Clash Royale Down, Server Status

When there is a Clash Royale maintenance break we all know Supercell shuts its servers down for this game to update or fix issues. But when this happens it leaves thousands of players in the dark not able to play, if this is the case you need somewhere to have your say right?

This is your platform to say what is on your mind (Obviously without swearing) as the younger generation maybe reading here too. Many problems can occur such as not able to download the app; maybe you’re having problems with the Clash Royale chest cycle. Not able to get your decks working, or get the app to open and when you can it just crashes on you.

What is your Clash Royale status right now? Others issues in the past include in-app purchases, duel player troubles etc. No matter how big or small your problem is please do share.

Clash Royale status reports for Wednesday 21st of April 2021

To find out if Clash Royale is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with Clash Royale? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Libby

    I think the maintenance break they are having right now should forget the challenges and just sort the issues with the rest of the game.

  • Mark

    The official Clash Royale Twitter page has tweeted this – Maintenance: We need to have a short maintenance break to get ready for the weekend’s Challenge. Be back soon!

  • Charlie

    Online for me, it was down for maintenance so i can live with that because they are making the game better.

  • Bob

    They say they are back online over on its Twitter 20 minutes ago but for me it is not.

  • Davey

    Servers are down for me. I thought the maintenance break was finished!!

  • Billy

    After the recent maintenance I am unable to open the game, stupid 2v2 update.

  • Amer

    Earlier around about an hour ago the Clash Royale Maintenance Break was underway, it was to fix a bug to do with content updating. But any idea when they will fix the cancel button.

  • Dannie

    The maintenance break for Clash Royale has made things worse, game crashing now.

  • Joshua

    Clash Royal server maintenance is now finished but yet the game keeps crashing on me now…

  • Chris

    Can I now have my account back please please, I have no idea why it was taken because i did nothing wrong.

  • Simon

    I am hoping that P.E.K.K.A Rider does not come to the game, arggghhhhh

  • Daniel

    SO! This new maintenance is to correct the Clan Chest to 3 days, but i say this is not enough. We could do with it over the weekend on Saturday and Sunday, who really plays Monday and Wednesdays.

  • Peter

    It will be mate because they have a maintenance break on right now.

  • Joahua

    Clash Royale is down for me, not working at all 16th January.

  • Paul

    When will the next big update be, need some more goodies in the bag to keep the game interesting?

  • Garry

    Clash Royale maintenance break is happening as I type this, today is October 7, 2016 baby and bugs are bing fixed.

  • Max

    The Clash Royale update for August is on right now. Servers will be down for a little while, not sure how long though.

  • DeBo

    is there a clash royale break right now? I can’t access coc or CR

  • Leroy

    There was a clash royale break a few days ago for the same fix, i agree with you john.

  • John

    LOL, another maintenance today and still trying to sort the same problem. About time they tried to balanace their goals.

  • Mike

    There is a maintenance break happening now Amanda in the hope to fix next week’s end of season trophy reset.

  • Amanda

    Is there a clash royale maintenance break right now?

  • Tracy

    How long is todays clash royale maintenance for?

  • Glenn

    There is a short maintenance for a small fix to the end of season trophy reset.

  • Carlos

    Think it is about time spawner decks were sorted out, they are so annoying in other arenas.

  • Tina

    How long is todays maintenance going to take? Just want to know so i am prepared.

  • Janey

    Clash Royale maintenance break today will be making changes to Freeze, Royal Giant and much more.

  • Carlos

    Would be amazing if i got my new legendary with this update.

  • Janice

    The update is like 40 minutes long, there is a lot of new stuff peoples.

  • Alex

    Click on the Twitter link top right under ‘Having Clash Royale Issues? Get Help:’ because they are reporting there is new content, such as new cards, rewards and live spectating.

  • Simon

    I guess you mean WHAT lol, but yeah i am wondering the same thing.

  • Jade

    hat is wrong with the pig push mechanic, seems to be breaking the game at the mo.

  • Kole

    When are we getting the balance update?

  • Jeff

    I am having serious issues, yesterday i opened up the legendary archer, when i went to my cards to add it to my decks it was not there. Any ideas folks?

  • Claire

    Is anyone having issues with Arena 8?

  • Malcom

    There was a maintenance break a couple of hours ago to fix an issue with 3000 trophies.