Clash of Clans problems

Clash of Clans being down is something you rather not happen because it takes you away from the awesome gameplay. From time-to-time the game will have problems, but when they do occur you can share with the community here what is happening. This is where you will find the Clash of Clans server status and many other problems that arise with the game.

Majority of the time when the multiplayer game for mobile devices is down, it is mainly to do with a maintenance update or a break in the system somewhere, which is when you get a server error message of some sort.

Millions around the world for mobile platforms play the MMO strategy game, but now and then Clash of Clans loading issues occur, the app will not open at all. There has been cases where players have received a notification their villages are under attack, but then the application will not open so they can play.

Are you having any problems with Clash of Clans?

Clash of Clans status reports for Wednesday 21st of April 2021

To find out if Clash of Clans is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with Clash of Clans? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Deepak

    There is a maintenance break at the moment, which is for the upkeep of the database and servers.

  • Bruce

    CoC is just beyond a joke now, I mean I am no comedian but a game this popular should be better prepared by the server owners. My game just keeps lagging and then crashing.

  • Morgan

    The Clash of Clans maintenance break was done for server replacements and general system upkeep, but on my Android device I am seeing a white circle when I get a notification.

  • Mark

    Clash of Clans maintenance break happened just recently for what they say is server upkeep, but I cannot attack in multiplayer. Thought it would let me play in the game but looks like more issues.

  • Alice

    Maintenance is underway and i am hoping Legend League Matchmaking will be fixed..

  • Simon

    CoC is down for maintenance i think, i know it was going to be today… I am offline anyway…

  • Kieron

    Clash of Clans login has failed for me, not letting me in at all.

  • Danii

    Clash of Clans us down for me and not loading up at all. How long in this maintenance break going to take today?

  • Mace

    CoC not working for me, why is it always down lately. I know they have maintenance breaks like every 20 seconds it seems but what now?

  • Aaron

    Love the fact i get banned from my Clash of Clans game and then when they let me back again the game crashes. There must have been a glitch because i got a million loots.

  • Byron

    Trying to login to CoC and nothing happening.

  • Zachary

    I have tried a fair few Clash of Clans cheats and none seem to work for me. Does anyone have any good ones?

  • Greggy

    I thought they fixed the special packages and thats what the maintenance break was for. Maybe it takes time to sort because i am still having issues.

  • Larry

    Servers are down for a scheduled CoC maintenance break. Should not take long this one.

  • Nick Dixon

    Anyone else can’t login to clash I can’t get past loading screen

  • Sadreen

    Some are saying that this CoC maintenance for server upkeep is going to take 2 hours, is this true anyone?

  • Clive

    Afrain not Prasant, its just a server upkeep. That is what it says on the official Twitter page anyway.

  • Prasant

    Is this maintenance that’s happening right now for the clan challenges update?

  • Nigel

    The CoC maintenance break has begun peeps. Wonder what we will get that is new and worth while?

  • Keven

    Please start the maintenance break in a few hours time rather than now. Blooming heck not happy.

  • Jessica

    What is today’s clash of clans maintenance break for exactly?

  • Marx

    CoC maintenance break has begun, how long will it be down for?

  • Kane

    Are they going to wipe replays, if they are do they really need a 45 minute maintenance break?

  • Mark.b

    I cant connect in clash of clans my pldt wifi is very fast wtf is happening?

  • Mark

    Guess I will have to go onto Facebook and Snapchat for a while whilst the CoC maintenance commences.

  • Jessie

    Clash of Clans maintenance break 7th July 2016 is inbound, love the way the official Twitter page says “INBOUD” lol.

  • Kate

    How long is this maintenance break going to take?

  • Clive

    A good Clash of Clans update would be to lower the price of new upgrades.

  • Peter

    I done an amazing attack on max 10 and of course with bowlers and queen walk. I am a nightmare lol.

  • Bobby

    They have just started the maintenance break, this is a small quick one.

  • Connie

    How long is CoC games going to be down for? Maintenance breaks all the time at least tell us how long we have to wait please.

  • Jeddie

    The clash of clans maintenance break is now on, today is June 15, 2016 and I am sitting here waiting for the game to come back online.

  • Mitch

    Damn man, they only had a maintenance break yesterday and now another one.

  • Alex

    Another maintenance break, these are becoming a regular thing aren’t they.

  • Lara

    Clash of Clans Maintenance Break is underway May 24.

  • James

    They need to lower the hogs valks an ect take to long

  • Simone

    The CoC maintenance break will be starting soon, and apparently
    according to Twitter the event will run until the Friendly Challenge
    update goes live.

