Call of Duty server problems

The Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is the latest game from the video game franchise, which will see problems with gameplay and the game going down completely as well as other glitches within the game and more. Worst-case situation is when the servers completely go out not allowing anyone to play online.

There are many CoD releases such as Call of Duty: WWII, Infinite Warfare as well as Black Ops 3, Advanced Warfare, Ghosts and more, and all of the Call of Duty games have experienced problems over the years. Infinite Warfare has had its fair share of issues such as bugs, in-game glitches, PSN and Xbox Live servers going down not allowing any gameplay at all and more. And now with Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 in the mix we want to hear from you if you are having any issues.

Call of Duty server status updates are readily available, but these are not up-to-date on the dot, but we and the CoD community will keep everyone posted when anything is wrong. If you have any problems with error codes, glitches or anything else with any Call of Duty game please do list them below with your problem, location and gaming platform. Are you having issues with any Call of Duty game?

Call of Duty status reports for Wednesday 21st of April 2021

To find out if Call of Duty is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with Call of Duty? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Matt

    I go to play call of duty black ops 4 and there is a new update. 50 minutes are you frigging serious.

  • Simon

    So I go to play call of duty black ops 4 zombies and I am seeing the padlocks, which means no online gaming. What is collar yellow wolf error?

  • Mark

    Playing call of duty black ops 4 and just got error code collar 43 yellow wolf. What is this?

  • Steve

    I was playing zombies on Black Ops 4 and it takes forever to get into a public match and when I am in it just lags really bad and then migrated another host.

  • Eric

    Black ops 4 servers are down with error code collar 43 yellow wolf.

  • Mark

    I have been trying to play Black ops 4 zombies but for some reason no one is able to join in the room, which means I cannot ready up.

  • Wayne

    I brought call of duty ww2 on xbox one and the servers are still down I’m very unhappy because I was looking forward to playing on line.

  • Carl

    Call of Duty WWII releases November 3 and I am over the moon because I have mine pre-ordered – hopefully be able to play multiplayer online with no server issues.

  • Andy

    Are the call of duty infinite and black ops 3 servers down for anyone else because i am not able to get online?

  • Larry

    Call of Duty servers must be down because i am not online and it will not let me. I get a day of work to play zombies and cannot.

  • Kriss

    Steam is having issues I think because COD MW Remastered is not working yet again for thr third time this week and we haven’t even started Tuesday really have we…

  • Brian

    Are they going to release a full VR version of any Call of Duty game?

  • Mark

    I have Xbox One and Black Ops 3 is not working for me.

  • Stacey

    This is so funny but also frustrating, I creep up to someone and use melee and it will not stop until i change weapons.

  • Nige

    I am looking forward for tomorrow when a worldwide reveal of COD WWII will be shown. Hope the web doesn’t go mental lol.

  • Lori

    Infinite Warfare remaster is down for me, I will just play Battlefield 1.

  • Jordan

    Is anybody having problems with the Call of Duty Infinite Warfare Legacy Edition game on the PS4? Mine keeps crashing when playing online.

  • Maxxi

    What is everyone’s call of duty black ops 2 status today? Mine is offline.

  • Colin

    CoD Black Ops 3 servers are down for me in London.

  • Jake

    Typical, thanks to the Infinite Warfare download we are not able to play the game we love. Guess no zombies today for me then again.

  • Greg

    So they decide to do BO3 maintenance an hour before the new DLC release.

  • Maurice

    I believe DLC 4 is being uploaded as we speak, this is why Black Ops 3 in under maintenance, say hello to the new Salvation.

  • Mike

    CoD BO3 is still down for me in Lomita, CA.

  • Vick

    Call of Duty servers are down for me in Texas.

  • Carey

    Yeah man, I was playing Battlefield when my character went invisible, has this happened to anyone else?

  • Dylan

    I am getting this invisible glitch and Microsoft needs to sort this out asap.

  • Nigel

    Servers are down again, i have black ops and the PS4.

  • Benny

    I see the atlas gorge may is free today.

  • Neon

    call of duty problem today for me is the servers dropping all of the time.

  • Maurice

    I have the same, I tried restarting modem but didnt work, please someone HELP!!

  • Mike

    Bloody disgusted with activision, spending more time in the lobby trying to get into a game rather than actually playing

  • chris healey

    Crmt access any game modes after downloading reckoning map dlc come on cod sort it owt plz

  • Joanne Walters

    Both ghosts & black ops 3 are down in UK. Error code is A.B.C.D.E.F.-.H.I.J.K.-.-.N-.-.-.-.-.-.U.V.W.X.Y.Z. Seems a strange code anyone else have this??

