BT Broadband connection, service problems

BT broadband is the standard package to get online; this is the one you would use if you cannot get BT Infinity. This is still great for searching the news, reading your facebook and perfect for homes with lighter Internet usage where fewer devices are online at once. So if you are having any Broadband connection, service problems please do read on.

Using BT Broadband is very good f you are into uploading and sharing, as well as streaming content with ease. But issues do occur now and then. People have in the past had problems with the BT Broadband availability checker, their hub not working, lights flashing on the hub like never before. But the main setback includes BT Broadband service and connection issues.

What is your BT Broadband service status today? If you are having troubles with any part of the service please do share right here on Is Down Right Now UK.

BT Broadband status reports for Saturday 19th of June 2021

To find out if BT Broadband is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with BT Broadband? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Adam

    OMG I done a speed test singly app on my phone and the same via laptop and only getting 0.06mbps, this is just so poor I cannot explain how frustrated I am.

  • Jessica

    I am having BT Mobile internet problems at the moment, as well as having issues with a green light showing up on my router at home. Does this mean ALL internet is down?

  • Jessica

    I need to post online in my Facebook but cannot because i have no data left on my phone so rely on the BT internet – but yet again no broadband. I am totally fed up with this and all my mum and dad say is do not rely on your phone. blahhhhh

  • Carl

    And I am on day 5 and still rubbish service, always dropping my internet.

  • Scott B

    Every single BT customer on the street says there’s no broadband. BT says it is fine. If an engineer checks we have to pay. Awesome, aren’t they? LA1 area.

  • Bev

    I have major slow BT Broadband, kind of mad when I am typing on Facebook or in word that i have to wait for the text to catch up. SO SLOW BT!!!!!!

  • Elaine

    BT Broadband, there is nothing broad about it because I have no internet at all. Most of the time I get intermittent connection.

  • Adrian

    No BT internet for me in Reading.

  • Katie

    There is also issues with broadband and email in many areas and says this is all ongoing. Areas of concern include Kings Norton, Witney, Barmouth and dronfield.

  • Joan

    I am located in Hay On Wye and my BT service status is OFFLINE, i do not have any network at all and now I feel even more frustrated because I just checked the official BT service status page and it says estimated clear date January 20th.

  • Larry

    My Internet is on and off all day long, I suppose I ge about 60% online and 40% offline in one day over the last 3 days. I have the 40mb services but only getting like 5.

  • Josh

    BT Internet is down yet again, this is stupid. Not really happy with the service lately or lack of it I should say.

  • Sybil

    My BT Internet is not working, it is starting to make me change my mind about who should be my internet provider. Any suggestions anyone about a BT alternative.

  • Charlie

    MY BT Internet is down and has been for a few hours now, what the hell is going on because this is becoming the norm lately?

  • Cat stevens

    Broadband has been really bad over the last week. First the signal is great then it drops off, then it comes back then only to drop off again. I don’t want infinity but get fed up with bt telling me if I upgraded I’d get no more probkems. Is this deliberate to make you increase your monthly payments.

  • Paul Ferreira

    Why do I have to pay full price for my broadband , when it is SO Diabolical ??? BT have given our village such a poor line that it can not support the community when more users are active on weekends.It is disgusting that this is on going for the 5 years that I have lived here and if you go to South Africa with all its limitations , the way their broadband works is an Embarrassment to you BT !!! Come on guys we are a first world country and your service STINKS , I cannot believe your service is so poor and that you care so little about your customers !!! Please give me an explanation why I cannot even place an order on the internet today , I have tried 3 different sites , and all grind to a halt due to YOUR Poor Performance . Tell me how to over come this BT problem?? Or is it as I suspect you dont care !

  • Howard

    May have only been a brief outage in London but it effectively knocked out many of the hosted software companies services for several hours. Intermittent service connections causes loss of transactions and voip calls

  • Macie

    How long are BT Broadband services going to be down for.

  • James

    BT Internet is down, i cannot access websites or my mail.

  • Raul D Horsey

    BT TV – BT sport channels not working, channels 408, 409, 410. Also On demand players milkshake and demand 5 not working. Is this multi cast fault in Weston Super Mare area?

  • Chris

    I am only getting 5Mbps when I am paying for 50, makes sense to waste money right BT!!!!!

  • Kelvin

    Love the fact I call BT an then after having pressed number for this number for that i finally get through to the person I need to speak to, then they say hold on one minute and then get cut off. This is a waste of my time just to report an issue with BT broadband service which by the way sucks.

