BT email problems

British Telecom offers multiple services such as phone, TV and broadband, as well as email. But one of the most common occurrences are BT email problems, and when the email services goes down people will try to find out what the issue is.

Do you have BT email problems? If the answer is yes you can find out the status of the service right here, when there is an issue with customers emails they tend to surround a BT outage somewhere. When your BT email is not working it could be related to a total outage such as broadband services being down.

BT issues could be related to your area only, so if and when you have email problems please also include your location. Its very rare the service will go down all across the UK.

BT status reports for Sunday 20th of June 2021

To find out if BT is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with BT? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Anna

    I cannot access by e-mail at all. Keeps telling me password has changed and I need to login in again. I have not changed my password

  • Toby

    Down for me, having really big trouble when trying to login, same email and password but it’s not allowing me to do anything.

  • Beth

    Is anyone else having issues with their BT Mail? Mine doesn’t want to send or either receive any, I haven’t been able to for a few hours now and my partner is having the same problem.

  • John

    BT Broadband is down, which means I cannot access my emails via my laptop, and NO I do not want to do my emails from my phone it takes way to long. Yesterday couldn’t sign in and now this.

  • Mick

    I’m having issues receiving my emails yet my internet is strong. Can anyone let me know if they are having the same issues please?

  • Lucas

    BT Internet is playing up today, the outage seems to be more consistent lately.

  • Susan

    This is just crazy, all week so far been having issues with my emails, send them and recipients not getting them and important emails sent to me and I am not getting them, for clients to ringing me asking what the delay is with orders.

  • Cherice

    Emails downloaded from the inbox keep disappearing, a few deleted emails are coming back into my inbox and cannot download any emails let alone the login not working. Ive heard Yahoo Mail is down too, oops.

  • Benn

    BT email service has been very bad today, taking me ages to recover my emails from the BT server especially when I sync from my iPhone 8.

  • Samantha

    BT mail.

  • Stu Miller

    BT email has been down for many days – at least according to my Apple mail client. The BT online chat guy said they know that and are getting no updates from the BT engineers.

  • Lisa

    What is going on with talk21 mail? I have not had service all day.

  • Sally

    My TV and Broadband with BT is working just fine, but yet my emails are not, even MYBT access is not available, this is terrible service BT.

  • Clive

    Well this is frustrating I cannot access emails on my Mac but can on my phone.

  • Ian Thomas

    yet again BT mail issues with outlook 2016 retrieving mail – as always BT blocking signing in using Outlook. Lucky me had no issues for 2 weeks !!!!!

  • Mail Helpline+(44)808-143-3686

    =>Free Helpline.
    =>BT mail support
    =>Resolve Login form users in regard to email problems
    Thank You.

  • Linda

    Custome Support (44)8O81433686 (U.K) Toll Free Helpline
    Login problem
    Mail issues
    Get live support 24*7

  • dominic

    BT Mail Customer Service- (44)(8O8)143-3686 Free helpline.


  • Boyd

    My BT data on my mobile is super slow thanks to being just on EDGE at the moment, whats the point of this service and paying for something I am not even getting. Even my Internet at home is not great anymore and I pay a lot for that. Time to go virgin i thinks.

  • Noleen

    I am located in CT8 area and cannot open my emails on laptop or phone.

  • Craig

    BT Care, when did this actually start to happen. You sign up with them and before hand they are super helpful. But as soon as they have you in a contract boom see you later.

  • Neil Sleeman-Smith

    TW12 can’t log in to e-mail on phone or net but outlook works, seems like only webmail is nown

  • Chaz

    I have no BT Broadband, which means not able to check my BT emails.

  • Mark

    I was seriously thinking of leaving Virgin Media for BT but so many people are saying do not go with BT. So i read up a little from down sites and many are complaining about their router constantly rebooting, is this a worry?

  • Mettauk

    Didn’t use my BT email account for 90 days then found BT had permanently blocked my access to it! Even though the account is still receiving emails. Unreasonable, no warning, no contact, just shut down access to my email account !!

  • Erran

    I cannot access anything, I was trying to get onto my BT Mail and nothing, even searching the web i am getting nothing,

  • Aarron

    MY BT Mail is fine but internet isn’t when i browse. Does this mean proxy servers are playing up?

  • Serena Fairfax

    London SW1 .BT email down

  • BT Mail Customer Care.

    Customer Care (44)8081433686 (U.K) Toll Free Helpline

    Login problems

    Mail issues

    Get live support 24*7

  • Larry

    I have been trying to get a hold of BT customer services today January Friday 13th (Typically I have problems on this day) but cannot get through. BT email seems to be offline.

  • Mike

    I am trying to login to my BT email and it is not letting me in, are the servers down?

  • paul

    Unable to send emails : Are the servers down

  • HeyHey

    Email problems back. Patience has gone.

  • clecky

    unable to get a response from with BT or Bt Yahoo since last night SHOCKINg Unable to send emails from iOS

  • Orion

    BT Internet Email is down for me, this is super crazy as I need to send emails urgently today. All I get is Temporary error: 14

  • David

    Love the fact when you visit Twitter BTCare tweets that they are not aware there is an issue.

  • Ian

    When will BT Email service be up and running again?

  • Ursula

    I have been trying to use my BT email login and when i enter my details nothing is happening, are the servers down or something?

  • Steve

    I live in Lincolnshire and i got no BT Email service again. Do BT and Openreach actually like us anymore?

  • BT Mail Customer Care.

    Call Now (44)8000903248 (U.K) Toll Free Helpline
    Login problems
    Mail issues
    Get live support 24*7

  • Geordie

    Been without email since 19th August. Impossible to contact someone who knows anything. Those in India just talk about yahoo outages. Can’t tell me reason or when be resolved. Appalling customer service. My problem same as “heyhey”.

