBC IPlayer. Shoddy. Even Channel 4 is better.

  • Linda

    Ment TV

  • Linda

    I haven’t been able to get demand 5 for weeks now and again it will come back on, then I’ve been asked today what make is my to, what model number and do I have a manual for it…….. No my brother got me it 6yr ago No I didn’t keep the hand book as my to works great it’s YOUR CHANNEL THATS CRAP

  • Matt L

    Typical 5od, let’s you watch the adverts no problem but won’t load the TV programme and doesn’t give you any kind of error message… Sort it out!

  • Sam

    Not loading for me on ps4 today 🙁

  • zebra

    Not letting watch on ps4 all week.

  • LolliPip

    Not letting me watch anything on my ps4 very dissapointed with the service

  • audrey murray

    New programme chosen started last night when will it be available

  • H

    Working now but where’s gangland episode 1 gone

  • Fazer

    Still down on my bt box, won’t connect to server

  • Daisy Chick

    Still not working! its the worst service of all the channels! At the very least they should put up a message saying what the problem is! They have no respect for their viewers.

  • Zita Williams

    stiil down keeps telling me to check my connection….my connection is fine everything else working tried my5 on chrome but no luck 🙁

  • Meg

    5OD is still down 🙁

  • kia

    My demand 5 not working on now tv. Keeps saying unable to connect to server try again. Have tried loads times .

  • MAC

    At least you can open the app, I’m not even able to do so.

  • Paul

    Widespread outage of Channel 5 online services – Saturday 10th September
    Updated Today at 15:35

    Due to an incident at one of our hosting provider’s data centres, we are currently experiencing an outage across many of our live services.

    We are working with their engineering team to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

    Please accept our apologies for this loss of service.

  • Sheila Smith

    Just went on to the Channel 5 helpline and got the following message for today.
    ‘Due to an incident at one of our hosting provider’s data centres, we are currently experiencing an outage across many of our live services.

    We are working with their engineering team to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

    Please accept our apologies for this loss of service.’

  • Sheila Smith

    Demand 5 not working on either my Samsung smart tv or on laptop/pc. All other channels seem to be working ok.

  • Patrick Mead

    My5 not working on either Amazon FireTV stick, Sony smart Blu-ray or via browser on PC.

  • Terry

    Unable to connect to demand 5 via Samsung tv keep getting oops error

  • Rob

    Getting CA-UNKNOWN error. Can’t watch anything.

  • ciroc

    gangland not working!!!!!!

  • lily

    my5 does not load especially gangland

  • Jill Ellerton

    My demand five is down from today

  • AT

    Cant get any connection via Sony smart tv either.

  • mony

    I have Samsung smart tv and not getting connection to demand 5 now had this until few days ago obviously there is a problem reading others comments!

  • Sherlock Holmes

    Trying to watch gangland on My5 and it’s not working

  • Lilly

    Does anyone know if there is a problem with Demand 5 at the moment. I have a Samsung Smart tv and have been able to get it before now. However , for the last few weeks it just says it is not available. Has anyone got any ideas please?

  • Kathryn

    Does anyone have the correct programmes on 5 + 24 – I certainly don’t, wanted to watch Can’t Pay from 8 last night and programme ‘s are totally different.

  • mony

    Keep on loosing sound when watching movies also the film option on the bar at the bottom of the screen is not always available is it demand 5 problem or my TV?

  • Karen

    Same for me, still not able to watch it and now know who won whilst coming online to find out what the problem is with 5 Demand

  • gemma

    I did exactly the same and still can’t watch it

  • Lisa

    Load of rubbish, and because I went online to see what’s up with demand 5 I accidently saw who won!!!!! Thanks a lot my5

  • Nathan

    Live final isn’t working

  • Chloe

    Wednesday and Thursday cbb won’t work for me.

  • Natalie

    The demand 5 app is terrible Blank screen constantly

  • Stan

    Has anyone currently having problems watching tonight’s big brother on demand 5?

  • Kay

    Why is there no big brother for Friday sat and Sunday I am very mad as I pay for my catch up and I don’t get all my channels I want . Really needs sorting. U will be losing a lot of people watching channel 5 soon

  • Natalie

    No big brother for Monday, yet bit on the side is online? They really need to sort this!!

