Barclays Online Banking

Barclays online banking is very safe indeed, and more customers are using on a daily basis. It is the best way for access to loans, savings, current accounts, credit cards, investments and many other financial products. But on a day-to-day basis it is for personal and business banking to access money. But sometimes problems arise such as a server outage.

Bankers have many options to access their Barclays account, for example via laptop / desktop or mobile app on your smartphone or tablet. It is becoming more popular these days to use mobile banking apps, as it’s so much quicker and easier to handle transfers and other transactions.

Are you having any Barclays online banking problems today? You maybe having problems logging into your online account, or the app keeps crashing, website is not loading etc. Whatever the reason please do share below as others can read and hopefully help you understand why you are having issues.

Barclays status reports for Saturday 19th of June 2021

To find out if Barclays is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with Barclays? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Matthew

    I need to make a few payments via my Barclays online account and cannot even log in. For some reason it’s not responding at all. Please let me know if anyone else is having issues at please?

  • Kathie

    I have not been able to access my Barclays online business banking via app or laptop using Safari, IE and Chrome.

  • Lisa

    My Barclays app is not working again, its been having issues for about an hour or so now.

  • Mya Dee

    I haven’t been able to log on to their website with Safari or Firefox for over a month. I finally am going to try calling them – how 20th century of them.

  • Patrick

    Online Banking keeps logging out and mobile Banking app will not past step 1 of Registration before giving an error. Telephone Support havent a clue what all the error codes mean and do not seem to have any Knowledge of System issues. But they are real. Banking wiht my NZ, German and Lloyds accounts today has been fine, so no issues this end. 2 hours o ftalking to phone Support and best I get is maybe we have a Problem, we will log it and get back to you. Is it just me?

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  • Mobile banking app is not working since Fri, just comes up with a code an a “null” message..

  • Robert

    No online service for last 12 hours 25th Jan 2018 6pm now 6am 26th still problems when trying to see full account then page clears to bad request message at the top right of page….

  • Kelly allen

    For. Three days I’ve been getting 02 error reading when trying to enter my account with the right passcode I need to get in to see if my benefits have been paid so I can pay my rent and phone bill

  • Margaret Wenham

    No online banking tonight when will it be restored…

  • Llinos Wyn Jones

    keep getting error codes 02 and 06, been trying to make a payment since last night, is the site down ?

  • Jenny

    I can’t get my date of birth info in so can’t log on,

  • James stewart

    When I put my 5 didget passcide in it says error 00002, I guess this is happening for a few people?

  • David Stringfellow

    Mobile site is also down. Major DDOS or hack going on presently.

  • dave

    why cant i access online banking

  • Sleepyblondie

    I’m trying to access my statements for previous years. It says there’s a temporary fault. When I try to do anything else it tells me I’m not logged in. I log in again. It gives different screens each time, but quickly logs me off when I try to respond

  • Sian

    I have an Android phone and always use the Barclays mobile phone app, but lately i have been getting a message saying, “Unable to connect – please try later”

  • Gary

    My money dod not get pain into my account at the end of last month, it finally did though like 5 days later, which is no good to me. Just so hope this is not the case this month as I need the money for our family holiday.

  • Kerry

    The Barclays website is not responding for me when I try to login to my account. All I keep getting is that the site cannot be reached.

  • Neil

    I am trying to access my money via the Barclays banking app and it will not let me, not even able to see my access or balance.

  • Ellison Smith

    I have been trying to access my account online sine Saturday all it’s saying is bad request, can anybody help ??

  • Mary Reed

    My dad transferred bill money for himself to my account as I pay his bills it is not showing in my account wr are both Barclay’s bank account holders this had never happened in the past

  • C H

    I am unable to make online payments as the payee list has been deleted – I have no record of account nos. so means contacting everyone again to get their account details – contacted Barclays and one person said it would be ok today and another said they don’t know when it will be rectified – they have had this problem over a week now and the tech guys don’t know how to fix it. WHAT

  • Nigel Hatchett

    Cannot pay VAT bill. Apparently the HMRC VAT account is with Barclays.

  • Anon

    Barclays business account – online transactions for the last 30 days have disappeared over 36hrs ago and counting.
    Rang yesterday after 40 mins on the phone and three people asking me ‘are you sure you’ve had transactions’, to which I said you’ve just given me a balance from 30 days ago and if you look the only thing displayed is today’s balance and there’s a difference of several thousand between the two they admitted there was an issue, rang today after 1hr 10 mins no resolution said they’d offer £10 compensation I said to stick it, my accounts lady who came in charges £15 an hour and she’s not done anything all morning, thier reply was why didn’t you tell her not to come in- absolute disgrace !!

