2K server not available

The 2K games list includes NHL 2K, NBA 2K15, BIOSHOCK, WWE 2K15, XCOM, as well as Evolve and many more. The 2K server status can have a massive blow on many of these titles, and this is when gamers come forward to list their issues. When servers are down your game maybe offline or error codes may pop up.

Are the 2K servers down for you? 2K Games was created in 2005 and since then the distributor, global developer, publisher and marketer of video games has shined, and to be fair it is not often servers are completely down, but they do happen.

If you are having 2K problems with the servers being down, or your games are not playing right, please do share your problems here as others including us would like read about them.

2K status reports for Thursday 6th of May 2021

To find out if 2K is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with 2K? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

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  • Trey

    I would very much love to connect to career mode online but i am getting error code a21468b6 when trying to with NBA 2K16.

  • Paul

    How the hell can my data be currupted, not been able to retrieve my data for two days now and not happy.

  • Matthew

    Been trying to play EVOLVE and nothing is coming up, gameplay is down I think.

  • Nigel

    No matter what game i play there seems to be a lot of lag. 2K servers seem to be somewhat sporadic.

  • Mick

    Under my email I set up the player, but how can i fix it so i can use online?

  • Billy

    My rewards are not working even though the game is. On one particualr day I also got an error code message saying efeab30c, any ideas anyone why this is the case?

  • John

    2K servers are only playing up again, all i keep getting on NBA 2K17 is error codes, how the hell has my data been corrupted? Does this mean i have to begin my career again?

  • Tyler

    NBA 2k16 maintenance, damn this is not what i wanted today. To top it off i am getting 4b538e50 .

  • Jason Doyle

    I can get the main menu, but it wont connect to servers

  • Dan

    2K servers and getting online with GTA 5 is a joke, want things to improve.

  • London

    Playing NBA 2K15 online is useless but hey at least streaming is ok.

  • Dave

    NBA 2K15 is not letting me play online with friends, it plays everyone else just not friends. Is this happening to you?

  • Brent

    Always seems to be in the summer when 2K servers suffer the most, I have to yet again play offline becasue i am tired of waiting for 2K to pull their fingers out to get the job done. They make a stunning product and yet ruin it with crappy servers.

  • Jason

    Not able to connect to the 2K server as i am unable to play WWE 2K15.

  • Jackuel

    My nba live 15 game was working fine, and then 2K servers decided to have a little hizzy fit yesterday. Damn you 2K, half way through a game.

  • Jake

    Is anyone having problems with Borderlands?

  • Snook

    I have been trying for a long time to get into the park, I am in the Shelton area.

  • Dwayne

    My server keeps saying its down. Is this a 2K problem?

  • Willie

    I am in London also, Peckham and all is fine with me playing 2K games.

  • Jez

    Server connection is being somewhat a little bit of a pain this morning – London.

  • Lucky

    Is anyone having any problems with Xbox One’s MyPark, seems to hav frozen for me and keeps taking me back to the main menu. Seems like i cannot connect to 2k servers.

  • Bradley

    2K servers seem a little temperamental at the moment, come on now please sort it out.

  • Oliver

    I have the Xbox 360 and when playing quick match games on
    2k14 I cannot seem to connect to MyCareer. Has anyone got any idea at all how
    to help me?