  • NicP

    Same- have you resolved this?

  • Fi

    Neighbours from Friday and today still not available via my sky box. Becoming a regular thing.

  • Clive B

    Demand 5 down over internet from my Now TV box for 2 days except in the middle of the night or early morning. Everything else running normally.

  • diamond

    Channel 5 repeats not worked for a few weeks. When will we get this back.

  • Dikla

    Why can’t I download/record tuesday & Thursdays big brother on sky?? Tamping fuming raging merrrrrrr!!


    ps3 will not bring up 5 just wheel of death round and round, nearly 3 weeks now. No x files. rasberry!

  • Damo

    Still no big brother from Thursday!!! NOT HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Gerda

    no BB bit on the side from last night…it’s nearly 4pm now…what is going on!!!

  • Michael Dunn

    Where is thursdays big brother. This always happens

  • Lennie

    Still missing a host of programs from yesterday and still missing CBB from Tuesday and it’s now Friday, what’s going on??????!

  • Chrissy

    Where is last nights cbb??? Sort it out demand 5!

  • Katie

    Thursday’s Celebrity Big Brother is not working on the site?! Demand 5 is useless.

  • Josephine

    Why is Thursday’s big brother not on demand yet ?

  • Kieran

    Why is Thursday 18th big brother not working! This is some sort of sick joke, useless I say

  • Max

    Why Is thursdays episode not up yet?!?!

  • BOOM!

    Tried to watch cbbots today and yesterday,as soon as it goes to play it just immediately starts continuously buffering. So annoying. Wasn’t sure if it was just on LG tvs but after reading comments seems to be a ongoing problem. First time I’ve had an issue with it unfortunately…

  • oi oi

    trying to catch up on celebrity bb episode 3 will not load when episodes 1 and 2 do anyone else get same issue?

  • Tina

    My5 online is the worst catchup channel I have ever known. You reset your password and all it does is buffer. You try and sign in with facebook enter your details and nothing. When is someone going to fix this extremely irritating site.

  • Steph

    Can’t even get the thing to load. Keeps saying error!

  • Natalie

    Awful app. Nothing’s loadingb

  • Sarah

    My5 app is rubbish! It’s the worst app I’ve ever used.

  • iAndroHacker

    my5 tv is always slow and stable for 1 year!

  • Steve

    Channel 5 dot com not working, I see this is a common problem. Tried to catch up with Wentworth, not working at all, just get that pesky wheel in the sky that keeps on turning, but no result.

  • CoolWhipLite

    Demand 5 is down? I keep getting error message.

  • Kim

    Can’t watch CBB either as saying unavailable ???

  • Anon

    Not letting me watch cbb

  • Karen

    Why can’t I get tues neighbours on 5 demand

  • Cathy

    Why is today cbb srill not on demand ???

  • Natalie

    Saturday’s episode still not on demand 5… Getting bored of this now

  • Janet

    I’m trying to watch went worth, but it’s not allowing me to login so I tried change password because I thought that was problem but its not allowing me to either

  • cbb and bb

    i meant the ps4 app sorry.

  • cbb and bb

    whats the crack with the pas4 app? tryin to stream cbb and the ads stream fine, but the show keeps stopping as though its buffering. ive called my isp (virgin media) theyve changed my frequency and everything. im getting good speeds and everything else (bbc, 4od, gaming etc.) is running fine. so what the fudge is going on guys??

  • Bellolpop

    Sick of the screen going black all the time. Can’t wach CBB…. Same happened throughout BB! All the other TV Apps work fine (BBC, ITV, C4 etc). It’s always My5 that drives me nuts. Soooooo frustrating!

  • Paul Green

    Can’t find any Gotham? This is a complete nightmare.

  • neosalad

    the app wont load on my XBOX ONE! get error.
    i need to watch Wentworth as you changed the channel it is on from 5HD to 5* (not in HD!) and i have missed episodes 4 and 5 before i realised my TiVO hadnt recorded them .. as i tend to #bingewatch shows rather than watch eacjh week or “live” . tiVo’s catchup only has ep 6 , not 4&5
    lucky i knew something was wrong and it hadnt been recording them all!

  • Lina

    Demand 5 and My5 are rubbish. Videos don’t play. I keep getting ‘The programme you are trying to watch isn’t currently available. Please try again later.