  • Lawrence

    Yip Barclays app just not working ” unfortunately Barclays has stopped” as of 5th February, still not working after deletes and reinstalls and all the usual fix attempts

  • Jeff Barrow

    Unable to Login in to Barclaycard 11:00 today 01/02/2017

  • Lisa

    It basically means Barclays Bank account with overdraft tier.

  • Clint

    What the hell is the ‘bba with od tier y barclays meaning’? I have seen this a number of times online to do with Barclays and have no clue what it means and now I am intrigued.

  • Byron

    My Barclays credit card login is not working yet again, this is becoming an often cause for concern.

  • Mark

    What is all this barclays for intermediaries about? s it to do with Mortgages only? Whilst on the subject of Barclays i have been having probs this morning with my mobile online banking login.

  • Sanders

    I seem to be having a few issues with my Barclays business login, is anyone else having issues when trying to access their accounts?

  • Frangie Connell

    Seems to be back up and running.

  • Frangie Connell

    Seems to be back up and running now.

  • Frangie Connell

    It’s seems to be working now. Just tried to access my online account and got on. Hope everybody else can also.

  • Frangie Connell

    No haven’t heard anything as yet but will have a look at their website now and as soon ands I will post on here. Just tried it again and still no joy.

  • Anne


  • Anne

    Me too 🙁 hand you heard how long it’s going to be !?

  • garry

    been trying all morning no luck with online banking or pingit

  • Taija

    I’m getting this right now as well

  • Frangie Connell

    Logged in online banking earlier this morning,everything fine. Now it’s saying it can’t connect and they are trying there best to rectify the problem. Is anyone else getting this? Thanks.

  • Picks

    I can’t get logged in error 0002 keeps appearing

  • David Anderson

    Cannot log in get message error code 00002 please contact using direct call from app home screen -how can I do this if I can’t open the app

  • Sarah Hall

    21st Nov 2016. I get into the accounts page online but after that it won’t let me through. It says ‘bad request page’. This is the second day of this.

  • Steven Mackenzie

    It’s letting me into the app but when I’m trying to make a payment to my balance it’s saying I can’t make a payment with a 0 balance when the balance isn’t zero! I’m paying this card of and then cancelling
    And going with my current account provider ! This has done this for two days now ! Ridiculous

  • Martin Lazell

    On my I pad My old Barclays banking app gave me the account value after each transaction. The new App doesn’t do so. Is this how the App is supposed to work?
    I’ve tried talking to the Barclays help desk but they can’t answer my question. I’ve had several unsatisfactory answers
    1 You must be using an old IOS
    2 you can’t have the old app and the new app on the same device at the same time
    3 Mobil banking is ‘down’ at the moment (although this is the way that the new App has always worked)

    If the new app doesn’t show the balance after each transition – it’s hardly and improvement!

    Anyone know the answer to this?


  • Anon Wibble

    Ok, good luck receiving your payment, mine still hasn’t arrived yet, despite barclays saying that i was going to be paid on saturday.

  • Alexsandr

    I have a payment that is delayed from barclays to another big bank. learly there is an issue.

  • Anon Wibble

    I’ve got rent due, an MOT due, a council tax bill due, i can’t pay anything because my last two weeks payment are blocked by barclay’s bank today and yesterday (3 September 2016), nobody is getting paid from my agency nationally because of this problem, this is a total nightmare, nothing on Barclay’s website to indicate there is a problem, just heresay from people who have spent hours on the phone to barclays trying to elbow their way through queues of millions of people trying to complain. What the hell is going on, one bank’s complete and total incompetitence should not be able to bring the entire country to a standstill, also why is no new agency reporting on this? It’s affecting millions of people throughout the UK.

  • Bobby

    Barclays informed me today 25/08/16, when complaining about the time
    scale of opening a new account, that they have have wide spread system
    problems, but would not give me any further information

  • Justin Holloway

    There is a major network issue that BT have reported. I also have no on-line banking for Lloyds, Santander or Barclays!!

  • Nicky

    yep, so I need to pay cash into my account to avoid going overdrawn but I can’t. Lets hope they don’t charge me interest because I can’t access the online banking site.

