problems do occur and these can consist of the website having an outage, customers also have delivery issues. Maybe you are having problems purchasing a product, the shopping trolley may not be loading properly etc. If you are having any type of issue with please do share them below.

The British catalogue retailer has over 730 stores in the UK and Ireland, and its website sees over 350 million visits per year. The stores are apparently only 10 miles from 96% of the UK’s population.

If you are looking at buying games, consoles, electronics, toys, home and garden, jewellery etc, then is the place to be, but if you are having problems with Argos online then Is Down Right Now UK is the place to be.

Argos status reports for Thursday 6th of May 2021

To find out if Argos is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with Argos? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Clive

    The Argos website is down and says We’ll be back soon
    We’re making some updates to our website to make it faster and easier to shop. We’ll be up and running again shortly.

  • Lorie

    The website is not working, i went on there but the website is down. Bet you any money they are getting the homepage ready etc for the 3 for 2 on toys.

  • Jo

    I have had the same issue with payments, I have just checked my bank and it says the payment has been reserved by Argos but they have not taken the money.

  • Robert

    I want to pay the final payment but for some reason my card is not letting me do this, keeps saying details are incorrect when I know they are right.

  • Chris

    I have tried to reserve an item from the Argos website but it will not let me reserve it even though it says I can. Even the app is not letting me do it.

  • Suzane

    Argos rarely goes wrong for me but today i have tried to make a couple of payments to pick up from store and its not accepting my cards. This has never happened before, please hope it sorts itself out.

  • Steve

    I tried to add product to my trolley and sat the for a while watching the red circle turn around and around, what does it mean when it says on my phone maximum quantity reached? I only have 1 item lol.

  • Sarah

    I ordered a product online with Argos and waited 5 weeks for delivery, not nly was it late I sent it back because it was broken. I have never had issues with them before and will not hold it against them.

  • Janet Crook

    Is there any change yet do u know

  • Janet Crook

    Hurry up and get back online grrrr

  • Jane

    I have tried calling the Argos customer service line because their website is offline and they say they are looking into it.

  • Vicky

    Yes, Argos website is down for me also. Wonder if they are updating its Black Friday page, roll on the deals baby,

  • Martin

    The Argos website is down for me, it says sorry, we need a moment. They also say demand is really high. I personally believe they are getting ready something very important.

  • Kerry

    I keep refreshing the Argos webpage and still it is down. Apperently there is hign demand for it.

  • Maxine

    I bet the argos site is down due to the fact the argos 3 for 2 sale is starting tomorrow.

  • Harry

    The Argos website is down, looks like there is a high demand at the moment.

  • Sarah Gregory

    It’s not back

  • Fenella

    20 percent off furniture only applies until Monday and it will not let me checkout! Tried phoning up and they would take order but without online discount (a cost of £44+ to me) Disgusting Service

  • Jamie

    Since Argos started its Black Friday sales think its called 12 days of deals, the site has been very slow indeed.

  • James

    This is so frustrated not being able to shop the 3 for 2 toys sale.

  • Rosetta

    How long is the Argos site going to be offline for, how is it a sale if you cannot buy anything?

  • Peter

    The first day of the Argos 12 days of deals and already the site cannot cope, its down right now.

  • Kerry

    Argos is down right now, it must be something to do with the high volume of traffic due to the 3 for 2 sale event.

  • Timmy

    What time will Argos make live its new star wars battlefront game pages?

  • James

    Argos is advertising the new Star Wars Battlefront game for PS4, Xbox One and PC and yet when you click on the links they do not go anywhere.

  • Ju

    Having problems paying. Won’t accept any cards

  • Kaicey

    Aros could not handle the sale the other week leaving the site unavailable for a while, so have they got anything into motion to prevent this happening during Black Friday weekend?

  • tilly

    website been down all day with msg saying ”we are limiting the amount of visitors to our website to ensure a better shopping experience.This has happened on numerous past occassions and i’m astonished they still haven’t learnt anything from these mistakes and inves in better soft wear like other online retailers.
    After waiting all day to accsess their site to buy xmas gifts i now give up and purchased from tesco.
    Shame on you argos, you are losing xmas customers.

  • Sofie

    The site was down simply because of Call of Duty Black Ops 3. The funny thing is when you do get onto the Argos homepage and click on the black ops 3 image it says, ” Hmmm, no search results for shop for cod black ops III.”

  • Kim

    Argos website is down, has been since yesterday afternoon.

  • Trey

    The Argos Black Friday sales for 2015 haven’t even started yet and yet the website is down. They cannot even do a simple 3 for 2 sale whats going on.

  • Peter

    I got the countdown timer due to high demand on Argos. Basically site is down due to high demand so that’s why we are put in a queue.

  • Craig

    I got an Argos countdown timer at 1:48 saying once ended i could browse the site again.

  • Mark

    Argos is down right now due to high demand.

  • Marrianne

    When you visit the argos website you will see they are down. They say they are experiencing a very high volume of visitors. Guess they were not ready for the Toy Sale. oops.

  • Jamie

    Argos website is down right now on September 25, this is probably to do with their toy sale they have on at the moment.

  • Ben

    There’s problems loading argos website today, hope I’m not alone.

  • Sean

    Is anyone having issues trying to order online? I am doing the collect in store thing and its not letting me do it.

  • Colin

    I made a purchase online to pick up from store, and when i got to the store the order was wrong, which meant waiting like 30 minutes for the correct order to come.

  • Dawn

    Down again, Argos was out last night as well.

  • Lorraine

    This is weird because not only is Argos website and apps having n outage time at the moment saying they will be back at am, it was only last night the website was offline which came back online just after 10pm. They also said they they want to improve our experience. What improve it by being offline all the time lol.

  • Jacob

    Improvements to Argos’s digital channels are happening right now, their aim is to be back by 8 oclock this morning but we will see.

  • Angel

    Argos is down and will be off until around 8am becuase they are maing changes to its digital channel.

  • Carole

    Argos website is down, i was in the middle of adding stuff the my basket when all of a sudden i was cut off.

  • Beverley

    Tried to play for my Argos goods online but would not accept my payment.

  • Iian

    I had troubles with my order yesterday, I picked what I wanted and then went to the checkout and nothing there. Not to worry though because it was sorted after a laptop restart.

  • Mike

    is the argos website down for anyone else today?

  • Dan

    What’s going on with the Argos website, keep having problems placing an order and the page won’t load.

  • Helenia

    When i click on products to buy its shows how many i have in the shopping trolley, but when i click on the trolly there is nothing inside to purchase. Hopefully just a glitch.

  • Manda

    Some times when I search for a product on the Argos website it seems to take a while to find it.