  • Darcy

    Can’t believe how rubbish the app is. I’ll be half way through watching and there will suddenly be no picture, it very rarely reloads if I rewind so I have to start all over again. Makes it very difficult to catch up on programmes. Shouldn’t be happening in this day and age. And no, it’s nothing to do with my internet as I’ve tried it with 4G.

  • Dms

    Updates to programmes on demand 5 not consistent. Sometimes midnight, sometimes 24 hours.. Why? Cmon your a big channel now. Play big!

  • Aimee Russell

    Oh look after a few weeks a fault has occurred again!! X files ep17 plays ads fine then about a minute of the show then just exits to episode selection screen. The other week they kist mossed out episode 5 for no reason had to watch on my 5 which only works on my phones

  • Aimee Russell

    No this app is awful been using it like 6months seems cannot go a couple of weeks without problems. Sometimes so long episodes drop off!

  • Michelle Shakespeare


  • gerda

    not interested now even if uploaded today..end this dismal bb full of dull forgetable idiots and bring on the fabulous Celeb BB and make sure we can catch up next day at dawn!!

  • Natalie

    My5 hasn’t upload any of the big brother episodes so I can’t watch them. Every time I try and sync it with the internet it won’t work.
    Redownloaded the app constantly but won’t work.

  • Rose

    Yes no update on my5 since Thursday night – so rubbish. Just watched Friday’s episode on Daily Motion so try there for Saturday’s.

  • Rose

    Thanks just watched it on daily motion although it cut off the end of the eviction interview but on a plus side there were no adverts!!

  • Reeya Khan

    Wanting to watch Saturday’s BB . Anyone else having this problem

  • Kiara


  • Cate

    Thank you…. Finally got to watch

  • gerda

    2pm and BB still not available from Fri and Sat..why not???

  • Kimberley Jackson – white

    yep i can’t get on it either :/

  • Steve Hunt

    Saturdays episode seems to be missing from Demand5. Anyone else seeing this?

  • gerda

    no big brother or bots for Friday and no Saturdays big brother either…why?? only bits I wanted to watch apart from Marco on this awfull bb of all time

  • Marianne

    I want to watch last nights big brother eviction!!

  • Samantha McGaw

    Go on daily motion webside, type in big brother uk series 17 episode 39 live eviction and it is on there. Just found it myself after waitjng all day to watch it x

  • Samantha McGaw

    EVERYONE! Go on DAILYMOTION website, type in “Brother UK 2016 Series 17 Episode 39 Live Eviction” to search bar and Fridays show is there 🙂 🙂 Ridiculous another site can manage it but not Channel 5!

  • Samantha McGaw

    Been trying to watch Fridays big brother all day and STILL not on demand!! No other channel seems to have this issue. Really does my head in!

  • Michelle Shakespeare

    Big brother catch up not updating ???? Still stuck on the 14th july

  • Akinbiyi Babarinde

    ALSO YOU GUYS NEED TO STOP PUTTING SPOILERS ON YOUR THUMBNAILS!! if you want people to take your stuff seriously, your service has to be a1 and thats on everything, like damn on an eviction episode, don’t have the person who has been evicted on the thumbnail with a sad face, thats just stupid dude. [ this happens when you go on my5 from the big brother link ]

  • Akinbiyi Babarinde

    fix my5 mannn, so annoying like bro!!!! im tryna watch big brother after work, but ITS NEVER UPLOADED LIKE FIX IT GUYS, why can i click on episode july 15th and the ya’ll pop up with a 404 screen

  • Cate

    Its not working in West Midlands either … I knew who was evicted before I got chance to catch up … it is so annoying and keeps happening :/

  • Hi

    Big brother airs at 9 and x files airs at 10, yet x files is on demand hours before bb?

  • Nikki

    Trying to watch big brother, 10/7/2016 (sunday nights) says on website it is on my5 but isnt! Might aswell delete the app its useless

  • Kate

    Its on there now, thanks!

  • Kate

    Please put Big Brothers last 2 episodes on (Fridays live eviction and yesterday). Thanks!

  • Emily

    Not able to catchup with big brother for the past 2 days and wont be able to watch it tonight either, should have been sorted out by now.

