123 Reg Service Status and Problems

Frustrations do arise when 123 Reg customers service status is offline for them for one reason or another, such as email problems, not being able to login and so forth. So, what do you do when 123 Reg is down for you? Well, you head on down to our comments section and you report the problem so you can be heard.

123 Reg is an accredited domain registrar that allows its customers access to the worldwide web thanks to its ability to supply internet services for businesses. They are a hosting company with over 3.5 million domain names and climbing, they are also connected to over 1 million websites in the UK.

Some of the main issues with 123 Reg according to customer complaints include not being able to login to accounts, email problems such as they will not open or users not able to send. In some cases the control panel does not respond, others have complained about 123 Reg customer support saying they are held on the line for too long etc.

Is 123 Reg down for you? If you are having any issues at all please do report your status below.

123 Reg status reports for Wednesday 21st of April 2021

To find out if 123 Reg is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with 123 Reg? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

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  • Jane

    it is down for me, i have not been able to login for a few hours now.

  • Chris

    My 123 Reg status is basically offline. Got nothing at the moment.

  • Sherry

    123 Reg Customer Service -44(8O8)143-3686 (U.K) (Ireland)

    Toll Free Helpline

    24*7 Support Staff.

  • Johnny

    Database connectivity and hosting is somewhat terrible, websites are always too slow or down and most cases not able to connect.

  • Nick

    I have a website with 123 Reg and wow it takes way over a minute to load. All i see is maintenance issues and another customer about to walk.

  • Richard

    I seem to be having issues getting into support, anyone else?

  • George

    And yet again it all starts again where I cannot log in to my account. All down for me.

  • Matt

    Earlier on the website server was down for me, it read 403 forbidden. Basically was not able to access FTP/SQL/front end.

  • Bekkie

    My Gmail is not showing any emails, for some reason since 7am this morning no emails have been collected. So in a nutshell my 123 Reg service status is webmail connection error.