  • przem “MrDondeman” budz

    it connects to the game but then it just says it cannot connect to the playstation network but then when i connect again it says that there is a problem with the servers and then it doesnt work again.


  • Ali

    Call of Duty Black Ops 3 is not working on my Xbox One. Its all down in Mexico.

  • Brian

    I am down in Ireland.

  • Libs

    Did anyone get the Black Ops 3 error code A.B.C?

  • Benny

    I have just loaded my new Black Ops 3 game into my PS4 and guess what! Not able to play multiplayer, not letting me in. Servers are getting crushed baby.

  • Bobby halfdead

    Cannot load profile COD Ghosts error code 2080 but call of duty reporting no problems ???

  • Daniel

    Playing online is getting more painful, just keeps on freezing up on me. I have CoD AW on the PS4.

  • Bobby

    When is the new zombies supremacy map pack coming for CoD AW? Release date please, Xbox already has it.

  • Robert

    I am so annoyed, for like 1 week solid i have been playing CoD online and today i said to a friend its been really good. Now I cannot login on my PS4, typical open mouth at wrong time.

  • Brian

    Not able to login to CoD AW, I was happily playing online getting many kills and then i got kicked.

  • Phil

    After my xbox updated I cannot get a game on multiplayer hardly at all this week. So frustrating watching “we need seven more players and no games found” is ther a server problem please?

  • Jack

    When trying to log into call of duty it says error when trying to link their playstation?

  • Marice

    For me CoD servers have been amazingly good the last two weeks, hopefully i haven’t opened my mouth too soon.

  • Mark

    What does this error message mean, “material override pool size”? I have no idea what to make of this.

  • Matthew

    If you have Call of Duty on the PC you not be happy to hear that they have hit DEFCON 2, which means online services are faulty, basically connectivity issues.

  • Allen

    Not letting me login to the server, this came son after i was unable to find a match.

  • Kraven

    What is the new wonder weapon in the new DLC?

  • Juliet

    The new DLC look awesome

  • Jonny

    I so cannot wait for the Zombies Descent happy days people.

  • Mark

    Is anyone having issues with CoD Zombies? I am talking about the latest map.

  • Dakota

    I am up and running again after being offline for like 3 hours, wahey I’m doing the zombie dance.

  • Teddy

    Are CoD servers down right now? The reason I ask is down to not being able to login.

  • Ella

    My PS3 keeps stopping, in that i mean keeps freezing. Only happens on PS3 not PS4. Only happens in multiplayer mode.

  • Foster

    Zombies is the best by far and i love playing it, when i say i love playing it i can tell you its not often because i always seem to have issues logging into PSN.

  • Craig

    CoD is getting worse for staying online, is it just me or is anyone else having issues playing friends online?

  • Cath

    The new zombies map is awesome when i am playing, but got kicked out of a game four times last night.

  • Terry

    COD Advanced Warfare is not letting me get online, all i want to do is play zombies.

  • Lori

    I am having serious problems getting into a Zombies game, i need a burger zombie baby so please fix it.

  • Madge

    Was playing call of duty aw when i got disconnected, turns out Xbox Live went down earlier today. But all up and running again so not to much to complain about here.

  • Jermaine

    What is Server is in a different version: 1.8 all about on Call of Duty AW?

  • Mark

    I was downloading three new map packs and the times are like ridiculous, one said 7 hours, another said 5 and the last at 4. Surely that is not right.

  • Russell

    Is the latest patch conflicting with any of the others, because sine the latest i have not been able to get my games working online properly.

  • Alan

    CoD AW keeps playing up online, try to play with my friends on Zombies and just keep losing connection.

  • Grant

    Has anyone got kicked offline yet from the ascendance map pack? For the first time i was booted from a game.

  • Mindy

    Troubles with zombies third map pack, i have tried getting LAN Party to work but having difficulties doing so. Please help – much love in advance.

  • Alexis

    Is anyone having problems with any Call of Duty AW DLC when trying to install?

  • Jake

    The new Zombies map on Call of Duty AW is awesome on the Xbox One, has anyone had any issues when they tried to download. As i did at first then after 4 hours it was with me and playable.

  • Mark

    Are you ready for the new Call of Duty AW new zombies map called Supremecy? The DLC comes today unless its already live.

  • Jade

    Servers are always down, what is the point of buying all these extra packages, maps etc when you can never benefit from them. I love zombies with friends, but never hardly able to play online.