  • Emma

    This is ridiculous it’s been 2 days sort it out. I haven’t been able to vote for Friday’s live eviction. Sort it out please…

  • Jude Bevan

    Still not up on My 5. Useless

  • Jodie

    No point having demand 5 if you can’t put the shows on there for the people who couldn’t view it when it was showing! Two episodes of big brother still not on there it’s a joke!

  • Kirst

    Still down its been 2 days now sort it out

  • Lou

    Come on guys now Friday nights live eviction nor Saturday nights episode are showing!! Second time this season we are having to wait!

  • Emma

    Big brother episode 33 live eviction isn’t showing but it’s showing on the site I’m very annoyed by this

  • Bruh

    It doesn’t have Friday’s show, but has bit on the side which is on straight after it, makes sense

  • Weaf

    I am very angry about this also

  • Weaf

    Ridiculous. Can no longer watch tonight’s bug brother due to the fact that I could not catch up on Fridays live eviction. Not happy

  • Swimfish

    Why is episode 33 of Big Brother not on Demand5 today?

  • Lynette

    I can’t even watch it on the normal my5 site. Getting annoyed with this now.

  • Bruh

    Friday’s episode of big brother isn’t on the ps4 version but is on the normal demand site, wtf Is that about?

  • Lynette

    This is getting so frustrating. What’s the reason demand 5 is down again. It’s not good enough.

  • smithy

    Whenever I attempt to watch anything on demand 5 it has an issue. How come other playback sites (iPlayer/4OD/ITV) can get it right and 5 can never seem to get with the times. So incredibly frustrating.

  • Neil Steadman

    I have samsung smart tv have got a picture but no sound anyone else with similar problem. BBC iplayer not working either

  • Again!

    Rookie Blue not working why??

  • Nicole

    Why isn’t home and away not working

  • Name

    Having the same problem! Can’t watch the live eviction from tonight

  • Chloe

    Why won’t it let me watch big brother on catch up tried on my tv, phone, Xbox and iPad help??!!!

  • Aimee Russell

    Didn’t 24 days ago when it was down for 7 days yes really, so episodes were lost.

  • Aimee Russell

    Took 7days last time by then the episodes has timed off!!

  • Rose


  • Rose


  • Rose

    The latest episode of Home And Away is also missing MUCH TO MY DISMAY

  • Rose

    My 5 appears to be (partially) working again. Thursday’s episode of Big Brother has not yet been uploaded, though.

  • Micky Byrne

    Jesus! Now I’m behind on BB! Fix the damn thing!

  • Gina


  • Vicky

    Not been working since 5pm yesterday 11am still not working how long does it take to fix the issue SORT IT OUT

  • Tracy Heather Lobban

    same here.

  • Tracy Heather Lobban

    Exactly the same as my BT this morning. Urgh, so annoying.

  • Tracy Heather Lobban

    I feel your pain… Me too!

  • Tracy Heather Lobban

    I rely on it to watch Big Brother catch up every morning before work. Typical.

  • Bellolpop

    Right that’s it! I have officially fallen into deep BB withdrawal syndrome. Fix it nowwwwww! Please. Thank you.

  • Rose

    I wonder what the incident at their hosting provider’s data centre was? How difficult will it be to repair?

  • Elizabeth Iley

    Demand 5 has absolutely no shows on it whatsoever and my 5 won’t let you watch Wednesday’s episode of bb…. Thought it would have been fixed by now.

  • Rose

    ☺︎ Don’t worry everyone. You won’t miss a thing. All your episodes will still be there. They won’t start taking down episodes any time soon since My5 isn’t working and if nobody can use their services to catch up they can’t collect ad revenue. They will keep everything up until the problem is fixed. ☺︎

  • Rose

    Hurry up! I need to catch up on Big Brother, Home and Away and Sing It On. I’m begging you. Please fix it!

  • Mercades Taylor

    I want to watch bb hurry up

  • Louise Hawksley

    Ahhhh I wanna catch up with bb fgs hurry up

  • Mishal

    Hurry up i need to watch BB, how long does it take!?

  • Hello

    I’m having BB withdrawal symptoms, come on My 5! Get it fixed please!