  • John

    The clash of clans maintenance break is about to begin, so you are right Mr Kriss.

  • Kriss

    Clash of Clans is down right now, bet its another maintenance break arggghhhhhh.

  • Kyle

    • 2x faster brewing for all Spells
    • 2x faster training for Dragon, Witch and Wall Breaker
    • 3x faster training for Golem, Lava Hound and P.E.K.K.A
    • Hugely reduced Hero regeneration times
    • Faster training also for Balloon, Wizard, Healer, Valkyrie and Bowler

  • Jessica

    The new Clash of Clans Balancing update is coming, they are getting the servers ready for it peeps.

  • Kerry

    Get ready today because there is a new update coming. Then again the maintenance break could be happening now as having issues playing.

  • Olly

    Clash of clans in UK is down guys

  • Vicky

    At blooming last, heroes were not triggering traps, but thats to the mainteance going on now this will be fixed.

  • Max

    Clash of Clans Maintenance is already underway people, there are going to be new tweaks and fixes apparently.

  • Karla

    There is a new coc maintenance break about to happen.

  • Jimmy

    Some of the upcoming changes in the new update (Maintenance break happening now) will include updates to TOWN HALL 11 , 10+, 9+, 8+ and 5+. There will be new content and so much more – This is a HUGE update people.

  • Karla

    Twitter report: Chief! It’s time for the UPDATE, maintenance will start soon. MMMMMMM wonder what is coming?

  • Naz

    Game closes automatically since last update on my Samsung tab 3.

  • David

    Cant get past the loading screen today on feb 8th. I am in a war too and it ends soon, so this sucks. Tried restarting my android but no luck.

  • Bobby

    I’m in champion league , I had 3 hs of shield remaing and I did my final attack which would take 5 hrs out of my shield – after the attack I just got 8 mins of village guard, I’m suppose to get 1 hr of village guard!! Is this a bug ?? anybody else gettnig less duration village guard ??

  • David

    CoC maintenance break has something to do with issues, such as the champion 2 is showing the worng league bonus, Village Guard times show lower values on all League levels and something to do with Star Bonus notification.

  • Karen

    Supercell is fixing a few bugs with Clash of Clans right now, this is why there is another maintenance break.

  • Peterluci2010

    Can’t do new update, says my device isn’t compatible now. Does anyone know a way round this, other than getting a new device.

  • Victor

    There has been a new update is the App Store, it says updated 26 january 2016; What’s New in Version 8.116.2 New Treasures and The Treasury • Earn Star Bonus loot every day by winning multiplayer battles • Collect Loot Carts to recover resources lost on defense. This is before the maintenance break isnt it?

  • Miles

    So the CoC maintenance break is about to begin, is this just general or will there be a big update to go with it?

  • Johnny

    Clash of clans maintenance break is about to commence, get ready peeps for a few hours downtime.

  • Lance

    DO NOT worry my friend, you have nothing to panic about. Clash of Clash is NOT shutting down I can assure you. It was all a hoax and it seems to have worked, now breathe my friend.

  • Craig

    Is coc shutting down? I keep hearing rumours about this and its really worrying me, I have heard some say it is not and its a hoax but i do not know what to believe.

  • cjh9

    Not able to connect to camp today. Was able to about 2 hours ago. Can’t be personal break because it’s been unconnected for about 1 1/2 hours. Still getting notifications of attacks.

  • Bluez

    Coc freezes at 100% loading bar!

  • harry

    update is looping between app and play store on Android

  • kirsty

    will not update. the update takes me straight to android play store. iv uninstalled n reinstalled twice and its still doing it

  • test

    COC will not update. It goes from update now to the app store. Then it
    says Open or uninstall. then you click open and then it is back to
    update now…..

  • Bruce

    Some of the updates include Town Hall 11 is bursting onto the scene, Turn It Up to TH11! , Grand Warden: Your Army’s Newest Hero and so much more, the changelog is huge.

  • Nadia

    Tiday is the day of the biggest ever Clash of Clans updates, this is why it is down for maintenance. I am so looking forward to the new upcoming update.

  • Nicole

    Is anyone else able to start war ? Ours is messing up big time

  • Tanner

    How long is today’s clash of clans maintenance going to last for?

  • Clive

    CoC maintenance will be beginning soon, looks like the end is near for the spell factory boost special.

  • Sophia

    CoC is down, but how long for? I know its an unexpected maintenance break but would be good to know why.

  • James

    Yet another maintenance break for clash of clans on September 23, what now?

