Demand 5 not working

Channel 5 has its own section called Demand 5, which is where users can watch videos offered by the channel in the UK. It is basically a catch-up service so you never need miss anything, but when the Demand 5 is down for whatever reason these can cause a massive impact on viewing.

Demand 5 offers many TV Shows such as Big Brother, The Walking Dead, Neighbours, NCIS, Breaking Bad and so many more. But when Demand 5 is not working this could be down to Channel 5 servers, login problems and even apps not loading properly.

If Demand 5 doesn’t work for you then this community page is just for you, where you can vent your anger with your complaint. Please do remember this community is for all age groups so no swearing.

Demand 5 status reports for Tuesday 14th of August 2018

To find out if Demand 5 is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with Demand 5? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Alex

    I just tried that and it hasn’t worked.. It’s exactly the same.

  • Emma Neill

    If you can play the ads OK, you need to just clear the cache on the app and reboot your device. Should work just fine and play the programmes after you do that.

  • R12LA 600

    Still a problem with this app
    All the adverts play perfectly but when it gets to a program it crashes.
    Total waste of time
    Get your system working before everyone boycotts your channel

  • Alabamatick

    Was working fine at weekend on ps3 , but last 2-3 days is just black screen with white line across screen (2 thirds way up)

  • Tony Smart

    Why cannot I watch anything

  • Gary Angus

    Not working again get a grip

  • Adrian

    Would like to have watched Drain the Titanic but won’t bother now as My5 is not fit for purpose and should be pulled from Apps and Players menu on all TV box platforms until a proper fix.All comments on this thread have a common theme,buffering issues and error codes,a thousand TV boxes can’t be wrong so the common fault must be My5 servers/software.QED.Do get your act together its looking shoddy and unprofessional