  • Alps

    lame. they need to employ technicians that know what they are doing as this has been going on far too long. lame I say

  • Laura

    I think the “technicians” have probably given up and gone to sleep

  • Laura

    my5 just keeps showing the loading sign and nothing else. so annoying im desperate to watch BB, if this isnt fixed by tomorrow I wont be watching anymore episodes on tv as I will have to catch up on what I missed. Hurry up channel 5

  • HAYL

    still not working arghhh

  • Zoe

    Let’s rephrase. Everything else is working for me to. But my5!

  • Zoe

    Same, everything else is working by my5!

  • Konfuziongirrrl

    I really wanted to watch shock docks and 100% hotter. I tried so many times today to delete and download the app again and again but for some reason it’s not loading especially the the whole front page. It’s odd how itv hub, 4od and BBC iplayer is working but not my5. So to whoever in charge of my5 app. Please help and get it up and running as myself and everyone using my5 want to watch our favourite shows on there? Thank you.

  • Zoheen

    How long does it really take for a bunch of technicians to complete and fix this never ending problem once and for all. My 5 you have lost a lot of viewers and if this isn’t sorted asap you wil have none at all!!!!!!!!

  • Joe

    This is pretty terrible My5 has been down for 7 hours now. Still hasn’t been fixed, what the hell has happened? They need to do some moving around and stuff I think to better their site. I think I’m gonna give up for tonight. Doesn’t look likely it’s gonna be back up anytime soon.

  • Jane Melvin

    Still not working ….

  • Dug Coutts

    Dreadful service

  • Rose

    They posted this ‘important notice’ on their website recently:

    “Due to an incident at one of our hosting provider’s data centres, we are experiencing an on-going live outage of many of our live services.

    This is affecting:

    • Playback on any platform
    • My5 website and mobile apps not loading
    • Demand 5 apps on TVs, games consoles and set-top boxes – the app loads but all playback fails
    • Big Brother website is down
    • Milkshake website is down

    We are working with our technical service providers to restore services as quickly as possible. Please accept our apologies for this loss of service.”

  • Rose

    5 On Demand (or My5) website isn’t working for me. Thought it was an issue with my internet connection at first but did not have any problems with other websites. Just My5. I reset my router three times just in case. This is definitely an issue with their service. Glad I’m not the only one having trouble! Really wanted to catch up on tonight’s Big Brother and Home And Away! SORT IT OUT.

  • Phil

    Aye still down as of 3 minutes ago. “Alert unable to contact server please try again” nothing happens when Ok button is pushed. Rubbish channel most of the time anyway. Too much reality bull. I’m using Roku 3 on Samsung smart tv. Good luck. Cheers.

  • Raul D Horsey

    BT TV – Tried Milkshake at 7pm, said would not connect to server, same with Demand 5. All other on demand players work fine. BT Sport channels (guide numbers 408, 409, 410 are also not working). Is this muticast fault? Do BT provide channel 5’s signal? (I have BT broadband all working ok)

  • Aimee Russell

    24 days it has worked most of the time since my last post lol. 2 days ago x files last episode wasn’t on then it was but today as said black screen! I havee come to the concussion it is when they load new adverts the problem always starts. Surely testing before launching new ads to then discover the fault is a simple notion?! Yes cheek of their websites always has errors ending in our internet is at fault never their service! All other free on demand i never have issues just this. Hope it doesn’t drag on for a week like last time!

  • Erssie Major

    My5 app been down since yesterday, late June 22nd to present.

  • Sam

    Not working on smart tv, iPad or firestick? Rubbish.

  • Ben Smith

    Just a black screen for me. Ps4

  • Puri Pes

    Yes it doesn’t work… Unable to contact
    server apparently..

  • Elizabeth Iley

    Anyone know why it’s not working all I get is ” something went wrong 🙁
    There was a problem contacting channel 5. Please check your internet connection”

  • Bundenburg

    Balls to you, Demand 5. The one bit of trash i get to watch, but nooooooo. Youre not working. BOOOOOOOOOO

  • Bundenburg


  • Habibi251270

    Not working on smart tv or iPad keeps say an error has occurred ?

  • K Bayes

    Not working on PS4, just getting a blank black screen. Tried deleting & reinstalling the app but the same thing happens. This app has worked only once in the last month I’ve tried to use it…

  • Mark Walker

    Tried watching Big brother… Indefinite loading, or just sound playing. Terrible.

