123 Reg Service Status and Problems

123 Reg

Frustrations do arise when 123 Reg customers service status is offline for them for one reason or another, such as email problems.

2K server not available


The 2K server status can have a massive blow on many of its game titles, and this is when gamers come forward to list their issues.

Aldi Website Outage and Errors


Aldi is a fantastic websites, but when services are down you need somewhere to have your say.

Amazon Prime Video UK Login, Server Status

Amazon Prime Video

What is your Amazon Prime Video service status right now? Please do report your problem here.

Amazon UK


Amazon issues can occur now and then, and when a full outage happens people are left waiting not being able to shop online.



On occasions services do falter in some way shape or form, such as AOL problems with Internet Explorer, mail, Windows and so much more.



Argos.co.uk problems do occur and these can consist of the website having an outage, customers also have delivery issues.

B&M Stores Website Maintenance and Problems


One of the main issues with B&M is when its website goes down, this site can go offline for a number of reasons but the main one is when it goes under maintenance.

Barclays Online Banking


Barclays online banking is very safe indeed, and more customers are using on a daily basis.

Battle.net Down? Server Status


Are you having any kind of Battle.net problem right now?

Battlefield Hardline servers

Battlefield Hardline

Battlefield Hardline beta problems have occurred when players tried to install onto their PS4 and Xbox One, other problematic areas also included long loading times.

BBC iPlayer problems

BBC iPlayer

Users reporting BBC iPlayer streaming problems will involve many platforms and while freezing tops the list, we have also seen quality issues due to poor connections and total server outages.

BBC Sport website, app issues

BBC Sport

Is the BBC Sport website or app down for you today? If they are or you are having any other issue please do list them right here.

BBM problems today


BlackBerry Messenger problems can hit hard leaving its users somewhat frustrated, but these nuisance issues can come in various ways and they impact its users hard.

Bet365 Mobile App Login Not Working


The Bet365 mobile app is impressive; it is one of the best applications on the market for online sports bets.

Blade and Soul Server Status, Maintenance

Blade and Soul

Even though the popularity of the game is immense we can tell you the frustrations by players when Blade & Soul servers go down for maintenance etc can blow a few gaskets.

Boom Beach Down, Server Maintenance

Boom Beach

Is Boom Beach down for you right now or are you having any other problem?

British Airways Website, App Down

British Airways

Booking your flights or holiday package with British Airways is normally painless, but now and then the website and app do encounter a few issues.

BT Broadband connection, service problems

BT Broadband

BT broadband is the standard package to get online; this is the one you would use if you cannot get BT Infinity.

BT email problems


One of the most common occurrences are BT email problems, and when the email services goes down people will try to find out what the issue is.

Call of Duty server problems

Call of Duty

The Call of Duty WWII is the latest game from the video game franchise, which will see problems with gameplay, glitches within the game and much more.

Clash of Clans problems

Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans being down is something you rather not happen because it takes you away from the awesome gameplay.

Clash Royale Down, Server Status

Clash Royale

When there is a Clash Royale maintenance break we all know Supercell shuts its servers down for this game to update or fix issues.

Clydesdale and Yorkshire Bank Login Problems

Clydesdale and Yorkshire Bank

Managing your bank accounts online is one of the easiest ways of getting things done on the move, until problems occur.

Counter Strike Server, Maintenance Issues

Counter Strike

Are you having Counter Strike problems right now? Now you can have your say.

Craigslist website


Craigslist does not come without its problems, rare but they do happen. Worse case is a complete Craigslist outage. Do you have any problems with Craiglist?

Dark Souls 3 maintenance, server issues

Dark Souls

Now and then Dark Souls 3 servers can go down, leaving players in the dark (pun intended). Here is where you can report your issues.

Deezer Music Login, Server Down


Are you having problems with the Deezer app or website right now?

Demand 5 not working

Demand 5

Channel 5 as its own section called Demand 5, which is where users can watch videos offered by the channel in the UK.

Destiny 2 Server Issues and Error Codes


Destiny server issues do crop up from time-to-time, and even though the official service status report website shows these errors they do not list them as much as gamers.

