BBM problems today

Is BBM down for you right now? BlackBerry Messenger problems can hit hard leaving its users somewhat frustrated, but these nuisance issues can come in various ways and they impact its users hard. BBM servers can go down, difficulties sending or receiving messages, adding contacts etc do crop up and if they do you can report them below.

This ‘Is Down Right Now BBM page’ is where you can share your BBM status reports, sharing them with other BlackBerry Messenger users is very helpful indeed. Below you will see other users having problems as well as official BlackBerry support updates.

The BBM spark still burns especially after they released the service onto the other platforms, and soon as this happened there were BBM problems on BlackBerry, Android and iOS devices.

Millions of new customers came near enough immediately when they released its service onto Android and iOS; if BlackBerry Messenger is down or you have any other problems please use the comments area below.

BBM status reports for Wednesday 21st of April 2021

To find out if BBM is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with BBM? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Lee

    Got a BB9720 from a friend n trying to set up BBM but stuck with it saying Setting Up BBM, been trying for 2-3hrs with no results

  • Lin

    My iPhone shows red circle with exclamation mark on chat when sending so is not received. I can receive…

  • Virginia

    My BlackBerry Login ID seems to be not working.

  • Peter

    Since the last BlackBerry update I have had issues with BBM. it is not working at all on 3G.

  • Virginia

    I tried to open the BBM Pins Facebook page and had issues, but I never have problems with my personal pins.

  • Jason

    Is anyone having issues with BBM Pins on Facebook?

  • Cerry

    BBM is fine for me, but what is not is my stupid O2 network service keep going down on 3G.

  • T

    Not working today 15nov 2016

  • Jaime P.

    Not working on Tuesday, November 8, 2016. 6:30:15 PM.
    Maybe it’s just me?

  • Bless

    26 Aug 2016. BBM is still down?

  • Richard

    I uninstalled this BBM app for Android devices, people were saying it is brilliant but i say it was PROBABLY brilliant in its day. I always have to wait in line to use the darn thing.

  • Patricia

    BlackBerry is that still a word, BBM is hold hat now and needs to be laid to rest. Always having issues with pins anyway, so use an alternative like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp etc.

  • Caron

    Is WhatsApp better than BBM on the iPhone? Please be honest with me, thank you guys.

  • Josh

    No BBM service yet again, sick of this now. RIP BlackBerry.

  • Billy

    Is anyone having issues with BlackBerry messenger today? I try to message a friend and they are not replying, which is unusual because they normally. So unless my mate has been abducting by aliens i would say there is a BBM problem somewhere.

  • Sky

    I am inclined to agree with Chantel, BBM sucks now.

  • Chantel

    BBM is rather shocking on the iPhone, I have now deleted this app and going over to WhatsApp.

  • Sandesh

    BBM not working right now. This is getting silly, goodnight BlackBerry.

  • Babara

    My AOL on my Blackberry is playing up as so is my BBM when i send a message.

  • ken

    I got no BBM ping right now.

  • Douggy

    BBM and email not really working well, when is the next BlackBerry Messenger update.

  • Lib

    I cannot seem to login to my BBM.

  • Abbey

    My BBM is working all hunky dory, I am in London and all

  • Douglas

    When AOL went down the other day I also had problems with my
    BBM, will not let me connect so I deleted the app of my phone and reinstalled
    but now it will not let me set it up.

  • Carmen

    My BBM is not working, will not open properly. What the heck
    is going on?