  • Andy Parsons

    I cannot watch last Mondays Gotham tried and tried but nothing happens, if I go to the previous episode I can watch that 1 but don’t need to because ive seen it, so please let me know why I can’t everything else on demand works on my ps3

  • Graham

    Demand 5 has seemed to have stopped working on my Samsung smart TV and Samsung blue ray player both worked fine until recently. Has a software update killed it? Both bought because of their smart ability for catch up. No problem with iPlayer or the others just Demand 5. Also cannot find an app to play it on my ipad for some reason. Just about works still on lg smart TV. Has something changed recently – very frustrating and poor service. Any advice appreciated.

  • Kieran

    Demand 5 is a shockingly bad service! I can never seem to be able to stream any catch-up episodes of Gotham both on PlayStation and Lg TV. On 5’s website it says the problems must be due to my Internet connection however I can stream Amazon, Netflix, Now TV, BBC I player, ITV etc etc instantly with no problems whatsoever. This is really F*****g frustrating as Gotham is a brilliant show I would really like to catch up with. Channel 5 sort it out! Aaaaaaaaaggggggg

  • Fred

    The newest episodes of a show i am watching isn’t showing up on the app on my tv.. Seems as though the most up to date one is 2nd june, but I know they’ve been on live!

  • Rick Elmer

    I’ve not been able to get Demand 5,and I had this AMAZON Box Since December 2015

  • Bea

    It was working on Sunday 5th Jun in the morning, but not in the afternoon. Specifically I want to watch NCIS ep16. All other episodes are fine, but when I try to play this one it only goes to the ads and then stop and back to the main screen. mlMy partner had watched it on Sunday morning with no issues whatsoever. I’m trying through YouView and Demand 5 app on Android

  • Jessina Lorraine Joseph

    Same here I have an LG Smart TV – sometimes it works and other times it doesnt.

  • Jessina Lorraine Joseph

    Demand 5 defo is not working. I thought it was my internet at first so spent ages on the phone to Sky. Not good at all. When will it be fixed. Would be helpful if a fault message showed up informing us that there is a fault as then I wouldnt have spent ages on the phone to Sky.

  • Aimee Russell

    Back on Tuesday with breaking up ads was out yesterday so another episode lost and today it plays ads then does nothing so another episode will drop off. Such a joke ch4 have ads and have rare or no issues.

  • Aimee Russell

    7days now! One show did play yesterday but not the show i wanted so not helpful. Tomorrow shows will slide off. This is not 5s page so is there any use posting here? Reported to demand 5 last time and no response so haven’t bothered yet!

  • Kirsty Bagshaw

    I can’t watch anything on demand 5 on my PS3 I have tried it every day for the past 5 days and still can’t play anything does anyone no what’s happening with this

  • Amy Robinson


  • Dave m

    Dibs to your technical team Demand 5. What a total shambles. Just who is in your technical team and where’s the qa team that should be taking up these issues. It’s embarassing as this is a regular scenario with demand 5 now.

  • NotHappyWithCh5

    Is it working for you now Amy?

  • NotHappyWithCh5

    Still not working on ps3! Its been a week now and by time u fix it the episodes won’t be available any more!! As its your fault, programmes should be made available for an extra week or so.

  • marteeni

    not working on my lg smart tv. what a pain has been playing up for a few weeks now

  • Angela ward

    Not working on my tablet, why!?

  • K Bayes

    Not working on PS4 all weekend

  • Aimee Russell

    Is it a show with adverts? I tried on my ps4 and ps3 no joy almost a week now!

  • Aimee Russell

    Exactly now i have a week of x files to watch as i cannot watch it live durning the week as i have to get up at silly o clock. Interesting it’s the adverts then.

  • Nick Ellis

    not working on my PC what does work on my tablet

  • Steve T

    As Aimee Russell posted, the days are counting down before they take episodes off! This repeat problem drives me madder than mad Jack McMad and it applies to any show that has adverts at the start of it, so it is definitely an issue with advert buffering. Watch a show that immediatley begins without adverts, like a film, and also doesn’t have adverts throughout it, and hey presto you can watch it without issues. If they don’t sort this out soon I’ll have to start watching my fave shows live and in this day and age that just isn’t good enough which is why we have On Demand services, aargh !