Dota 2 server problems

Dota 2

It is not really nice when a server goes down but it happens and it is out of the players hands, here on Is Down Right Now UK you can let others know if the Dota server is up or down.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse server issues

Dragon Ball Xenoverse

Dragon Ball XenoVerse was released in Europe February 27, 2015 and XenoVerse 2 October 2016 and since then a few problems have cropped up.

DriveClub server issues


When the DriveClub PS4 launch took place server issues hit and gamers were left frustrated, problems still happen.

DVLA on gov.uk


When the gov.uk website goes down this is when there is trouble with drivers updating or enquiring etc.

EA and Origin servers

EA and Origin

Origin is powered by EA, but when servers go down the problems could be felt by either system and certainly players across many games.



eBay.co.uk problems with sellers, photos, buyers, PayPal have happened in the past and will no doubt happen again in the future.

EE no signal and problems


Everything Everywhere does have signal and service problems now and then, which could be to do with the Internet, tablets or mobile phones.

Eircom outage and login problems


Are you experiencing an Eircom outage right now? Some of the main Eircom problems that occur include not being able to login, faults with the wiring network, website not responding and mail not working.

Evolve server status


Evolve has been publicly released gamers will want to share if they have any issues, and this is why Is Down Right Now UK is here.

Facebook Messenger Not Working

Facebook Messenger

Are you having problems with your Facebook Messenger?

Facebook Outage, Server Status


Is Facebook down right now? Facebook will always have problems with outages, lagging and more. Social media users always check status updates.

FIFA 19 Server and Maintenance Issues


When FIFA 19 servers hit problems it will be due to a surprise outage, or they will go down today due to some scheduled downtime that might have been planned a few days in advance.

First Direct Internet Banking Login Down

First Direct Bank

Some of the worst-case scenarios with First Direct Internet banking is when the website goes down.

giffgaff signal issues


Is giffgaff down again today? There are many giffgaff problems that arise, so please share them here.

Gmail sending and receiving problems


Gmail, the email service by Google has been unavailable on regular occasions.

Go Daddy Login Issues


If you are having any problems trying to login to Go Daddy UK, issues with emails or opening in any web browser etc please do share your reports here.

Google Drive problems

Google Drive

Google Drive as well as Google apps keeps your online storage going for when you need it, but it doesn’t come without its issues.

GTA 5 server issues


When problems start with Grand Theft Auto 5 it will most likely be related to server issues and this is why thousands of gamers check the status of Rockstar Games servers every month.

Halifax Online Banking issues


Halifax Online Banking issues are not what you want, especially when you cannot login to your account, or you are not able to access the website or app.

HMRC Website Outage, Login Problems


When Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC) website services are down this can leave thousands of people in dismay whereby they cannot login.

Homebase Website Down, Problems


When the Homebase website goes down this can be a nightmare for those wishing to buy a bargain. Are you having issues getting online?

HSBC Internet Banking

HSBC Internet Banking

HSBC problems with Internet banking are a cause for concern if you need to make payments or complete transactions etc.

Instagram problems


Instagram.com from time-to-time will have server issues, scheduled maintenance updates and in worse case scenarios outages lasting for hours.

iTunes Connect Down, Problems

iTunes Connect

When iTunes Connect is down it leaves many users in despair wanting to know why this is the case and what caused the downtime.

iTunes Store problems

iTunes Store

Is iTunes Store down right now? Are you having iTunes Store login and password problems?

ITV Player problems

ITV Player

For those that wish to watch on demand streaming, where you really do not want to miss popular catch ups such as Love Island or Coronation Street etc, then tuning into the ITV Player is what you need.

KCOM Internet Status


Are you having any problems at all with KCOM Internet services? Please do report them here.

Kickass Torrents server issues

Kickass Torrents

The main issue with Kickass Torrents is the server, and the likelihood of the site being pulled for good.

Kik Messenger Not Working

Kik Messenger

You have come to the right place if you want to know more about the Kik server status and login problems, among other issues.

League of Legends (lol) Down

League of Legends

Right here you can send in your own League of Legends server status updates. When there are server problems with this game, Mac and PC players most certainly feel it.