  • Sharon

    The BT broadband I used to have was so great, but the memories are fading due to lack of service I am paying for. Speeds are a lot slower than i pay for, got to love it when they say up to yet i am paying for the higher meg when with what i am getting i might as well pay for the lower end package.

  • Allen

    Not receiving any emails at all. and as for bT Internet well that is really poor lately.

  • Raj

    My BT Internet was so much quicker in 2000 than it is now and i pay a hell of a lot more for it. BT is the most expensive for net than others yet i never get a good service.

  • Angie

    I reported my phone and internet being out of service and was told they are sorting the issue as we spoke. Guess that is standard procedure to say something like that. What more can they do other than read the code of conduct BT book of ethics.

  • Deeps

    Now that is super funny, someone stole the BT cable. WHY? lol

  • Jim

    I am in Northolt and i have no telephone or broadband service and i have just seen a report saying it is for a number of reasons one reason is to do with damage caused to cable theft or 3rd parties and in Northolt the estimated clear time is 30th May. Are you serious.

  • Emily

    No BT phone or Internet service for the last few hours, come on now. You are the most expensive for supplying these service so at least be the best to provide.

  • Kate

    All BT does is increases its prices all the time and yet all they do is decrease its broadband speeds we pay for, terrible service. Should i change to Sky or Virgin?

  • Jiles

    BT Internet drops service all of the time, barely getting 1/4 of the speed i am paying for.

  • Henry

    I live in Cornwall near St Ives and must say BT Broadband is terrible this week. 2 days without any service is ridiculous, online is the main way of doing things nowadays yet online keeps going offline.

  • Anthony

    BT is down in Norwich, is anyone else down in this area?

  • Jack

    I am located on the Isle of Wight and seem to be having BT DNS server connection issues.

  • Jerry

    I reported my broadband on the 23/04,got through to to someone who kept saying have you checked the connection etc etc.
    My fault ref VOL053-1394501724960 just sits there, NO joy, nominated my 4th day maybe time to switch….

  • Carole

    I reside in Haddington East Lothian and not had BT internet for like 15 hours now, it went down then it got fixed then went down again.

  • CJ

    Not had Internet so tried to call BT customer services and all i get is an automated message service saying things will be fixed within a few hours. This message has been the same for 4.

  • tom

    Spent a week trying to get landline repair, after it was fixed I am having a
    problem with slow broadband. I have spent hours on phone calls and hours on their chat room with no luck . Today they put me through to technical
    help line and all I got was some other person’s phone conversation and then the line went dead. I have made my mind up I am leaving b t.

  • Mark

    Been one whole week without Internet and some TV channels.
    My wife has called daily for updates and BT are still looking into it.
    Engineers has stated that its not our connections but with service station (not sure If quoted right there).
    All internal connections have been checked, unplugged and re-plugged etc..

    Today we have been told if not reconnected today, an engineer has been booked to come to the house next week.

    Basically what I am totally feed up with, one week has passed and we are paying for a service we are not getting.
    Basic terms, CRAP

    Its like daylight robbery



  • Heather

    BT Care ,what care!. My Internet has been very sluggish and not giving me the speeds i once had. So flipping slow its unreal. I am paying for dial up aren’t I?

  • Lewis

    Internet has been down since early morning yesterday, and BT said they wouldn’t be able to get an engineer to us until the 29th! We’ve only had this service for 3 days.

  • Nick

    I normally have very fast and i mean VERY FAST broadband speeds, but this morning and still continuing today the speeds are ultra slow.

  • Ali

    Everything seems to be working fine today, yesterday was a little sporadic with Internet not working.

  • Alan

    BT outage in Newcastle.

  • John

    BT Infinity is down in Tunbridge.

  • Martin

    BT services are suffering at the moment, had a look on their service status page and it says loss of broadband and telephone services are ongoing.

  • Larry

    BT is down for me, which means all services are down such as PSN, online gaming with my Destiny, and yahoo mail is down as well. Thanks BT.

  • Kerry

    Is anyone having BT Broadband problems today June 11, 2015?

  • Simon

    Problems with BT server and emails yet again.

  • Jacob

    Got not Internet or TV, such a pain and really getting me angry because i pay for what?

  • Loraine

    I am not getting any emails sent in to me, and i cannot go onto the Internet, so i am guessing BT Broadband is down at the moment.