British Airways Website, App Down

Booking your flight or holiday package with British Airways is normally painless, but now and then the website and app do encounter a few issues and when this happens users are not too pleased and need a platform to share their troubles, as well as find answers to the cause.

Booking flights, holidays, hotels or even renting a car can all be done via the website or accompanying apps. Here on Is Down Right Now UK is where you can check if the British Airways website not working, one of the main issues is the main servers going down, other problems include app and website maintenance, not able to login to your online account, error message saying try again and more.

People in the past have had British Airways problems with online check in, credit card input amongst many others.

Is the British Airways website and app down for you? If the answer is yes or you are having any other problem please do share them below in the comments area.

British Airways status reports for Wednesday 21st of April 2021

To find out if British Airways is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with British Airways? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Charles Cockburn

    Is anyone else having problems with BA’s website? I cannot complete my booking.

  • smk4656

    can book flight details, but cannot reserve seats or go on to make payment – no response

  • Billy

    I am going from Barcelona to Heathrow and wondering if the strike will affect this flight. The day I am travelling is July 6th 2017.

  • William

    I needed to ammend an upgrade so after not being able to do it myself i called the British Airways support number and was told it will cost me £30 to make the changes over the phone. But the problem is not mine because normally you can change or amend things within a certain time but i was NOT given this option online.

  • Manny

    I tried to visit a certain page on the BA website and all i got was a sorry message. Other pages work.

  • Peter

    My British Airways app is not showing my flight tomorrow, but it shows using my laptop.

  • Jim

    The BA website is holding a new holidays sale and every time I try to book a cheap holiday on the sale list it just keeps on the same page and will not move forward to proceed to booking.

  • Lucy Dennis

    When I try and access online check in, after I have entered I want to check in 0 bags, there is an error message saying ‘Please provide us with more information:- Permission check box (mandatory)’. Is anybody else getting this? There is no box for me to check!

  • DesDekker

    cannot access Manage My Booking on-line. Advised to call BA, where recorded message tells me that they are experiencing an extremely high volume of calls … 45 minute hold time!

  • Nick Byrne

    App down since yesterday evening and website not accessible from iPhone. BA are aware of it as I just rang them.

  • Harry

    Is the BA website slow for anyone? I have been sitting here for ages for pages to open up and i know there is nothing wrong with my Internet.

  • Janey

    I had major problems with the BA website yesterday, think it was down for about an hour and was not able to check in or book anything. Could not even check a friends flight times for departure or arrival.

  • Lee

    I went through the whole process of looking for a holiday on the BA website looking for a flight and hotel and when i finally finished and clicked on the ‘find fligh + hotel’ it crashed on me then had to do it again. Finally after 3 attempts it worked. Guess it was just a glitch.