Clash of Clans surprise after May 11 maintenance break

Supercell has a massive Clash of Clans surprise after its scheduled maintenance break, which is about to happen very soon. Everyone is on the edge of their social media seat waiting for the update as they are very much looking forward to the secret surprise.

The official tweet over on @ClashofClans simply says, “Maintenance break coming soon! Stay tuned for a surprise :D.” The tweet went live just over 25 minutes ago and information is bland, no one knows when the CoC maintenance break will begin or even end, but more intriguing is what will be coming and will it be exciting enough.

Comments are coming in fast with some saying they hope the update includes a fix for Archer Queen, others are hoping for a fix for the pvp matching system, one gamer said they have had trouble finding any loot from 1000-2000 trophies.

We will let you know what the new surprise is as soon as we know more, in the meantime please do comment over on our Clash of Clans brand page in what you think may be coming.