  • Aimee Russell

    Is like pot luck if it works or not isn’t it!? It sounds very much like how things are just before a company goes bust as no answer to my enquiry still from the last time it was not working! It made me laugh that all their toruble shooter solutions are always down to users internet never the fact their app doesnt work and our internet is fine! Think it has been down since Tuesday now and days are counting down before they take episodes off!

  • Amy Robinson

    Not working on ps3 for 3 days now.

  • Gerard Mc Millan

    not working on LG tv, totally useless please sort it out

  • Mark

    Not working from fire stick since yesterday 🙁

  • Ashai Fawkes

    Demand 5 : Certain programmes like 10,000 BC:Two Tribes do not show on PS3. I continue to watch the spinny circle loading sign in top right corner and a blank screen. My internet connection is good and other programmes work. Sort it out Sony/Demand 5.

  • JC

    It was working earlier today, but now is no longer running on my Amazon Fire HD box.
    I select a show to watch and it’s just displays a black screen with a buffering circle in the top right corner.
    I’ve uninstalled and re downloaded the app twice, but it’s still not working!

  • Jaemac

    Demand 5 won’t accept my password and when I try to change it just get a message saying ‘something’s not working. Try again later.’

  • Gillian Kilroy

    why does it demand a password. . The other channels dont and it wont accept one when i try to enter one and says IMhave tomp reset, and when I go back to,do that says ‘try again later’. What,is their problem?

  • Kharriin Stilletto

    If I try to view something with a G (Guidance) rating It just asks to confirm age over and over.Other content without a G rating just does not work.6pm Wed 27th April

  • Ross

    Demand 5 not working on BT YouView box.

  • Christine Moeller

    Doesn’t work at all on my mac. I’ve checked on their website, and my computer fits every single one of their requirements. The problem is with the site, not my mac. Really annoying.

  • Red Skeleton

    It’s down. It’s down right now. I am insane with anger. Argh.

  • Raymond Clements

    What a poor service! I have a great connection speed with Virgin Media of 50Mbps which is more than ample. I have a ROKU 2 as well. Channel 5 need to get their act together. I am vert tired of buffering and time-out issues and programmes which are listed but when you click on them the channel kicks you off to the main Roku front screen.Raymond Clements

  • Raymond Clements

    I have had the same problem over and over again. What a poor service! I have a great connection speed with Virgin Media of 50Mbps which is more than ample. I have a ROKU 2 as well. Channel 5 need to get their act together. Raymond Clements

  • Jai King

    I own a Roku 2 and the Demand 5 app is constantly buffering.At first i thought it might be my internet connection but all my other apps are working fine.This problem started a couple of weeks ago.

  • zordana9

    Has never worked on PC for me…what is going on with this channel?
    It has always been the worst for TV…other channels don’t have this problem so why do they and why do they never answer you or fix it?

  • Owen

    Stopped working on LG smart TV months ago. Still not fixed.

  • Chris More

    Not working on PS3 & Amazon.
    Keep getting buffering wheel of death on most shows

  • Tony Maynard

    Will not work on LG smart TV, will sometimes play adverts then just go to the buffering icon in corner of screen, been down for about 4 days now.

  • Kathleen Innes

    Won’t work on our smart TV. Constant problems with it, the app is terrible. Even if it does eventually play, it still buffers. Thought it was a problem with our internet but realised the only app on our LG TV that we constantly have problems with is Demand 5. I really want to watch Neighbours!!

  • Can’t get any of the programmes to play on my iPad app

  • Chris C

    My wife uses it on an Amazon Firestick and it is utterly useless. To prove it was the app I downloaded it to my phone only to be asked to sign in/register via some vile social media junk like TwitBook (or other such tripe, the last bastion of the friendless masses)! Why? Channel 5 should be paying me to watch their purile garbage a’la Home & Away and the like…alas that’s the rubbish that my wife likes but now she can’t because the My5 app is cheese! Channel 5, take a leaf out of the BBC iPlayer app. Works a treat!

  • Swampy

    My demand 5 on PS3 also not working, but only on those programmes where there are adverts. You are lucky if one plays, then it freezes. Rebooting or reinstalling doesn’t work either. Any suggestions, or how to get Channel 5 techies to do their updates.