  • Benn

    I cannot login to my Barclays account online via PC or App so went down to the cash point to take money out so i can pay direct to business partner and the cash machine is down also.

  • Karen

    Does anyone know what the hell is going on, I am unable to access my Halifax account online and thought I would ask my friend if they are having issues and one said they are having the same issues with Santander.

  • Bobsty

    Is the Barclays mobile banking app service down right now? Not letting me login at all.

  • Sam

    Is Barclays online banking down? Not letting me sign in at all.

  • Fiona Whybrow

    I suspect you and about 10,000 other people are trying to get through to as why the website is down. To be honest, I’d go and have a cuppa because they’re probably working as hard as they can to work out what the problem is …..

  • Graham

    I cannot access my statements and this is frustrating as need to.

  • Melissa

    I am still sitting on the phone to Barclays customer service after 20 minutes, obviously they believe I have all the time in the world to take time out of work to sort out issues of their online login service being down.

  • Becky

    I have just tried to log into online banking and I get an error message saying cannot log you on please try later.

  • Tira


  • Tira


  • Tira

    Now it says service unavailable

  • Nicky

    Think anyone trying to log in on the mobile app is getting it, really frustrating as I’m waiting to check a transaction at midnight!

  • Tira

    Me too 🙁 have no idea what it means

  • Tira

    They said it would be down for a couple of hours !! Anyone else getting the RG141 Status ?

  • Tira

    Me too rang them and they told me system were down and they cant do anything!!!

  • Brian

    What does RG141 mean got this code on my phone

  • Maxine

    I’ve tried three different ways to login to online banking and it keeps coming up with pinsentry number request which I don’t have do damned annoying.

  • John McKechnie

    My PIN entry was locked last week & I was advised to contact the help desk The line simply dials & then goes dead I’m beginning to get very annoyed

  • Ian

    Barclys is down now 3 calls tried making phone payment third operater said can’t take it as maijor tech prob try in two hours

  • Caroline

    There is something seriously wrong and I am hugely frustrated. I was due to complete with removals all waiting etc, does this mean i will be in breach of contract because the funds have not been cleared yet?

  • Brent

    Is anyone having issues completing on their houses today?

  • Jim

    Barclays Net is currently unavailable, you will see a string of error messages on the home screen when trying to open up the website.

  • Graham

    Barclays net is down, having real bad troubles today connecting. Sort it out please.

  • Mandy

    I keep getting error code 6 when trying to login to Barclays online.

  • Rose

    It is bank holiday weekend and Barclays online banking login is up the creek.


    I can not log in to online banking, i have deleted the app and tried to re download it and it just won’t let me. i need to transfer money to a different account! Massive INCONVENIENCE!!!

  • Kim

    I can log into the app but it’s not the correct balance I think – anyone else?

  • Jason

    There was a scheduled Barclays maintenance on March 19th to its digital services, but is there one today because i am not able to login to ,y online account.

  • Caroline

    Is barclays online banking down? The reason i ask is simple really, I CANNOT log in to it.

  • Alison

    Have had no access to Barclays online banking desktop version for 4 weeks, mobile version is however working. Barclays claim it is a problem for those of us on BT Internet wi-fi. Unacceptable.

  • kim

    Is there a problem with Barclays today as my money is not showing in my account

  • Alan

    I can’t change payment reference for an existing payee, and cannot make a payment to a new payee.

  • Rob

    Is Barclays online banking still down?

  • Kayleigh

    Repeated (failed) attempts to log in to Barclays Internet banking today; all log in details double checked and correct, no problems experienced before. Error code 80803 displayed whenever I try. Very frustrating.

  • Dan

    Is the Barclays system down today? Having problems signing in.

  • Lauretter

    I am trying to access my account so i can move money to another account but it will not let me login. This is seriously a pain, and trying to call Barclays is basically not worth it because you are kept hanging for ages.

  • Manning

    Tried to login to Barclays online and not letting me in, i am sure all my details are correct as never had a problem before.

  • Heny

    I can open online bancking app on my iPhone 6 Plus, but when i am in its not letting me transfer monies.

  • Enrico

    Online banking is not loading for me.

  • Felicity

    Online banking is gettign worse to try and access it, i try my login so maby times and nothing. Back to paper and walking into store again. Oh dear that means fresh air.

  • Brett

    I am having issues trying to login to Barclays online banking.