Craigslist website

Craigslist was founded back in 1995 and since then the basic looking website has been going strong, with great rank and millions of page views per month. But the site does not come without its problems, rare but they do happen, worse case is a complete Craigslist outage. Do you have any problems with Craiglist?

The site offers visitors an abundant of useful categories such as events, communities, for sale, services such as computer, financial and so much more. They have stuck with the basic look because they are not all about the thrills. But even though it is a not thrills site problems can and will happen now and then. As said above worst case is the site going down completely, but other issues can occur such as loading pages, posting content as well as trying to login.

Focusing on online classified advertisements along with items for sale and community messages, the site gets a lot of traffic flowing through it and problems do arise. If you have any Craigslist login problems, complete outage issues or anything else to do with the site please do keep all informed below.

Craigslist status reports for Thursday 6th of May 2021

To find out if Craigslist is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with Craigslist? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Benn

    Craigslist for me is super slow, especially when trying to load a post or even when making a new one.

  • Nancy

    I guess people that post a lot are being penalised, I thought that I would share something from ebay a couple of times and i mean twice and boom – blocked.

  • Mark

    I am having issues going onto any CL site, whats going on?

  • Jason

    Craigslist email is a complete mess up i can tell you.

  • Paul

    Why the hell would they block my IP, I have done nothing wrong. I just keep getting amessage saying This IP has been automatically blocked. Total madness and one customer gone.

  • Chrissie

    I use Craigslist in Sheffield and the app I am using keeps quitting on me, in that I mean no products or pictures are showing for me.

  • Jane

    Well this is kinda messed up, I search on Craigslist for anything and it returns back 0 results. Is anyone else having the same problem?

  • Reece

    I have already bought the premium version of Craigslist, but i had to delete app and then re-installed it. But now the premium version has disappeared saying i have only got the normal one. How do i get it back?

  • Cooper

    Craigslist Hawaii seems to be having issues, i have tried to upload many ads and cannot.

  • Dillion

    Craigslist premium app i had was playing up so i deleted it and installed it again. But now all the premium bits have gone.

  • Jude

    Is Craigslist server playing up for you? The site on my phone seems to be slowing down when scrolling.

  • Nancy

    Is anyone having issues with the craigslist viewer?

  • Numan Ayoub

    Our Ads Not Getting Live Now A Days…… please solve that issue asap

  • Reggie

    Keep getting bad request when searching Craigslist. Anyone else having same issue?

  • Bunny

    Listings are not showing up for me not matter what I try to do.

  • Jade

    Not able to open on my iPad.

  • Malcom

    No local pages opening on Craigslist.

  • Lucy

    Is Craigslist down for anyone else in Florida as I cant open it?

  • Tom

    Craigslist is down in Las Vegas.

  • Toby

    Craigslist is all working fine in Bristol UK.

  • Carr

    Craigslist is working sweet for me in London, nothing wrong at all.

  • Ken

    Is anyone having issues with thumbnail or gallery photos?

  • Janey

    Is it my end or is anybody else having issues trying to send an email.

  • Danny

    Everytime I search for a topic i am getting booted off, i try to go back in and bang off again. for a site as basic as craigslist there should never be any trouble.

  • Alan

    I am having issues with Craigslist at the moment, trying to login in seems to be a complete pain backside today.