  • Toady

    Call of Duty and Destiny both play on my Xbox One, but not on My PS4, so i am guessing PSN server issues.

  • Chris

    Advanced Warfare connection still an issue my end in London (South) – Is anyone else having any kind of problem when trying to connect to PSN?

  • Terri

    I have the PS3 and playing Call of Duty online seems to be the issue here, i also have the xbox 360 and the game works fine on that. I keep getting service is unavailable.

  • Nessa

    Same old rubbish really, keep getting kicked for CoD AW. Try to play online and get in for a brief amount of time and i am all excited i actually got into a game and then get BOOTED. not happy.

  • Chubbue

    Is anyone having CoD AW freezing issues? I am in the middle of an online game of zombies and the game just stops half way through which is a pain considering the team is doing so well killing them all. Got to level 42 and it stops, this was our best yet.

  • Mark

    I turned on my PS4 last night after not using it for like a month as been very busy and it asked my to update if i wanted to play online, 3 hours for one update seems a little excessive wouldn’t you agree.

  • Jaswan

    “Error: Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare service is not available at this time. Please try again later.” – This is all I was getting yesterday, but guess what! I am still unable to sign in, frustrating piece of rubbish.

  • Rich

    Does PlayStaition really have bad firewalls and weak security? Can anyone tell me if Xbox Live is a lit better with its securities etc?

  • Lamont

    Still not letting sign in to PlayStation Network, really not happ at all seeing as I am paying my hard earned cash for nothing in return.

  • Marcus

    8224 error code, what does this mean?

  • Brian

    Call of Duty is offline in Las Vegas. Nightmare.

  • Wesley

    In United Kindom a place called Derby, and getting error code 822, i think there was a number on the end but cant remember now,

  • Sam

    I am getting Error code 8224 in Finland.

  • Nath

    CoD AW is down for me in Wales, this is silly now. What with PSN being down last night and now CoD.

  • Lewis

    I went to play Call of Duty AW and when trying to connect online i got error 8224

  • Babbine

    Because the PlayStation Network had an outage last night I was not able to play Call of Duty AW. Even though PSN is supposedly back online i cannot seem to login.

  • Izzie

    Not able to play multi player, i can log in and play on my own though just not multi player mode.

  • Raymond

    I keep getting “We couldn’t get your latest saved data.” Basically not letting me login to CoD AW.

  • Jamie

    Is the new Zombies DLC worth getting?

  • Don

    When is the next Call of Duty / Infinity Ward maintenance update so I am prepared this time?

  • Killy

    advanced warfare down april 12 In Kent.

  • Basislo

    Getting the error message: “The call of duty advanced warfare service is not available at this time,” upset is the polite word I will use for now.

  • Lotty

    Servers are down is Portugal, not able to play CoD AW online. Zombies break it is then.

  • Kirk

    I thought the problem with playing online was AW only, but it seems Ghosts and B Ops are also unplayable in multiplayer or zombie mode.

  • Vinnie

    I cannot play COD multiplayer games at the moment, are the servers down?

  • Jenson

    1.11 error, this is flipping crazy. Just updated COD Advanced Warfare and i keep getting this error, apparently you have to download the map pack from the game after you’ve done the update and this fixes things.

  • Kamey

    Fix the 1.11 error, getting this since downloading the new Havoc DLC.

  • Java

    Me too, keep getting kicked out often. Not funny at all is it Kayleigh. Would love for them to sort this issue out or i will get a better console called ATARI – just used to put cartridge in an boom it plays, did you read that SONY – the game PLAYS.

  • Kayleigh

    I keep getting kicked out, why why are you doing this to us.

  • Bunty

    Someone said to me go any buy Destiny and play that rather than Call of Duty AW if you are having problems getting online, i had to laugh. if I cannot get online, sign-in, play any game, what makes you so positve i can PLAY Destiny you plank.

  • Lance

    No idea why i went out to buy the PS4, at the moment it is a dust collector because i CANNOT PLAY my blooming games online. My friend is up online playing COD AW so why cant i on my PS4.

  • Gale

    This is damn right pathetic, if I wasnt such a nice person I would be swearing like crazy dumping a load of horse manure at sonys doors and saying to then “How about you put up with the SH*T like we have to with your crappy servers.”

  • Mitch

    Is there actually any light at the end of the Call od Duty server tunnel, when will it all come back online Sony. Do you realise how much you earn a year from gamers (Even more so with Plus Payments) for them not to play.

  • Josh

    I knew I shouldn’t have bought the CoD AW game last week, I have had it for 8 days and only played online twice, what a waste of money.