  • Rebecca

    Apparently the Clash of Clans is down for another 45 minutes for a scheduled maintenance break, is this true. I know its down but another 45 minutes come on.

  • Simon

    I have just updated Clash of Clans and now it is showing a maintenance break.

  • Mark

    Clash of clans is down for maintenance i think, as i cannot access it.

  • Piggy


  • Gurdeep Singh

    When I go on to the game it’s very blurry and it takes me at least 2 mins to get onto it even though I have full bars WiFi

  • Guan Han

    I’m using IOS 5.1.1 on my ipad 1 and i can only see my town like 3 seconds and then it keeps crashing

  • Rosey

    What is this purple loading bar all about, this is all I am seeing and then the app crashes on me. It gets to the boot up then i get kicked.

  • Andy

    What happened .. Yesterday clash of clans is okay, but 11pm my game crashing.. What happened ..???

  • joe

    Clash of clans keeps on saying upgrading servers on the tab when u open the application what do I do

  • Chrissy

    How long is the CoC maintenance break on for? They say on twitter its a short one but how long or short is short lol.

  • Mark

    Clash of Clans Maintenance break is underway, people may have issues getting the game to work. be patient my friends.

  • Daniel

    I wished they ended it last week, but oh no they had to end the boosting event this week.

  • Mike

    The clash of clans maintenance today August 7 only lasted like 45 minutes, it was a quick one.

  • Marissa

    Clash of clans is not working, is there a maintenance update or something?

  • Clive

    Cannot open CoC, its got stuck. Whats wrong?

  • Gillian

    My clash of clans has got stuck, its started to load then froze.

  • Tonie

    Mental how we get to play less and watch the app crash more upon opening on the iPhone.

  • Maxine

    The dark spell update took long enough, please tell me this will not take as long.

  • Gavin

    Why is there another maintenance today, is there a good reason for this and if so WHAT?

  • Chester

    CoC is down for maintenance right now, hopefully it will not take long.

  • Willie

    How ling is CoC going to be down for with this maintenance?

  • Bilbo

    Bring Town Hall 11 come on now.

  • Nancy

    There is a maintenance coming soon, but surely its happening now because i cannot open my app.

  • Peter

    Clash of Clans are doing some server improvements under its scheduled maintenance.

  • Kerri

    When will there be a new CoC update or maintenance?

  • nolene

    Down for me, app will not open so i am guessing its down as it worked fine yesterday.

  • Sadie

    Main servers are always down, they are at least more down than they are up. App always crashes, seems like an alternative game needs to be found, any ideas anyone?

  • Harper

    Clash of Clans at last is working brilliantly and cannot fault it this week so far.

  • Kyle

    Not loading up for me.

  • Maurice

    Clash of Clans is not loading for me. Is CoC down or is it just a glitch?

  • Dusk117

    I think it is down for an update… Anyone know for sure?

  • Fluffs

    Can’t get on COC! My wifi is working! Can’t get on any of my 3 devices

  • Suzie

    My CoC app seems to be broken, never opens. I have tried to uninstall then reinstall and still cannot open my iPhone app. So peed off its unreal.

  • Andrew

    Game crashed on me once in a whole week, so in my eyes that is not bad at all. Give this game a 9/10 for playability.

  • Yannick

    Service unavailable yet again, tried opening the game and nothing just keeps crashing. Servers are not very good this week are they?

  • Jake

    Clash of Clans is having a very quick maintenance break, there are some new server improvements happening.

  • Sybil

    Clash of Clans is seriously having issues today.

  • Pritam

    CoC consistently has loading issues, this has been going on for a while now and still not being fixed. Maybe its just android hey.

  • Tony

    No problems today with CoC, makes a change for all to be running smoothly.

  • Jason

    Clash of Clans is not connecting to the server, each time I try to open my app it does nothing.

  • Janson

    Is there a glitch in the clash of clans system (The War Time) ?

  • Claire

    Clash of Clans is working like a dream for me, no problems at all, never had any since i installed on my iPhone.

  • Markus

    Clash of Clans is not connecting to the server. I am in India, is anyone else having the same troubles?

  • Gracey

    I have two clash of clans accounts and the first one i cannot login to, yet the second one i can.

  • Nate

    On the prep screen it keeps saying to me the army camps are full, but this is not true because they are empty when they attack. Issues with CoC for a while now. Seems like more and more people are joining and more and more problems are occurring.

  • Britam

    Loading issues once again, really need to sort this out now unless i just find an alternative.

