BBC Sport website, app issues

Is the BBC Sport website or app down for you today? When it comes to BBC Sport coverage you will nine times out of ten get a fantastic service with hardly if not any issues at all. But when there are problems they can consist of multiple things, and when they do this is where you can come to vent your frustrations if say the BBC server goes down, or there are any type of BBC Sport website problems.

BBC Sport

It is the BBC that has all the rights to radio and television UK broadcasting to several sports, such as football, formula 1, cricket, rugby U / L, tennis, golf and athletics. They also broadcast live sports that you can watch on the day of event such as Test Match Special, Match of the Day, Today at Wimbledon, Ski Sunday and many more.

Major issues that do occur can include BBC Sport login, videos not playing the way they should, apps not working and worst case is total BBC server outage leaving all locked out. Are you having any BBC Sports problems? Please do list them below and let the community know.

BBC Sport status reports for Friday 28th of April 2017

To find out if BBC Sport is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with BBC Sport? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Fothers

    BBC Sport app will not load via my TV. Been trying to watch Snooker evening sessions all week with no success.

  • Jeff

    Did anyone have issues watching the BBC Sport Snooker? I did via smartphone, app kept on shutting down on me.

  • Simon

    I was watching the Roger Federer v Jurgen Melzer and then it just stoped working, i was watching through the iPad.

  • thjames

    BBC sports app not working for 2 days now (27/Oct/16) any one else having problems?

  • Helen Field

    The app is just saying BBC has stopped, this is the 2md day in a row that I have no access

  • Marc Lawrie

    BBC sport app on android motog3 appears to be having issues. landing page constantly jumps as if can’t load. i have to physically stop it in settings. any reported issues from other android users?

  • anon

    Sport app video content on Android just plays first few seconds then sound only even after force stop and restart. No issue on iPad v

  • Anon

    Movie content not working

  • Terry

    Alerts running 2 hours late

  • Brian

    Latest update just hangs
    Won’t install

  • TheAbleTraveller

    BBC sport website unavailable now

  • sam

    App not working due to hackers

  • Paul Furey

    BBC Sport is down for me at the moment.

  • Richard

    Both the Website and app are
    down for me

  • Jeremy Lee

    BBC Football home page not working – 9.10am 31/12/15

  • Eric S

    BBC Sport site down at the moment 07:53 31/12/2015

  • Qasim

    Match of the day won’t play on media player for samsung s6

  • Leonard

    I cannot get my sport app working, as soon as i open it the think blooming crashes on me. All the frigging time.

  • Jack

    BBC Sport app is working wonders on the iPhone 6 Plus, but when trying to access online via laptop its not showing for me.

  • Tina

    My BBC Sport app on my iPad is not opening, keeps crashing as soon as you open it. What do i do then?

  • Lenny

    I had a few issues when trying to access a video, it just would not open for me.