  • HeyHey

    Still no email.

  • HeyHey

    Email not working on pc and mobile devices. Asks for password but after entering asks again. This hardy annual BT internet problem has been going on for years. What a pain of a company!

  • miketerry

    BT email have “serious problems ” (their words) – I registered a complaint on 1 August but, regardless, I am still unable to log into my BT Mail. I am a long term customer and was on Yahoo/ BT Yahoo mail. They are migrating from the Yahoo server to the BT server (this does not affect recent customers who are on the BT Server). BT have apparently outsourced the problem and it sounds as if they have a major problem – they cannot or will not give me a name of a person who is responsible these technical issues, I was told by one adviser “we don’t know who they are”. I am totally frustrated, its extremely poor service. Most people I speak to on the phone or online chat promise to ring me back, usually in “48 to 72 hours”, when I object to this long time scale promises of an early call back are often not kept or different people may ring me back – usually we go round in circles as if its a new issue. Three times I was told “the problem has been resolved” by BT email office (who are not techies)- it has not. Loads of apologies and buck passing … no resolution. Disgraceful.

  • Fedup

    BT always too bust to speak. One engineer told me to ask my neighbour to see if he could help. They are frankly useless and do not have the skills or knowledge or manpower to do their job properly. I found this email address [email protected] which is supposed to be the direct email for the CEO of BT. I emailed him and he did reply but I doubt I’ll ever hear from him again.

  • Michael

    BT Net and email is down in Greenwich.

  • Chris

    My internet is not working, been down for like an hour now. I am in Cheshire.

  • Caine

    I have no email at all due to the fact my BT Internet is offline, are there issues with BT servers?

  • Bloodnock

    Unbelievable. Waited three days for promised phone calls which never materialised. Eventually I got through this evening on 0800800150 to be told “we are too bsy to speak to you at the moment, call back in two hours”. This was not a recorded message. This was a human being on BT’s help line. What kind of a message does that send about customer service?

  • Folkestone user

    No emails for 6 days now. Can’t login. System sends me round in circles. 3 calls to India. Waited in for LEVEL 2 call back which never happened. Now been told I can have a LEVEL 2 call back on 16th July, that will mean 12 days with connectivity. Disgusting service and no explanations. Paying for a service I can’t use. Very unhappy. Can’t wait to change provider. WAKE UP BT.

  • Mikey

    I am having BT email problems right now on July 7, 2016.

  • Sharon

    Is BT mail down for everyone? I am in Bristol UK and it is for me.

  • Finnigan

    BT email is down, looks like the whole server or system for emails is not coming back anytime soon. I have been told to sit back and be patient.

  • Vicky

    BT are aware of the issues with BT mail and are apparently sorting the issue out now.

  • Stephen

    My BT Internet is down, which means I cannot access my emails.

  • Andrew

    I am in Norwich and have no service at all, which means emails are down as well.

  • Simon

    When BT Broadband goes down we lose the email service, getting worse each day I am with you BT. Change something or lose a customer.

  • Peter

    Why is there a delay in sending out emails via BT email? Seems like the connection is broken or the severs have been experiencing problems.

  • Libby

    Because I do not have any BT Internet this means i am left without email. This is just silly now like 9 hours on and still no service.

  • Carey

    BT mail not letting me login, surely has to be something to do with the servers.

  • Garry

    I tried to login to my BT email and it said check password and username, which i know is correct. Still not working.

  • Markie

    I cannot seem to get my BT email working, it seems like the server is shutdown or something. I have not done anything my end i wouldn’t normally do but login is an issue.

  • Rona

    This is so frustrating its unreal. I have not been able to access my BT Email for like 2 hours on my iOS devices.

  • Elaine

    My BT email service is down on the iPad and iPhone. Is anyone having issues on laptop or desktop?

  • Billy

    BT Email is down for me right now, cannot eve login. Are the servers down or something?

  • Anthea

    I’m in Gloucestershire and not been getting my BT emails coming through, I know the servers are up because i have BT Internet and its all working fine.

  • Garnett

    I keep getting cold calls non stop on my phone. How do i stop this and i do not wish to pay money to have them blocked as this is not fair, i am ex-directory which means i do not want to be in the book so how are they getting my number. Breaxh of my privacy and someone needs to answer this, not happy at all.

  • Carole

    Not able to login to BT email at the moment, even the Internet is really slow today.

  • Wendy

    BT Internet seems to be down because i cannot open my emails. My router seems all fine and dandy.

  • Timmy

    I am not getting any emails coming through, which is a little strange considering o get on average 200 per day.

  • Caz

    I have been sending emails through BT for a few days now and even though they say they have been sent they have not gone to the persons I have sent them too.

  • Jet

    No BT emails, cant log in.

  • Suellan

    So angry at the moment because i NEED to get into my emails so i can work. This is not good at especially when I have tried to find answers as to why the service is down – But nothing.

  • Rosie

    I cannot login to my emails, whats going on?

  • Rick

    No emails in London

  • Josh

    I am having issues login to my BT email account.

  • lin

    No BT Email in West Cumbria.

  • Ernie

    BT Mail not loading for me, keeps saying user name/password error.

  • Chazza

    No BT email service.

  • Sutty

    BT outage in Abingdon, service is very poor.

  • Catherine

    BT service seems a little haywire at the moment, no emails either.

  • Karry

    BT email problems March 24, but this has been happening since the 22, so two days now.

  • Sharon

    I can get internet but unable to get emails through BT. This has been happening since I changed over to Infinity.

  • Chris

    Problems access emails in Manchester, is BT having issues?

  • Rhonda

    Are the BT email servers down at the moment? March 16, 2015.

  • Selina

    I have having BT Internet issues at the moment, which of course is stopping me from accessing my BT Email.