  • Prince

    Clash of Clans loading problem is still hapenning for me on day three, if this is an iPhone app problems then i will get and Android tablet just to play this game. I am not giving up my iPhone not a chance.

  • Patty

    Clash of Clans is not loading, it keeps getting stuck on the loading screen. I check twitter and no mention of it.

  • Sasha

    Clash of Clans is up and running but i do get kicked now and then, just seems a little laggy. I am playing on my iPad mini.

  • Faye

    Clash of Clans is working on my iPhone 6 but not my iPad mini, little bit strange considering its the same platform.

  • Primmy

    I cannot login to Clash of Clans through my Facebook, how come? I was doing so well and wanted to check on my progress but can’t.

  • Padjar

    CoC is not loading in any part of India, the reason I say this because I am in Tamilnadu and my friends are in other parts and they cannot access clash of clans.

  • Parzei

    Clash of Clans is not connecting to the servers.

  • Jamie

    I open the game and all i ever get is please try again. This game has more problems than its worth, i love this game so much but you know what! DELETING app form tablet right now, bye bye Clash of Clans.

  • Brijesh

    I am not able to play CoC, just keeps coming up error loading which is a right pain in the backside. I have things going on i really cannot leave for too long or i lose what i have gained. I’m not losing for you please sort it out.

  • Vingesh

    Error loading up, everytime i try to play Clash of Clans all i get is try again later. Yesterday i kept getting kicked off each time i pressed on attack on clan war.

  • Keryy

    So what is coming then with this new clash of clans maintenance break?

  • Kyle

    Clash of Clans is down for the maintenance.

  • Melanie

    How long is the maintenance break going to last?

  • Mark

    Maintenance break is about to happen, over on Twitter they are saying this will be your last chance to train the hog Rrders and balloons in less time for at 50% cheaper.

  • Rod

    I keep getting server error coming up when i try to load the game. What is this server error then that is stopping me playing clash of clans.

  • Peter

    Keeps shutting down on me half way through a game. not happy at all.

  • Mark

    Each time I click on the app on my iPhone it just crashes on me.

  • Drew

    Still waiting for the updates, so excited.

  • Stace

    Clash of Clans is down, and i am so waiting to see whats coming next. Hopefully some fixes for the Archer Queen issues.

  • phillip

    Should be back any minute now…

  • Madge

    Supercell are doing a maintenance break and saying some sort of surprise is coming, wonder what it is going to be? I so hate teases.

  • ben

    CoC servers are not working, looks like a server update. How long to it’s back?

  • John

    Servers down right now, May 11. It’s a maintenance break and they are teasing something new for when everything comes back

  • Yuri

    Not letting me sign in, this new update on my iPhone was pointless right.

  • Kez

    I try to open a CoC game and keep getting sent back to the home screen.

  • Ryland

    When are the servers coming back online so i can resume clash of clans?

  • Joanne

    If this is a maintenance break it is taking far too long for my liking, hurry Supercell would you. PLEASE. See I said it nicely.

  • pragnesh

    Is there a problem with Supercell servers or is it just another clash of clans maintenance break?

  • lisa

    Clash of Clans is back online again.

  • Geena

    I got an internal server error about ten minutes ago, but all seems to be up and running once again.

  • Ariel

    Is there another Clash of Clans maintenance breaks going on?

  • Simon

    Sometimes really hard to switch accounts.

  • Chase

    Please help me because i am unable to play clash of clans on my iPad.

  • Bau

    Clash of Clans did not install when i tried to open it, all i am getting now is an error message when i try to reinstall the app.

  • Darnel

    my coc is not responding, i love this game and cannot even play it.

  • Craig

    Clash of Clans, it looks like i will lose a war if i cannot connect and i have never lost one yet. loading issues is not good right now.

  • Liam

    I cannot seem to switch accounts at the moment of mu iphone.

  • Cain

    All is working great at the moment, the latest up they had was wicked because we had many more features. The only problem i can see was when people were trying to update, which meant the servers were getting bogged.

  • Vincent

    clash of clans is not loading the way it should, seems to load and then crashes. Is there a new clash of clans update or something?

  • Jaydan

    Right in the middle of a war and then the game crashes on my tablet device. Getting so angry lately.

  • Sheila

    The loading bar will fill up, but the game will not load even after the Twitter announcement all is back.

  • Billy

    Clash of Clans Twitter page said they were looking into loading issues! Then they tweeted just 1 minute ago say they were back. Are you?

  • Gary

    Clash of Clans is down and I believe it has to be something to do with maintenance.