Cannot download files from Rockstar in GTA 5

We have been getting reports from Is Down Right Now readers on our GTA 5 status page, which detail some problems getting connected to GTA Online. One of our readers stated they receive this error, “Cannot download files from Rockstar”.

This is similar to another error message we have seen within the open world game that reads, “The Rockstar game services has failed to sync files to play GTA Online”. You are then disconnected from GTA Online and asked to return to the single player game, as seen in the screenshot above.

Most of the problems seem to have occurred on Sunday, Feb 15. If you are still having issues not being able to download files from Rockstar, or see GTA 5 online down today then leave details on our dedicated page using the link above. Rockstar hasn’t left any details about these errors on their server status page, so this could well be fixed by now.