Bet365 Mobile App Login Not Working

The Bet365 mobile app is impressive when working, but is is down for you? it is one of the best applications on the market for online sports bets. It offers many ranges of sports from football, tennis, golf to horse racing etc. But two of the main issues with the app for Android and iOS include the app not downloading and the login not working.

When the bet365 app is not working or loading this leaves users on the go frustrated because they cannot make live bets.

Many users have complained about bet365 servers continually going down leaving the app to crash, maybe you are experiencing lagging problems and would like to vent out online so others can relate.

Other worries can include live streams, scores and stats not accurate or on time or in some rare cases not accurate and all. Are you having issues with the app, or in the past tried to cash out but then you get a message saying unavailable or you get an error.

Bet365 status reports for Thursday 6th of May 2021

To find out if Bet365 is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with Bet365? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Jessica

    Bet365 is down for me this morning as not able to login, due to the website being currently unavailable due to routine site maintenance. The app is also offline, however you can make a bet if you call the telebet centre.

  • Picoloboy

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  • Picoloboy

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  • Nick

    This is a joke I have a bet on and want to cash out but the app won’t let me log in and when I try to go on the website it won’t even load it’s a joke I am losing money I have earned and placed on a bet witch I was to cash out on and it won’t let me log in so I’m losing out because you can’t get you stuff sorted it’s a joke taking money from normal working people when you are a multi million pound business and you won’t do out about it because you don’t give a dam I’m fuming

  • Mike

    I cannot withdraw any amount because i cannot see any option to do so. I was given a code but cannot put it anywhere.

  • Del

    I am having nightmares with the 10 minute in play markets.

  • Charlotte

    I seem to be having issues with my Bet365 login, guess no bingo playing for me then.

  • Jimmy

    I do not trust this app or bet365 at all, i had a huge cashout and then the app crashes on me. So i go online to the website and all they can offer me is my stake back. Fixed or what.

  • Karen

    Is there something wrong with the Bet365 app today, i tried to get some games loading but no joy. My internet is fine and 4g is great.