  • squeak

    my channel 5 demand has not worked for 3 days on my ps3 has anyone els had the same problem

  • Micky Evans

    MY5 is crap, one minute its working and its not, its pony…

  • Mac

    It sucks on every platform i try and use it, the service is pure JUNK

  • Connive mills

    Not working on Now TV box. It keeps resetting the box when I attempt to watch a programme

  • Michael

    demand 5 app is rubbish

  • Parkmeister

    I can get on the site with my Roku stick tonight. However, getting nowhere trying to stream the X-Files. Worked perfectly last night and no such problems with the other apps.

  • ralph winslade

    Can’t watch anything through the app on my XB1. Was working Friday/Saturday but has been ” currently unavailable” [535c] since Sunday. Have they withdrawn support for XB1?

  • Faith Simpson

    Can’t get X-files on catch up tonight.

  • osifjd

    Worked yesterday. Today, everything is “The programme you are trying to watch isn’t currently available. Please try again later.


    on every device.

  • DMS

    Demand 5 will not open on my Samsung TV. Comes up with an error message.

  • stewartatkins

    Can’t access x files on C5 or demand 5

  • Lady filosopher

    not user-friendly in the slightest.

  • Lady filosopher

    Sunday Feb 14 and new Heroes episodes, end up running only 7 min. long. I cannot access the full 45 mins episodes. In comparison, I can access the full Suspects episode of 45mins. What is wrong? I cannot get any info on the FAQs, nor does there seem to be an email to contact channel 5

  • tokairic

    Watched programmes on 5od last night but now the website has changed we can’t open any of the episodes. We can see the website and see the episode list but can watch nothing – typical 5od chaos and poor service.

  • Connive mills

    My 5 on demand on my Now TV player is not working. Since 3:30am, it says content unavailable please try later.

  • Rossanna

    Last 2 days all i get is content cannot be played please try again

  • alan

    I have a roku box that has all catch up tv which i am currently experiancing these problems it wont load to what i want to watch it keep buffering and wont play its been having these issuses for servel hours now

  • Jenny

    Is it down atm

  • Eddie Karsten

    I just purchased an LG Smart TV and just getting to grips with the various apps etc. I’m having the exact same problem as “Angie” The program plays behind the notice even though its saying program not available ,then when I click the ok to turn off the notice and you`re back to the menu page. Any one else having this? Is there an update available for the App.
    Will try and access it over the internet browser for now.

  • Angie

    not working on LG smart TV – still. It attempts to play the video but after the dotted circle spins 8 or 9 times, the screen goes grey then black then starts this again, for around 5 times. Then a message appears to say the programme isn’t available right now in a large box in the middle of the screen, yet it starts playing the video. You can’t get rid of the screen message without returning to the previous screen. It’s frustrating.

  • Boydiee Bee

    is anybody else having problems with Demand5 or is it just me?

  • No ta

    Demand 5 is a Joke in M9 Blackley Manchester for months now it will not work on Roku or NowTV. Have emailed Demand 5 several times with all details and it still will not work but will work from Windows 10 or on a Android 4.4 cubetalk 7 c8 on the same internet that refuses to work on Roku or NowTv . All I get on Roku or NowTV is cannot contact server! Demand 5 service and support are a farce, all other demand TV services work..

  • Anthony Simmons

    Cannot get demand 5 to work, if I’m lucky then I get adverts then the circle of doom. Currently I can’t even get the adverts. Strange that iplayer and all4 work fine. And that’s on both ps3 and LG smart TV.

  • Tisha

    Not really fun sitting here to try and get Demand 5 working, streaming is a complete and utter nightmare.

  • Karen

    There is no Demand in Demand 5, how can this be so when i demand something from a service like PLAY a TV show and it will NOT.

  • Jake

    Demand 5 website is all working fine, navigation is perfect. But what is not perfect is the fact when i try to play something it doesn’t do anything other than show a blank screen.

  • tan

    What’s up with 5 today

  • Tony

    Is there any chance we will now if the Samsung TV smartphone app will be fixed.

  • Sarah

    The demand 5 app is terrible, not able to even start the app it keeps freezing. Has the app discontinued or something? Confused.

  • John-Paul

    No matter what I try to watch it is very slow for me, i have very fast internet so that is not the problem. Any other ideas?