Battlefield Hardline servers

The initial release for Battlefield Hardline was set for March 17, 2015. But as from March 12 you will be able to play this game with EA Access. But server problems have already happened since the game released on beta, and right here is where players can list Battlefield Hardline server status updates or any other problems.

This is where players can report issues with the beta and retail version when they occur. It is like any new release, problems will arise and on March 12 EA Access members will be able to hit the streets and play the Battlefield Hardline trial. For a full 10 hours, players can enjoy single-player and multiplayer modes, when this happens you can bet your bottom dollar there will be teething problems.

Battlefield Hardline beta problems have occurred when players tried to install onto their PS4 and Xbox One, other problematic areas also included long loading times. When the retail release happens this is when more problems will occur, patches, fixes, update issues, servers going down could happen, and when they do you can share them here.

Battlefield Hardline status reports for Thursday 6th of May 2021

To find out if Battlefield Hardline is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with Battlefield Hardline? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Calvin

    I am still having issues with the Battlefield Hardline down, this is an Xbox One issue surely.

  • Mikey

    When I search for Battlefield Hardline in Twitter I keep getting this message, “Something is technically wrong.”

  • Pam

    I keep getting booted from Battlefield Hardline, this game is seriously pants when the servers are not working.

  • Paul

    Time for a game change, I am bored with this game losing online connection with friends.

  • Max

    There must be issues with the EA servers because I cannot get to play this game.

  • Charlie

    I think you should stop changing the game, devs only change the game just for the moaners out there, it is an awesome game from the beginning and nothing needs changing.

  • Mace

    The servers for this game are not that good at all, does anyone know of a good Battlefield Hardline alternative?

  • Bently

    Is anyone playing the new beta, only asking because I cannot get into Battlefield Hardlined normal online game?

  • Peter Hoffmann

    I have problem, after few minutes i been kicked from my rental server, and from all europe server too. The same happend to my friends from Slovakia . On USA severs is no problem.

  • Ed.

    I bought battlefield hardline three days ago and can’t get onto multiplayer, thinking now it was a waste of time and money. I can play battlefield4 with no problems. I’m thinking of getting rid of the game altogether.

  • Kirk

    I cannot get onto Battle Net to login to my Battlefield Hardline account, how come the Battle .Net website is down?

  • Steve

    My Battlefield Hardline is getting froze on episode 8, is there any fix for this or some sort of resolution?

  • Jerry

    PSN servers go down and us gamers suffer hard. Could not play any game online yesterday let alone Battlefield Hardline, I am still having issues getting on and when i am on it crashes on me.

  • grantser85

    By the looks of it 99% of PS4 servers are still dead. Filtering only shows a handful of empty servers, doesn’t refresh to show ‘active’ servers that are populated and the 1 or 2 (literally) populated and ‘working’ servers are lagging to bits.

    How the hell have they not sorted this out?? Its been like this since the day Criminal Activity was released/due to release which is almost 2 weeks if not more now.

    Total and utter amateur carry on from these guys. If CoD gets its act together with a good release by xmas, BF is screwed.

  • Ty

    Xbox 1 servers are down for about 3 days July 6th

  • Ryan

    Losing connection once again, seems like the server owners are not good at keeping them live.Battlefield Hardline is not being played by myself anymore. GOODBYE

  • Peter

    Hey Lizard Squad! you probably have better control over this games servers than they do, never bloody working is it.

  • Lenny

    What have hackers done this time, this could be bad and leave us offline for a while.

  • Maxxine

    if you visit Battlelog you will see a meesage saying -” Criminal activity for PC has been temporarily delayed and we hope to have this resolved as soon as possible. If you have issues starting MP, try re-logging into BL and make sure you have the latest version of Hardline on your Origin client. We will update you once more information is available.”

  • Tom

    I cannot seem to get to play online at the moment, are the servers down or something?

  • Clive

    Battlefield Hardline servers are down aren’t they?

  • Hemmy

    Might just go play Advance Warfare seeing as this game has too many glitches.

  • Dave

    Cant get any connection to servers WTF is happening

  • Rob

    First of all I had really slow loading, then saw the graphics won’t too good, now wanted to try again and the servers won’t load.

  • Dan

    Not able to connect to battlefield servers today on PS4.

  • Mike

    The battlefield hardline servers are down right now, March 19 on PS4.

  • Mikel

    Actually I agree with you Zander, when the beta released the servers got smashed because of high capacity. `I say the public should just sit and wait the the official title retail release to get full benefit. But even then the servers will get smashed because soon as it does release people are going to want to play online. Lets call this a catch 22 situation.

  • Zander

    I am so looking forward to the retail release, i hate all this beta rubbish because it it nothing but issues.

  • Eddy

    Trying to get connected is an issue in itself, the other issue is its back to Battlefield 4 for now. Is this the case of servers reaching its max where BF Hardline EA Access members have to wait until March 12 to have more fun.