Amazon Prime Video UK Login, Server Status

Amazon Prime Video can be one of the best experiences when it comes to streaming movies and TV shows to the big screen as well as mobile devices and computers, but when there is an issue such as UK login not working or servers going down this can be a cause for concern.

What is your Amazon Prime Video service status right now? Some of the main issues can include not being able to login to your account, streaming videos or shows running at a slow if not at all pace or problems trying to subscribe to the service etc.

If you are indeed having any kid of issue please do comment below, if you could add your location, problem and what device you are using that would be very helpful to other readers.

Amazon Prime Video status reports for Wednesday 21st of April 2021

To find out if Amazon Prime Video is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with Amazon Prime Video? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Harry

    OK, So i am catching up with The Grand Tour and episode 13 the special and all it does is buffers. Damn this is the 21st century where we can put a man on the moon yet you cannot let me play a video.

  • Picoloboy

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  • Picoloboy

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  • Katty


  • XanaviR34

    Samsung TV App. The Netherlands.

  • Giona

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  • Annannda

    Wow Now it’s easier to access watch Raw HD >>>>>>> POPCORNHDMOVIE.BLOGSPOT.COM

  • Selviee

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  • amantha

    Amazon Prime Customer Support- (44)(8O8)143-3686 Free helpline.


  • Debbie

    Amazon video has been amazing for months and then last night it just stops playing movies no matter what I try to watch, this is going through my PS4.

  • Myra

    I have the Samsung TV App and started the 7 day free trial and Amazon streaming is not working.

  • Jason

    I have been watching Arrow the first season, i know its been out a while and we are like on season 5 or 6 im not sure but my issue is when I watch an episode it automatically starts the next episode at the end but the issue i have say i have just watched episode 10 it skips to number 12.

  • Kelly

    I am getting error code 9074 on my ROKU 3 when using the Amazon app.

  • Tom

    Not working on laptop or phone, all i keep getting is Error code 9068.

  • Matthew

    I keep getting a network error on my Sony TV when trying to open Amazon Prime, this also happens with Netflix and VUDU, this has got to be a Sony problem right.

  • Markie

    I have the Amazon Prime credit card and for some reason it is not letting me pay for anything on the UK Amazon store. Is anyone else having issues today?

  • Lana

    I have a Samsung TV and for some reason cannot get my Amazon Prime app to work, I was told to update the Amazon app and still nothing. I tried to sign in and it will not let me.

  • Rebecca

    I decided to update my Internet content on my Sony Bravia and now Amazon video is working for me. Happy days my lovlies.

  • Philip

    Loading a film today seems to be a mission, even after restarting my PS4 i still have nothing.

  • Trevor

    All last night i was trying to load a movie and nothing happened. Just stuck on the same page and nothing else would work.