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Here is where you can report, discuss and find out about the current issues with If the servers are down, games not working or anything else you can be sure they will be listed here with Is Down Right Now UK. The online gaming platform thanks to Blizzard Entertainment allows gamers to play awesome games such as Overwatch, Diablo, Starcraft, World of Warcraft, Hearthstone and more.

Are you having any kind of problem right now? Maybe you are having troubles trying to login, the official website is down, downloads not working, games crashing or not connecting or maybe your in-app purchases are not going through.

Please do let us and others know if you are having problems, what platform you are using and of course your location. status reports for Wednesday 21st of April 2021

To find out if is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Raden


  • Maxi

    Keep on getting disconnected half way through playing Warcraft 3.

  • Paul

    I have tried to connect to Hearthstone all last bight and this morning and still nothing, surely the Blizzard servers are not down yet again.

  • Paul

    Unable to resolve DNS is what I keep getting when trying to log in to Blizzard.

  • Toni

    Is Overwatch under maintenance? I cannot log in to my game.

  • Jean

    During my arena games i am being disconnected.

  • Kayleigh

    I am playing in Oxford and getting the PotG on the Overwatch PTR.

  • Clint

    There seems to be high latency problems, I am in France.

  • Keith

    I would love to know if there are issues with the Dalaran server! The latency seems to be showing abnormal spikes, with 300 on one and 21,000 on another. I am starting to winder if it is a location and server location issue.

  • Terry

    Battle Net is down and out folks this is a pain in the backside.,

  • Clive

    I cannot login right now, and to top that off I am unable to load the Blizzard website.

  • Mark

    This on Twitter right now – We’re currently investigating an issue affecting our authentication servers, which may result in failed or slow login attempts. BlizzCS

  • Kevin

    Yet again blizzard reports they are looking into issues with authentication servers, basically players of certain games will have issues trying to login. This is like twice in one week.

  • wyatt

    I cannot pay overwatch because today so far its kicked me like 3 times now.

  • Matthew

    Battle net games servers are just ridiculous, no matter what I play it keeps disconnecting.

  • Ryan

    According to the official BlizzardCS Twitter account they are looking into a problem that is affecting its authentication servers. Basically users are having issues trying to log in or may be having a slow login process.

  • Malcom

    WTF is happening, I do not like to swear but I am so angry and i have used these three letters rather than blurt it out here as i do have some decorum. Why am I having issues trying to login Blizzard

  • Jesse

    What are these error codes WOW51900325 and WOW3190032? I got the first one and my buddy got the second.

  • Glenn

    Both Overwatch and Wow had maintenance schedules for today, this is why there are still a few issues with Battlenet.

  • Aaron

    How come the maintenance schedule for World of Warcraft was supposed to end at 9am pdt but yet 15 minutes over its still offline?

  • Ruben

    I just got kicked out, when is the next Battle Net update because something needs sorting with its servers.

  • Perry

    In middle arena and then something happens and i can no longer play online.

  • Gordon

    When playing WoW it seems to get stuck at around 80% and then says the server is down, is this a battle net problem?